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Glock 22 Gen 5 Review: Specification, Performance, and Price

Glock 22 Gen5 Specs Glock 22 Gen5 Specs Glock 22 Gen5 Specs

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The Glock 22 is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, striker-fired .40 S&W pistol, engineered to deliver reliable performance and versatility. The G22 gen5 is equipped with a 15-round magazine, providing substantial firepower in various operational contexts. The Glock 22 gen5 features a 4.49-inch barrel and an overall length of 8.03 inches, enhancing both accuracy and control, making it suitable for law enforcement and personal defense. The Glock 22 gen5 is the latest update of the Glock 22. This generation of Glock 22 embodies Glock’s commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring the G22 remains a top choice among tactical and defensive handguns.

The reliability of Glock 22 Gen5 is showcased by its consistent performance across thousands of rounds, supported by a durable dual recoil spring system. The G22 gen5 features a rough texture polymer grip, ensuring steady handling. The Glock 22 gen5 costs from $550 to $650. One of the main specifications of Glock 22 gen5 is the user-friendly accessory rail and compatibility with numerous holsters, underlining its practicality and adaptability in diverse scenarios.

Main Specs of Glock 22 
Glock 22 gen5 Specs Glock 22 gen5 Spec Value
Caliber .40 S&W
Action Type Semi-automatic
Barrel Length 114 mm / 4.49 in
Weight (Unloaded) 725 g / 25.59 oz
Magazine Capacity Standard: 15
Overall Length 204 mm / 8.03 in
Sight Radius Approx. 165 mm / 6.5 in
Trigger Pull ~2.5 kg / ~5.5 lbs
Safety Features Trigger safety, Firing pin safety, Drop safety
Frame Material Polymer
Slide Material Steel
Finish Tenifer finish on slide and barrel
Grip Type Rough texture polymer
Maximum Effective Range Up to 50 m / 55 yd
Muzzle Velocity Varies with ammunition, approx. 320 m/s
Muzzle Energy Varies with ammunition
Recoil Moderate
Accuracy High at standard combat range
Ammunition Type Compatibility .40 S&W cartridges
MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) $550 - $650
Warranty Period Limited 1 Year
Accessory Rail Yes
Holster Compatibility Compatible with various holsters
Field Strip Capability User-friendly
Trigger Type Safe Action
Front Sight Fixed
Rear Sight Fixed
Slide Action Smooth slide action
Hammer Presence No (striker fired)
External Safety No
Internal Safety Yes (includes drop safety)
Loaded Chamber Indicator No
Ambidextrous Controls No
Magazine Release Location Reversible
Slide Stop Location Standard left side
Recoil Spring Type Dual recoil spring system
Barrel Coating Tenifer finish
Sight Material Polymer
Grip Safety No
Striker Fired Indicator No
Threaded Barrel Option Available as aftermarket accessory
Customization Options High
Import Country Austria
Manufacturer Glock GmbH
Certification Standards Exceeds MIL-STD-810G testing requirements


What are the Key Specs of Glock 22 Guns?


A key spec of the Glock 22 is the .40 S&W caliber, delivering significant stopping power. The magazine capacity of Glock 22 gen5 a 15-rounds, enhancing its effectiveness during extended engagements. The Glock 22 has a 4.49-inch barrel and an overall length of 8.03 inches, balancing accuracy and manageability.

Glock 22 Gen 5 features Glock’s Safe Action system, consisting of three integral safeties: the trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety, ensuring reliable operation and enhanced safety for the user. The frame of the Glock 22 is constructed from high-strength polymer, while the slide and barrel are coated with a hard-wearing nDLC finish for improved resistance to wear and corrosion.

Glock 22 features fixed sights, a rough textured grip for improved handling, and an accessory rail, enabling the attachment of various accessories such as tactical lights or lasers. The key specs of Glock 22 gen5 make it the most popular .40S&W Glock type.


How does Glock 22 differ from Glock 22c Pistols?


The Glock 22 and the Glock 22C differ in the design of the barrel. The Glock 22C has a compensated barrel with ports that reduce vertical muzzle movement by about 30%, aiding in quicker follow-up shots. However, the barrel compensation of G22c increases noise by 15% and enhances the visible muzzle flash, which can affect night vision. Additionally, the ported barrel of the Glock 22C has a 10% higher chance of snagging on clothing, making it less ideal for concealed carry compared to the Glock 22. Overall, while the Glock 22C offers better recoil control, it comes with trade-offs in noise, flash, and carry convenience.


