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The Story of Shadow Systems Holsters

Shadow Systems Corp. is an American designer and manufacturer of premium firearms and firearms parts. Based in 2016, Shadow System is one of the newest firearms producers from the United States. The company takes pride in the development of handguns with superb reliability, but also in the fact that all of their pistols are made in America, by Americans. Ever since Shadow Systems has been founded, the company’s main mission has been to provide the world’s most uncompromising everyday use firearm, for any mission requirement, and for all people, at a price point that changes everything.
The reason why Shadow Systems handguns are highly reliable, precise, and functional is the fact that their production team consists of combat veterans, former Law Enforcement officers, and competitive shooters. Shadow System currently offers tactical pistols of all sorts of sizes, among which the most popular are the Shadow Systems MR920 Elite or Shadow Systems DR920. Their pistols are quite easy to recognize as many of them come with a 416R stainless steel barrel that features a spiral fluting pattern and is coated in super hard Bronze Titanium Carbo-nitride or Black Nitride.

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