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Public Bathroom Concealed Carry

Sign for public toilet depicting a mans and woman's silhouette.


Public toilets are a place that no one likes to use but every now and then he or she must. There are some cases when a person forgot his or her weapon in the stall, that is basically the worst thing imaginable. Let’s not be that guy. It’s not rocket science to know how to use your clothing to your benefit while carrying in a public restroom. So read how to do it and the next time you go bomb the porcelain sea you’ll be prepared.

IWB holsters

IWB holsters can be divided into two parts. The ones that go off easily and the ones that don’t. The ones that go off easily via a clip are easier. Just take the holster off as you drop the pants and put the holster with the gun in the crotch of the pants on the ground. Barrel facing the toilet. Now you have a base for the holster and gun not to get scratched and you won’t forget the holster because it’s in your pants.

The ones that go off easily require something else. Just try to make a pouch of the pants as you pull them down and put the holster inside. The base of the holster is protected from the ground and everything should be ok. And while pulling up you won’t forget it because it’s on your belt.

OWB holsters

Placed anywhere on your belt , the OWB holster requires basically the same thing as a IWB holster that is harder to remove. Just make a pouch of your pants and put it inside. There is also another way if you don’t want to or can’t put your holster in this trouser pouch. Draw your gun and put it into your pants as you have them at your ankles. Barrel facing the toilet of course. This way you won’t forget it while pulling the pants up and a crisis won’t happen. And you don’t have to worry because no one’s gonna snatch the gun from your pants. Really, this stuff happens in movies or your worst nightmares.

Shoulder Holsters

Probably the best choice while being on the toilet. Just unclip the holding strap from your belt, if you have one, ad you are done. You don’t have to do nothing else,just be there and enjoy the moment. Well, that is unless you have a habit of pulling your shirt off while doing business. Just skip it on the public loo.

Small Of Back

Carrying like this requires some skill while on the toilet. The best and easiest way is to draw the gun and as with other OWB holsters put it into the bottom of your pants. The holster should stay on the belt and won’t touch thanks to it being on your belt and your belt being stretched between your legs.

Handgun Pouches/Fanny Packs

If you are a fan of these, or if circumstances force you to use them, the best way of dealing with them is to have them always in your way while pulling your pants up. A pouch is simpler, it can be inserted in your dropped pants and not be forgotten on the toilet.  A fanny pack can be a problem if it’s bigger. The easiest and best way is put it in your pants as the pouch. Try to drop your pants first, then take off the fanny pack and place it inside.

Concealment Bags

Designer bag or any other bag that conceals your weapon requires more attention than the pouch. Unless you have a small bag or huge pants, the option of putting it in is not available. You can either draw the weapon from it and place it in the dropped pants, barrel facing the toilet. Or place the strap of the bag around your foot. Both of these methods won’t let you forget the gun.

The golden rule of bathroom carry is to have your gun and holster always in your sight and always on your body to prevent you from forgetting about it. Also have in mind that another great option is to not drop your pants all the way to the ground and have them on your knees. This may not be very comfortable but helps a lot when carrying IWB and OWB.

Situational awareness should also never be dropped while your pants are dropped. Danger may be around the corner and it’s good to know where your gun is.

And for the love of god, never place your gun and holster on the top of the lid, the toilet or the hanger. Just never, you may get distracted and forget it thee or other dozens of things may happen.



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