How does the Glock 22 Gun Perform?


The Glock 22 offers outstanding performance, characterized by high reliability, precision accuracy, and effective handling. These attributes make the Glock 22 an excellent choice for both law enforcement and personal defense.

  • Glock 22 Performance: The Glock 22 exhibits a remarkably low failure rate of approximately 2 failures per 1,000 rounds, underscoring its dependability. With its 4.49-inch barrel and a sight radius of about 6.5 inches, it achieves consistent groupings of roughly 4 inches at 25 yards.
  • G22 for Competition: While the Glock 22 is designed for tactical and defense purposes, it can be adapted for competitive shooting. The reliable performance and manageable recoil of G22 make it a viable option for action shooting competitions.
  • Durability of Glock 22: The Glock 22 is built to endure harsh conditions and rigorous use. It features a robust polymer frame and a slide coated with nDLC, enhancing its resistance to wear, corrosion, and environmental extremes.

The Glock 22 not only delivers excellent performance in reliability and accuracy but offers the durability required for extensive operational use. The Glock 22 capabilities extend to competitive shooting with minor adjustments, making it a versatile firearm for various shooting disciplines.


What are the Changes on the Glock 22 Gen 5 Pistol?


The Glock 22 Gen 5 introduces several key updates and improvements over the basic Glock 22 and Glock 22 gen3 and gen4. These changes enhance the performance, ergonomics, and versatility of GLock 22 gen5 addressing feedback from users and incorporating new technology.

  • Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever: The Gen 5 version features an ambidextrous slide stop lever, making it more user-friendly for both right and left-handed shooters. This is a significant upgrade from Gen 3 and Gen 4, which only catered to right-handed operation unless modified.
  • Improved Barrel Design: The Glock 22 Gen 5 employs the Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) which offers enhanced barrel rifling based on precision engineering. This improves the accuracy over Gen 3 and Gen 4, which used the traditional polygonal rifling.
  • Frame Design: The finger grooves, present in Gen 3 and Gen 4, have been removed in Gen 5. This change was driven by user feedback for a more comfortable grip and has been widely appreciated for allowing a wider range of hand sizes to achieve a more natural grip.
  • Finish: Gen 5 introduces an improved nDLC finish on the barrel and slide, which is superior in reducing wear and corrosion compared to the previous Tenifer finish used in Gen 3 and Gen 4.
  • Magazine Well: The addition of a flared magazine well in Gen 5 facilitates quicker and easier magazine changes, an upgrade not present in earlier generations.
  • Trigger Mechanism: There has been a modification in the trigger mechanism in Gen 5, which results in a smoother trigger pull and a more positive reset, enhancing both the shooting accuracy and feel compared to earlier versions.
  • Internal Changes: Gen 5 features a redesigned firing pin safety and a different extractor spring assembly, which are not visually apparent but contribute to improved reliability and maintenance.

Thanks to these updates, the Glock 22 Gen 5 is more efficient and comfortable to use than other Glock 22 versions. Additionally, the Glock 22 gen5 offers higher operational reliability and durability than its predecessors.


What are the Recommended Uses for Glock 22?


The Glock 22 is recommended for several specific uses. The .40 S&W caliber and reliable performance of Glock 22 make it particularly suited for the roles listed below.

  • Patrol Officers: Due to its high capacity and powerful caliber, the Glock 22 Gen5 is a preferred choice for police officers and sheriff’s deputies who may encounter a variety of threats while on duty.
  • SWAT and Tactical Units: The robustness and reliability of the Glock 22 Gen5 make it ideal for tactical scenarios where precision and firepower are crucial.
  • G22 for Home Defense: The Glock 22’s stopping power and capacity make it an excellent choice for defending one’s home against intruders.
  • Glock 22 for Concealed Carry: While slightly larger and heavier than compact models, the Glock 22 is still used by those who prioritize firepower and reliability in their carry weapon.
  • Sport Shooting: The accuracy and manageable recoil of the Glock 22 allow for its use in sport shooting activities, providing enthusiasts a reliable tool for improving their shooting skills.
  • Recreational Plinking: Due to its durability, the Glock 22 Gen5 can be a fun and sturdy choice for casual shooting at ranges.
  • Firearm Training: The standard design and operation of Glock 22 make it an excellent model for training new shooters, especially law enforcement recruits, on handling and firing semi-automatic pistols.

