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The Story of Staccato Holsters


Staccato 2011®, simply known as Staccato, is an American firearms producer based in Georgetown, Texas. While the brand was founded only in 2020, the company’s history is much longer than that. The brand was formerly known as STI (which had been in existence for some 25 years), a huge success of the Staccato 2011® line of pistols introduced back in 2019 made the company rebrand themselves to Staccato.  This Texas-based manufacturer focuses on production of so-called 2011® handguns, which are pretty much modernized M1911 semi auto pistols. Staccato produces a number of different handguns, each meant for a different purpose - Military & Veterans, Law Enforcement, Competition & Range, and Concealed Carry. At the same time, Staccato claims their guns are also a great choice for anyone who’s completely new to guns.  All of the Staccato’s 2011® pistols are built on a platform that’s manufactured for the tightest tolerances, and assembled by hand. Staccato 2011® platform is proudly built using Certified American Billet Steel to ensure consistency and durability. Staccato currently offers the following 2011® models - Staccato C2, Staccato P, Staccato XC, Staccato XL.

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