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Pulled Over And Carrying Concealed

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There is a great chance that one day, you will be pulled over while having a concealed gun on you. I tis important to understand that when a police officer approaches a vehicle, he has no idea what it is going to happen. He cannot know whether you are a good person or somebody who just robbed a bank. Every traffic stop seems to have a potential to be deadly for the officer. Therefore you should think about your behavior if you are involved in the traffic stop.

  • Make sure you are legally possessing the concealed handgun in the jurisdiction you are traveling through. If you have entered a jurisdiction in which your permit to carry is not valid, you are violating the law.
  • The moment you are pulled over, the officer can and will notice any movement inside of your vehicle. It is better to remain still and calm with your hands on the steering wheel in plain site, and your dome light on to illuminate the inside of the vehicle. Be patient and remain in the vehicle. The officer may wait awhile before he exits his car and approaches your vehicle.
  • Regardless of the state laws, it is always a good choice to let the officer know you have a firearm on you. By doing this, you are being up front with them and this tends to portray you in a positive light. Inform him where your paperwork is located and where you gun is located, then ask him what he would like you to do next. At this point he will give you explicit instructions on what he expects of you.
  • You will probably, at some point, need to give the officer your Driver’s License. The recommendation here is to provide your ccw permit at the same time. This verifies to the officer that you do indeed have your permit, and will more than likely make the process much smoother.

Following these simple steps will allow you to build a cooperative and trusting relationship with the police officer that stops you. Many officers support the right of a law abiding citizen to carry a handgun.

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