These recommended uses for the Glock 22 reflect its position as a versatile handgun suitable for a wide range of activities, from professional and defensive scenarios to recreational shooting.


Is Glock 22 9mm?


No, the Glock 22 is not chambered in 9mm. The Glock 22 fires the .40 S&W cartridge, offering higher stopping power compared to the 9mm round. The Glock 22 .40 S&W caliber provides a significant balance between power and capacity, making it a popular choice for law enforcement and personal defense due to its enhanced performance in stopping threats.


Is a Glock 22 good for Home Defense?


Yes, the Glock 22 is effective for home defense. The .40 S&W caliber of Glock 22 offers substantial stopping power essential for deterring intruders. The Glock 22 has a 15-round magazine capacity, ensuring ample ammunition for defense situations without frequent reloads.


What are the Advantages of Glock 22?


The Glock 22 is a highly reliable and versatile gun, ideal for law enforcement, security, and personal defense roles. The main advantages of Glock 22 are highlighted below.

  • Stopping Power and Capacity: The .40 S&W caliber of the Glock 22 provides substantial stopping power, crucial in defense scenarios. It comes standard with a 15-round magazine, which balances ample capacity with manageable size.
  • Glock 22 Reliability: The Glock 22 operates reliably under a variety of conditions, a critical feature for both duty carry and personal defense. This model ensures dependable performance when it matters most.
  • Durability: The frame is made of high-strength polymer, and the slide and barrel are coated with a nDLC finish, enhancing the Glock 22's resistance to wear, corrosion, and environmental conditions.
  • G22 Safety Features: Incorporating Glock’s Safe Action system, the Glock 22 includes three automatic safeties: trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. These features provide enhanced security, preventing accidental discharges.
  • Glock 22 Ergonomics and Control: The rough textured grip on the Glock 22 ensures a secure hold, while its balanced weight distribution aids in managing recoil and improving shot accuracy.
  • Customization: The Glock 22 is compatible with a wide range of accessories thanks to its built-in accessory rail. Users can attach lights, lasers, and other tactical gear, allowing for easy customization to fit specific operational needs.
  • Law Enforcement Preference: The robust design and proven effectiveness of the Glock 22 make it a favored choice among law enforcement agencies worldwide, valued for its performance in high-stress situations.


What are the Disadvantages of Glock 22?


While the Glock 22 is lauded for its reliability and power, there are some disadvantages of Glock 22 that affect its suitability for specific users or scenarios.

  • Glock 22 Size and Concealability: With an overall length of 8.03 inches and a relatively larger frame to accommodate the .40 S&W cartridge, the Glock 22 can be challenging to conceal, particularly for individuals seeking a compact firearm for concealed carry.
  • Glock 22 Weight: Weighing in at approximately 725 grams when unloaded, the Glock 22 is heavier than many 9mm models, which could lead to quicker fatigue during extended periods of carry, especially for personal defense or undercover law enforcement officers.
  • Glock 22 Recoil: The .40 S&W caliber of the Glock 22 produces more recoil than the 9mm variants. This increased recoil can affect follow-up shot accuracy and may not be suitable for all shooters, especially those with less experience or smaller stature.
  • Over-specialization for Law Enforcement: The design and features of the Glock 22 are optimized for law enforcement and security operations, which may not necessarily align with the needs of civilian users or those seeking a simple, straightforward defensive handgun.
  • Handling: The robust design of the Glock 22, while durable and reliable, may not be as ergonomic for individuals with smaller hands. The grip size and trigger reach could potentially affect handling comfort and overall control during rapid firing situations.

These disadvantages suggest that while the Glock 22 excels in roles that require a powerful and reliable firearm, it may not be the optimal choice for everyone, particularly those who prioritize ease of concealment, light weight, and lower recoil in their selection of a personal defense weapon.


How to Buy a Glock 22?

The Glock 22 can be bought legally by following the steps below.

