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A [Quick] Guide To The Best SIG P365 XL Holsters

a guy carrying his sig p365xl in an appendix holster a guy carrying his sig p365xl in an appendix holster a guy carrying his sig p365xl in an appendix holster


In 2018, SIG Sauer Inc. shocked the world with their brand new, state-of-the-art carry gun - the SIG P365. At the very first look, the pistol seemed nearly perfect. However, there was something the pistol was missing - it wasn't optics-ready and it has no rail for attachment of tactical lights and lasers.

That's why SIG Sauer decided to build an "upgraded" version of their concealed carry flagship. Thus, in 2019, the SIG Sauer P365 XL came to existence. Unlike its predecessor, the XL model is slightly larger and it's equipped with both accessory rail and an optics-ready slide. But there's much more to this SIG model and if you want to find out what that is, check out our recent SIG P365XL review, available here.

Even in 2021, you can hardly get a carry gun offering more utility than SIG P365XL. However, it's possible to make this gun even better. How? Well, the answer is quite simple - with a custom made SIG Sauer P365 XL holster.


The 6 best SIG p365 xl holsters

3 neat leather holsters for sig sauer p365 xl 3 neat leather holsters for sig sauer p365 xl 3 neat leather holsters for sig sauer p365 xl 3 neat leather holsters for sig sauer p365 xl


Thanks to its main specs, the SIG P365 XL ranks among mid-sized handguns. Now what does that have to do with holsters? Well, everything. The dimensions of the pistol make it a great choice for both open and concealed carry.

When it comes to open carry, OWB and shoulder holsters are the most obvious choice. If you're an on-duty professional or need something more tactical, then SIG P365 XL duty holsters or even P365XL drop leg holsters are a great choice.

Even though the pistol is slightly larger than the standard P365, it can still easily hidden inside a SIG P365 XL holster for concealed carry. And there are no better ways how to carry the pistol concealed than in a holster designed for SIG P365XL IWB carry or in a P365 XL appendix holster.

But if you chose the pistol for its primary purpose, that is using it in combination with a tactical light and/or red dot sight, then you need to get a SIG P365 XL light-bearing holster or a SIG P365XL red dot holster.

The pool of custom made SIG P365 XL holsters is quite wide, though. That's why we'll narrow the list of best SIG P365 XL holsters to just a few, each meeting a different purpose.



#1 - sig p365 xl romeo zero holster

Let's kick it off with this unique SIG P365XL red dot holster. This leather holster features a cut out, allowing you to carry your SIG with any red dot attachment. The holster is meant for outside the waistband carry of your SIG P365 XL with red dot, however, if you put on a jacket, it's not all that difficult to conceal. The holster comes with a forward leaning cant, which results in easy access and quick draw.


#2 - SIG P365 XL holster owb

This is probably the best looking SIG P365XL OWB holster you can come across. Not only is this P365 XL leather holster made of premium Italian cowhide, it's also double-stitched, which boosts its durability. This P365XL pancake holster features a very slim profile, which makes it easy to concealed even though it's meant for OWB carry. The premium materials, sleek design, and low profile make our second option the most comfortable SIG P365 XL holster.


#3 - SIG P365 XL shoulder holster

Mid-sized guns and shoulder holsters are a great match and this P365XL shoulder rig might be your best choice. While your SIG is carried vertically, the roto feature allows for a more convenient horizontal draw. This shoulder holster system for P365XL also comes with a double P365XL magazine pouch, which means you'll find it difficult to run out of spare ammo. If you're after a comfortable leather shoulder holster for you P365XL, you've just found it.


#4 - SIG P365 XL holster IWB

As the P365XL isn't too big to be carried concealed, this P365XL IWB holster is another viable option. It comes with 2 belt loops, which make its attachment very quick and convenient. This P365 XL leather IWB holster also features a partial sweat guard, which is always welcome when it comes to inside the waistband carry. The holster comes in an open-top design, which means it deliver super easy access and allows for quick draw even when carried inside one's pants.


#5 - SIG P365 XL holster with mag pouch

This SIG P365 XL appendix holster features an incorporated magazine pouch, which makes it a great 2 in 1 combo. The holster works best when carried in the appendix area (1 o'clock) and thanks to its low profile, it's feels quite comfortable. The holster comes with a partial sweat guard and even though there's no security strap, it boasts high natural retention as it's built on the exact replica of your gun and magazine.


#6 - SIG P365 XL TLR-6 holster

There's plenty of lights available for the P365 XL, however, TLR-6 by Streamlight is definitely the most popular of them. This leather holster was specifically designed to take in your P365 XL with TLR-6, but it can also be made for other popular lights such as OLIGHT, SureFire, or Crimson Trace. This SIG P365 XL light bearing holster comes with a thumb break strap, which increases security of your gun with light inside the holster.



conclusion - choosing the best sig P365 XL holster


The purpose you need your SIG for and the situations in which you're gonna use it most are important factors to consider when choosing your new holster. If you decide to make this pistol your primary carry gun, then I suggest you get yourself a SIG P365XL holster for IWB carry. If you're an on-duty professional, then you'll be best off with a P365 XL duty holster, but if you're not too picky, you'll be just fine if you get any of these well made SIG P365 XL OWB holsters. These holsters are a great choice for P365 XL open carry. However, if you decide to upgrade your SIG by attaching a light or laser to it, you'll sure have to get yourself a light-bearing holster for SIG P365XL. The same applies to red dot sights, if you've got one, you better get a P365 XL red dot holster for it.

So, that's about it. The 6 holsters on our list are all great choices, but in case you haven't found the holster that meets your needs on it, hit that button below and explore the entire world of custom SIG Sauer P365 XL holsters.



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