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Pentagon Tactical Wear

A bearded man wearing a blue squared shirt with a Pentagon logo on his left side.


Pentagon tactical sportswear, their undergarments, pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, jackets and all gear stands out in the field of tactical clothing. Years of experience and a hard-to-match know how make the Pentagon garments the best in their field. It’s hard to describe why these clothes stand out without getting into the complex chemical structures and their attributes that provide the excellent features and functions of the materials. But, to put it simply. It’s the extraordinary combination of layers upon layers of materials which function in a sort of symbiosis.

Clothing that incorporates fibers that functionally gets rid of excess moisture while keeping the body heat inside and the wearer dry and warm. Or layers that are water resistant up until 8000 mm and can quick dry in an instance. The mesh fabrics that line the pockets and many other features enable a slim fit, elasticity and availability of movement while providing a trusty garment to also conceal your firearm.

The added bonus is that once you choose Pentagon clothing as you everyday choice, the exact top-notch materials that protect your body and keep in a optimal atmosphere will protect your gun in the same way. It’s important to remember that not only you need to be in a perfect condition to be able to draw quickly and protect yourself.
Pentagon took it’s name from the Greek word pentagonos - five angled - representing the Balance of numbers on the human body - the arms, legs and head and also the five senses. It started in 1991 as a German-based military clothing and accessory supplier.