  • Verify Eligibility: Ensure you meet all federal, state, and local requirements, which usually include being over the age of 21 and passing a background check.
  • Find a Licensed Glock 22 Dealer: Locate a licensed firearms dealer in your area. This can be a gun store, a sporting goods store, or a gun show with authorized dealers.
  • Background Check: Submit to a background check required by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which the dealer will facilitate.
  • Complete Required Paperwork: Fill out the necessary legal forms, including ATF Form 4473, which records the firearm's transfer.
  • G22 Purchase Permit: In some states, you may need to obtain a specific permit to purchase a handgun, so check your local laws for any additional requirements.
  • Attend Safety Training: Some jurisdictions may require you to complete a firearms safety course before you can purchase or own a handgun.
  • Make Your Purchase: Once all legal requirements are met and the background check is completed, you can purchase the Glock 22.
  • Secure Your Firearm: Consider purchasing a safe or other secure storage solution to responsibly store your firearm when not in use.

These steps ensure that buying a Glock 22 is conducted legally and responsibly, aligning with all relevant regulations.


How much does a Glock 22 Cost?


The Glock 22 costs from $500 to $600. The Glock 22 price is based on several factors such as the inclusion of extra magazines, night sights, or other Glock 22 accessories that can influence the final price. It's advisable to research prices from multiple dealers to ensure you're getting the best deal possible.


What are the Factor Influencing the Price of Glock 22 Firearms?


The factors influencing the price of Glock 22 firearms are listed below.

  • Location: Prices may vary based on geographical location and local market demand.
  • Retailer: Different retailers may offer varying prices for the same model, depending on their overhead costs and pricing strategies.
  • Condition: New Glock 22 pistols will generally cost more than used or refurbished models. 
  • Included Accessories: The presence of additional accessories such as extra magazines, night sights, or holsters may increase the overall price.
  • Demand: High demand for the Glock 22 in a particular region or time period can lead to higher prices due to scarcity.
  • Customization: Customized or special edition Glock 22 models may command higher prices due to their unique features or finishes.
  • Laws and Regulations: Local laws and regulations, such as taxes or fees, may impact the final purchase price of the firearm.


What are the Considerations when Purchasing a Glock 22 Handgun?


The main considerations when purchasing a Glock 22 handgun are listed below.

  • Purpose: Determine the intended use of the firearm, whether it's for home defense, concealed carry, target shooting, or law enforcement duty.
  • Ergonomics: Assess the grip size and feel of the Glock 22 to ensure it fits comfortably in your hand, as well as the reach to the trigger and overall handling.
  • Glock 22 Reliability: Research the reputation of Glock firearms for reliability and durability, ensuring confidence in the pistol's performance when it matters most.
  • Budget: Set a budget for the purchase, considering not only the cost of the firearm but any additional accessories, ammunition, and training expenses.
  • Legal Requirements: Familiarize yourself with federal, state, and local laws governing the purchase and ownership of firearms, including background checks, waiting periods, and permit requirements.
  • Training and Familiarization: Plan to undergo proper firearms training and practice with the Glock 22 to become proficient in its operation and safe handling.
  • Glock 22 Accessories and Upgrades: Consider any accessories or upgrades you may want for the Glock 22, such as sights, holsters, or magazine extensions, and factor these into your purchasing decision.


What are the Available Accessories for Glock 22 Gun?


The Glock 22 can be upgraded with various Glock accessories to enhance the performance, reliability, and accuracy of Glock 22.

  • G22 Sight Replacements: Upgrading the standard sights to options like tritium night sights, fiber-optic sights, or precision adjustable target sights enhances accuracy in various shooting conditions.
  • Glock 22 Grip Modifications: Applying stippling or grip tape, or installing aftermarket grips, improves handling comfort and provides a non-slip surface for secure handling during rapid firing.
  • Custom Barrels and Slides: Customizing with options such as ported barrels or custom slides with cutouts for red dot optics enhances accuracy and reduces recoil, enhancing overall shooting performance.
  • Optic Mounts and Red Dots: Mounting red dot sights for fast target acquisition requires slide modifications or specific adapters designed for the Glock 22, enhancing precision aiming capabilities.
  • Tactical Lights and Lasers: Attaching tactical lights or lasers to the accessory rail aids in target identification and accuracy, particularly in low-light environments or tactical situations.
  • Extended Magazines and Magazine Wells: Using extended magazines and enhanced magazine wells facilitates faster and smoother magazine changes, crucial for competitive shooting events.
  • Holsters: Various holster options, such as OWB holsters, provide quick draw capabilities and cater to competitive shooting needs, ensuring easy access and retention of the firearm.
  • Trigger Upgrades: Aftermarket trigger systems offer a shorter and more consistent trigger pull, enhancing responsiveness and control during firing, leading to improved accuracy and shooting performance.


