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Losing Your Gun

One of the greatest fears of everybody who concealed carry is losing your firearm. Even though it is not a pleasant thing, it is not a crime to lose a gun. It is, however very, very irresponsible but not a crime.

Now imagine it happened and you survived that small heart attack, after you heart starts beating again and you admit that your holster is empty, try to retrace your footsteps. Look in your house, workplace or other places you could have left it. Become an actor and re-enact every step you made that day.  After you make sure, you didn’t leave it in the car or bathroom, it is time to report the loss of the firearm to local police. Don't wait any longer. It is even better if you have the serial number, brand and model of the firearm. Any description or specification is helpful and really appreciated. If nobody comes and return found gun to the police, it is all the more important to legally separate yourself from it.

If you read this article before losing your concealed carry firearm, take a picture of it right now. Take pictures of the gun and its serial number, so it is obvious the weapon was indeed yours. Also, keep your legal bill of sale in a safe, secure location in case the gun gets stolen. And don’t forget to keep an unused concealed carry weapon in a gun safe.

But how to prevent losing a gun?

Don’t spend a load of money on compact concealed firearm and then buy a cheap holster with no retention. Whatever type of carrying your firearm you choose, you need to be sure, it stays safely on its place in the holster. Our holster comes with different types of retentions devices that will keep your gun fixed. Let’s be honest, if you are able to spend $2,000 on a custom 1911, it’s kinda silly to put it in a $30 holster. So don’t be Scrooge McDuck and give that piece of metal (or plastic) a nice holster, because your gun deserves luxury and in the end - deserves not to be lost.



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