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Falco holsters - Craft's partner in crime


The demand for well-made custom leather holsters for pistols and revolvers has been escallating in the past few decades. And as our main motto here at Craft Holsters is "Custom holsters for everyone", we wanted to make sure we can meet your demand and supply all of you, our customers, with high quality holsters whenever you need them. Thus, a couple of years back we decided to partner with a company that can help us make this possible. However, there was one important condition that had to be met by our future partner - long experience in leathermaking and high quality craftsmanship. And that's exactly why we selected Falco Holsters.


Falco holsters - the history


Falco Holsters are a well-known European gun holsters company that also produce many other firearm-related products. Their history goes as far back as 1989. This was the year when the father of the current CEO of Falco Holsters embarked on a journey of his lifetime. He saw there was a need for quality leather products in the local community and started sewing simple yet effective leather holsters and falconry gloves. His products quickly became popular in the local market. He was a businessman, but he devoted all his time and effort to this for one other purpose - there was a long tradition of hunting, shooting, and love for nature running in his family.

The long history of Falco was one of the reasons why we decided to choose them as our partner in crime. But let's now have a look at another, more important reason - their quality products. So, without further ado, let's have a quick look at why holsters by Falco are some of the best on the market, what the best leather holsters made by Falco for Craft are and, last but not least, why you should get them at Craft Holsters.


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The Falco Holsters have become one of the best known producers of gun holsters mainly due to one important factor - they produce everything for everyone. Are you a fan of high quality leather? Are you looking for a solid kydex holster? Do you prefer nylon? No matter which of these questions applies to you, make sure Falco products can provide what you’re looking for and satisfy your needs.

Not only can you select from a wide variety of materials and finishes, Falco products also come in all possible carry styles. It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer to carry your gun OWB, IWB, cross-draw, in a shoulder harness or a concealment bag, or virtually any other way, you’ll always find a good option for you among their products. Moreover, Falco Holsters also produce all possible gun accessories - magazine and speedloader pouches, gun belts, backpacks, knife holsters, key holders and many others. All of these products are custom hand made and are a result of diligent work of the craftsmen Falco’s manufacture employs. For these people, it’s not just work, it’s their passion. 


top holsters choices


I’ve mentioned that Falco Holsters will satisfy your needs no matter which carry style you prefer and the same applies to materials. But if you're here, I'm sure you are a leather lover, just like we at Craft Holsters are. That's why I put together a list of top 4 custom leather holsters made by Falco for Craft, so let's have a quick look at them, I'm sure you'll find your favorite. If you're interested in more, check out the entire selection of Falco holsters available in our store.



Undeniably one of the most popular belt holsters on Falco’s offer. Ideal for everyday carry, easy to conceal, secure more than enough. This holster comes with the popular open muzzle design and a thumb break for extra security. By the way, Falco has recently introduced a cocked & locked version of this OWB. Is this what you’re looking for? Then get yours now.



Personally I can’t recommend a better IWB holster made by Falco. This one just has to be it. You’ll mount the holster very easily and quickly, there’s no need to take your belt off. The retention screws will replace the thumb break here for added security. On top of that, the holster copies the contours of your body, so there won’t be any imprint. If you are looking for the middle ground between comfort and concealment, this IWB is your no. 1 choice.



This design takes the 1st place among cross-draws, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a combination of an ideal cant, strong leather and precise stitching - everything you expect from a great cross-draw holster. On top of that, there’s extra safety delivered by the thumb break. Just like with the OWB holster I mentioned, this holster can also be carried in the favorite cocked & locked way now. If I were you, I’d get it and I’d do so here.



The highlight of this shoulder system is the roto feature that has grown in popularity quite a lot recently. Upon releasing the thumb break, the holster is tilted and you’ll find the draw very fast and easy. You’ll also be able to switch between vertical and horizontal carry and this unique design also offers an additional protective layer of leather. No harm will ever come to your gun if you get this shoulder rig now.


why should i get a falco holster?

source: Falco Holsters

So, you’ve seen what makes Falco Holsters reliable holster makers. But you might be asking yourself: “Why should I get a Falco holster?”. I’ll just sum up the answer to this question briefly. The main reasons why to buy a Falco made holster are these:

  • All products are custom made for each particular gun model
  • A long tradition in European leather making
  • Excellent at kydex and nylon making
  • Virtually any carry styles on their offer
  • Holsters and other products available for nearly any gun out there
  • Products made with passion


get your falco holster now

Just like I mentioned before, Falco Holsters, a company founded in 1989, is one of the best suppliers of shooting and hunting gear you can find. They are reliable not only in respect to their regular customers, but there are many businesses that rely on the supply of their excellent products too. This is the main reason why Craft Holsters decided to partner with Falco Holsters. The quality of their products + the customer service and a handful of benefits you’ll get from us is what makes Craft Holsters the best place to get a Falco holster.

And in case you haven’t found a favorite from the list of holsters and other products above, then just click the button below and search the entire Falco offer available at Craft Holsters.



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