What Modifications can you do to a Glock 22?


Check out the list below featuring popular Glock 22 modifications that will adjust Glock 22 to the specific preferences and needs of individual shooters.

  • Sight Upgrades: Replace the factory sights with options like tritium night sights, fiber-optic sights, or precision adjustable target sights for improved aiming capabilities.
  • Barrel and Slide Customization: Upgrade to custom barrels for enhanced accuracy and reduced recoil, and customize slides with features like slide cuts or optic mounting options.
  • Glock 22 Trigger Modifications: Install aftermarket trigger components for a smoother, lighter trigger pull and improved trigger control.
  • Magazine and Magazine Well Extensions: Increase magazine capacity with extended magazines and enhance magazine changes with improved magazine wells.
  • Accessory Rail Attachments: Mount tactical lights, lasers, or other accessories to the pistol's accessory rail for added versatility and functionality.
  • Internal Components: Upgrade internal components such as springs, connectors, or firing pins for improved reliability and performance.


How reliable are Glock 22 Guns in Various Conditions?


Glock 22 guns offer high reliability across various conditions, making them trusted firearms for a wide range of users.

  • Dry Conditions: In dry environments, Glock 22 maintains reliable operation due to the durable construction and minimal reliance on external lubrication.
  • Wet Conditions: The Glock 22 features sealed components and corrosion-resistant materials, decreasing the effects of moisture, preventing Glock 22 malfunctions in wet environment.
  • Dirty or Dusty Environments: Even in dirty or dusty environments, Glock 22 handguns maintain their reliability. The sealed design of Glock pistols, combined with their simplified internal mechanisms, minimizes the risk of debris interfering with the firearm's operation. This resilience to fouling ensures consistent performance even in harsh conditions.
  • Extreme Temperatures: Glock 22 pistols demonstrate reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures, from extreme cold to sweltering heat. The materials used in their construction, such as polymer frames and steel slides, maintain their integrity and functionality even under temperature extremes, ensuring consistent operation in any climate.


What are the Ergonomic Considerations when handling Glock 22 Pistol?


When handling the Glock 22 pistol, ergonomic considerations are crucial for comfort, control, and overall shooting experience.

  • Grip Design: Ergonomically shaped to fit the hand's natural contours, with a textured surface for additional traction.
  • Frame Size and Shape: Compact and robust, allowing easy handling and maneuverability while providing a secure grip.
  • Trigger Reach and Feel: Designed to accommodate various hand sizes, offering a smooth and consistent trigger pull for accurate shot placement.
  • Recoil Management: Engineered to minimize felt recoil and reduce muzzle flip, improving shooter comfort and control.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Compatible with various accessories for further customization to individual ergonomic preferences.

The grips on Glock 22 pistols are replaceable, with options from Glock and aftermarket manufacturers, allowing users to customize size, texture, and material to fit their hand size and preferences.


What are the Common Characteristics of Glock 22 Pistols?


The Glock 22 pistols are characterized by the features and specifications listed below.

  • Caliber: .40 S&W Magazine
  • Capacity: Standard capacity of 15 rounds
  • Barrel Length: Typically 4.49 inches Weight (Unloaded): Approximately 22.92 ounces
  • Overall Length: Around 7.95 inches
  • Trigger Pull: Typically around 5.5 pounds
  • Frame Material: Durable polymer construction
  • Slide Material: Robust steel construction
  • Finish: Typically features a durable, corrosion-resistant finish
  • Recoil Management: Incorporates Glock's recoil mitigation system for enhanced control
  • Sight System: Equipped with fixed sights for reliable target acquisition
  • Accessory Rail: Features an integrated rail for mounting lights or lasers
  • Reliability: Known for its exceptional reliability in various conditions
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomically designed grip with textured surfaces for improved handling and control
  • Safety Features: Includes Glock's Safe Action system with multiple mechanical safeties for secure operation


What is the Suggested Training for handling Glock 22 Pistols?


