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Concealed Carry And Visiting Your Friends Or Family

Paying a visit to a friend or family member who knows that you legally carry concealed is not the case of this article. If you are going to a friend, or a friend’s friend, there may be a dilemma that you can face. How to carry while being at a relatively unknown space with unknown people. As with almost all things in life, it’s determination and practice. The first and most important rule is to know the laws on carrying a gun into a house. The Handgun Laws website  helps to answer legal questions about carrying, so before anything, check the laws. After the legal side is clear, the hard part starts.

The ethics of carrying and paying a visit are all based on what your personality is. The answers to the questions that come up must be answered by you. The questions can be about telling the house owner, or his family or not. Or what if there is not an appropriate situation, if the person you want to tell it to is paying attention and can cope with it and not act nervous, etc. Once these questions are answered you won’t have a moral problem. For some, this may be the hardest part, as the most important question about concealed carry is not why carry, but why not carry. Don’t try to justify not carrying, it’s your right to do so and there are tougher situations in life than being labeled as something bad by a bunch of people.

Let’s say you did not tell the people that you are armed and you are being greeted. A hugger is a person we all know and hugs are cool, but if you have a shoulder holster or a iwb appendix holster there may be a small problem. Just remember that it’s ok to say that you are not feeling well, may have a cold and don’t want to spread it around. Or just hug with one hand or position your dominant side away from the coming hug. Remember that it’s important to stay calm because your friends can notice a lot from your behaviour, especially if you are acting nervous and are conscious about your gun. Train this and be a master of the situation. It’s important to learn how to act, because the difference between EDC in a mall full where no one pays attention to you is different than sitting in a small room with a secret.

If you got the morals, greetings and act together you are almost done. But there may be some little details that need to be sorted out. In case of situations like a bathroom visit act just like in any other. Leave the holster where it is because a proper holster will accommodate your gun in any position. Just remember - leave going to the bathroom together for people who are either selfie addicts or just plain weirdos.

Another thing may be staying for the night. If you have a guest bedroom it’s good. If not things may get a little more difficult. The best thing is to either have a small gun case with  you to leave the firearm there safely during your sleep. If this is not the case is probably best to unload your firearm and maybe even disassemble it. Just in case someone happens to find it while you are dreaming. Put the parts apart from each other and safely assemble them when you wake up. You don’t need to put a gun under your pillow here.



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