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Craft Holsters Product Reviews

Jewelry expert checking a diamond through a magnifying glass in his workshop. Jewelry expert checking a diamond through a magnifying glass in his workshop. Jewelry expert checking a diamond through a magnifying glass in his workshop.


Before I buy something, I want to know what I'm getting. And I bet you too. That's why I always turn to opinion and experience of someone who knows their business. It might look like our main aim is to sell as many holsters as possible, but it's not completely true. We mainly want you to know what to expect and never let you down. This is the reason why we turn to professionals such as firearms instructors, gun store managers, competition shooters, LE officers, and holster reviewers, who can give us (and you!) an honest opinion on our holsters.

These reviews serve as report cards on our whole products and customer service, as they can open eyes and change minds of both us and mainly you, our customers. We learn what to improve and you learn what to buy. I've put together a list of some most recent as well as a bit older reviews by guys who really understand the gun and holster trade, so if you want to find out more about our holsters, read on. You might be saying: "Yea, well, they pay these guys for a positive review.", but I promise you that's not the case and you can trust these guys. After all, many of them are quite known among the gun community.




Belt Holster with Two Cant Positions

(Scott W. Wagner / USCCA review)

Don’t count leather out as a primary holster-making material just yet, though — it still has a lot going for it. It is durable (as long as it is reasonably well cared for), supple (which means it molds well to the body) and attractive. For those concerned about style, leather just looks good! Read more here.


Open Top Leather Pancake Holster - Panther

(James D. Dezendorf / PawPaw House review)

It's a new holster for me, and Craft even sent a little break-in kit.  I haven't used it yet, because the leather is supple enough and it fit properly. It's very comfortable, although I appreciate their sending the kit.  I'm not a leather expert, so I can't tell what weight leather they used, but it seems sufficient to do the job.  It's not nearly as stiff as my competition or duty holsters, but it's not meant to be. Read more here.


Leather Pancake Holster w/ 2 Carry Positions

(Clayton Cramer review)

It is a tight fit; I am not sure what deranged kung fu fighting would dislodge my Browning from this holster.  (Of course if you such an athletic fighter, you might never need to draw; at least outside the movie universe.)  Yet it is not so tight that it would be a slow draw.  They included a break-in kit, which is an oil intended to soften the leather to produce a fit that more exactly fits the gun.  No need for it with my gun and holster, but a nice touch; there are variations from gun to gun, and holster to holster, and even variations from owner to owner of how tight the fit should be. Read more here.


Shoulder Holster System With Mag Pouch

(The Docent / Practical Eschatology review)

And so here we are. In this review, I will start out discussing the specific aspects of the Craft Holsters' product, then my experience using it for the past two weeks or so, and, finally, a more general discussion of shoulder holsters. But, in a nutshell, I've been very impressed with the system, as has my oldest son. In fact, after trying it on for a bit, he decided to order his own shoulder holster from Craft Holsters. Read more here.


Open-Muzzle IWB Holster

(Mark Kakkuri / Guns Magazine review)

The holster also offers the CZ’s stocks at just the right angle (only the slightest forward cant) with room for two fingers to grasp it. The thumb break is in the perfect spot so drawing reflects about as natural a flow of movement as you can muster. As you’ve heard, the CZ RAMI fits great in hand and this Falco holster does a fantastic job of getting it into your hand. Otherwise, when holstered, the CZ rides comfortably at your side.


Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster w/ Double Mag Pouch

(Alexander Castiglione / SealGrinderPT review)

The fit, finish, and craftsmanship that went into making this holster are second to none. The leather is high grade, and you need to break it in, just like any other holster. I let my pistol and loaded mags sit in it overnight so it could form to the exact dimensions of my pistol, although these are custom made for each type of firearm. From this simple task, the retaining strap went from, frankly a bitch to snap home, to much easier to snap and unsnap. Read more here.


Tuckable Leather Concealed Carry Holster

(Kit Badger review)

There are a lot of holsters on the market.  When you start looking into quality leather holsters, that number shrinks dramatically.  Creating a good leather holster takes a lot of skill.  After running this AIWB Tuckable Leather Holster from Craft Holsters for the last two months or so, I’ve been pretty pleased. Read more here.


Leather Paddle Holster w/ Thumb Break

(Scott W. Wagner / USCCA review)

The Craft Holsters Falco 184 is superbly rendered. This would be a good option for the CCW permit holder, because the entire rig could easily be removed when home without clothing adjustment, with your handgun staying protected in the rig. The 184 works with thick or thin belts, or even without a belt at all. Read more here.




Tired of reading? Well, that can happen after a long day. Luckily, some of our dear reviewers have taken some extra time to shoot (this time not literally) and edit video review. These YouTube reviews will give you an even better insight into what our holsters look like. If you've got tired with all the Netflix TV shows, don't worry, there's some proper gun and holster stuff to watch here.


Open Top Leather Belt Holster

(Clayton Nielsen / The Redneck Post review)

Check out this review of our Open Top Lether Belt Holster after one month of wearing and subcribe to The Redneck Post here.



Double Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster

(Daniel Theodore / CatchJitsu.com review)

Check out this review of our Double Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster in this action-packed video and subcribe to CatchJitsu.com here.



Tuckable Leather Concealed Carry Holster

(Eric Eisleben / Holster Reviewer review)

Check out this review of our Tuckable Leather Concealed Carry Holster and find out that quality is really worth the wait. Don't forget to subcribe to Holster Reviewer here.




So what do you say, guys? Have these reviews been helpful? I hope they have. As I said at the beginning, it's always a good idea to turn to someone who already has some experience with what you're about to do or buy. On the other hand, I also believe that nothing beats the first hand experience. That's why you shouldn't take the opinions expressed in these reviews for granted and get your own hands on our holsters instead. You'll see they are really the best option for your gun. After all, "a picture is worth a thousand words".


PS: If you happen to be a reviewer and would like to write/shoot an extended review on our holsters too, don't hesitate to let me know at feedback@craftholsters.com.



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