The suggested training for handling Glock 22 pistols includes comprehensive firearms training courses that cover basic firearm safety, proper handling techniques, marksmanship fundamentals, and defensive shooting skills.

  • Basic Firearm Safety: Training should begin with a thorough understanding of firearm safety rules, including always treating every firearm as if it is loaded, keeping the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and being aware of the target and what lies beyond it.
  • Proper Handling Techniques: Students should learn how to safely load, unload, and clear malfunctions with the Glock 22 pistol. Proper grip, stance, and sight alignment techniques should be emphasized to ensure accurate and effective shooting.
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals: Training should focus on developing marksmanship skills, including proper sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control. Students should practice drills to improve accuracy and precision shooting.
  • Defensive Shooting Skills: For those using the Glock 22 for self-defense purposes, training should include scenarios and drills that simulate real-world defensive situations. This training should emphasize decision-making, situational awareness, and effective use of cover and concealment.
  • Continued Practice: Regular practice sessions at the range are essential for maintaining proficiency with the Glock 22 pistol. Students should continue to hone their skills through live-fire practice, dry-fire drills, and scenario-based training exercises.

Overall, the suggested training for handling Glock 22 pistols should focus on developing safe, competent, and confident shooters who are prepared to responsibly use the firearm for recreational shooting, competition, or self-defense purposes.


Is the Glock 22 still made?


Yes, the Glock 22 is still in production. Despite being introduced in the early 1990s, the Glock 22 remains a popular choice among law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and civilian shooters worldwide.


Does Glock 22 have a safety?


Yes, the Glock 22 has multiple safety features built into its design. While it lacks traditional external manual safeties, it utilizes Glock's Safe Action system, including three automatic mechanical safeties: the trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. These features provide reliable firearm safety without the need for external controls, ensuring safe operation during handling and use.


Is the Glock 22 a Good Gun to Carry?


Yes, the Glock 22 is a good gun to carry. However, the use of Glock 22 depends on individual preferences of shooters. The full-size frame of GLock 22 and the powerful .40 S&W caliber make the Glock 22 an ideal gun to carry for military and Law Enforcement personnel. Due to its size and weight, the Glock 22 is not an ideal concealed carry handgun. However, with the right holster, the Glock 22 can be used for everyday carry too.


What are the Best Glock 22 Holsters?


The best Glock 22 holsters are always custom fitted to the specific features of Glock 22, delivering a perfect fit for your Glock. As the Glock 22 has an accessory rail and can be used with tactical lights and lasers, a Glock 22 holster with light is one of the best Glock 22 gen 5 holster types. The best light-bearing Glock 22 holster is the Glock 22 IWB Holster w Steel Clip for the G22 and a light or laser. This Glock 22 IWB holster also offers high concealment, making it one of the best Glock 22 concealed carry holster choices.


What is the Difference Between Glock 22 and Glock S&W Pistol?


The Glock 22 and Glock S&W pistols differ in several key aspects, including caliber, design, and intended use.

  • Caliber: The Glock 22 is chambered in .40 S&W, while Glock S&W pistols may be chambered in calibers like 9mm or .45 ACP.
  • Model Designation: The Glock 22 has a specific designation, whereas Glock S&W pistols vary by model and caliber.
  • Frame Size: The Glock 22's frame size is designed for the .40 S&W cartridge, while the frame size of Glock S&W pistols varies by model.
  • Slide Length: The Glock 22's slide length matches its frame for the .40 S&W, while Glock S&W pistols have varying slide lengths.
  • Magazine Capacity: The Glock 22 typically holds 15 rounds, while Glock S&W pistols' capacities vary by caliber and model.
  • Weight: The Glock 22's weight is specific to its design and chambering, while Glock S&W pistols' weights vary by model.
  • Purpose: The Glock 22 is designed for law enforcement, military, and self-defense, while Glock S&W pistols cater to various shooting needs.

The differences between Glock 22 and Glock S&W guns highlight the versatility and specificity of Glock pistols, allowing users to choose a model that best fits their needs.