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Best Glock 48 Holster: Top Picks for Secure & Comfortable Carry

Glock 48 pistol close up shot Glock 48 pistol close up shot Glock 48 pistol close up shot


The Glock 48 is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol with a striker single-action (SA) trigger made by the famous Glock Ges.m.b.H.. The Glock 48 is effectively a slimmed-down the 19 model that holds 10 + 1 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo in  a stack-and-a-half magazine. This lovely pistol is available in two versions - the one with rail and the one without rail. Today, we're gonna have a look at what the best holsters for the Glock 48 without a rail are.

The G48 is a compact handgun that can be used for concealed carry due to its slim design and the 4.17” long barrel. Actually it was designed especially to meet the CCW criteria, so the Glock 48 is best carried inside the waistband, but can be hidden in a custom Glock 48 OWB holster as well. Remember, the safety of your gun should be in the first place. And that’s what a well-fitting Glock 48 holster brings you. In this brief article you can find the best Glock 48 holsters and carry styles for both open and concealed carry.


The best GLOCK 48 holsters for concealed carry

If you’re looking for a deeper concealment, you should definitely take a look at the Glock 48 holsters for concealed carry, including the Glock 48 IWB holsters. Or in case you’re a fan of appendix carry, then you should take a look at our Glock 48 appendix holsters.


#1 - Glock 48 holster IWB

The first holster is designed for Glock 48 inside the waistband carry. This open-muzzle and open-top holster offers a combination of great concealment, high retention, comfort of carry and easy access. The retention is further increased by the adjustable tension screw placed next to the trigger guard. The profile of this holster contours one’s body, making the carry very comfortable.


#2 - Glock 48 shoulder holster

A shoulder holster for G48 concealed carry? Well, it really works! As your Glock is a tiny gun, it hides well even when carried under one's armpits, especially when it comes to colder months (and you know the winter is coming). This Glock 48 shoulder holster rig also features a double mag pouch, so your Glock will never run out of ammo. And did you know you can also use it as a Glock 48 belt holster? What a deal!


#3 - Glock 48 appendix holster

This is yet another excellent Glock 48 leather holster for concealed carry. It works best in the appendix position and it comes with an integrated mag pouch. The holster offers easy and quick draw and reholstering. The main part of this Glock 48 AIWB holster is strengthened with a layer of leather that acts both as a reinforced opening to preserve retention and also acts as a reinforced housing of the steel clip.


How to upgrade Glock 48?


Before we continue with Glock 48 open carry holsters, let's take a break and have a quick look at some of the best aftermarket accessories for your Glock:

  1. Glock 48 STREAMLIGHT TLR-6 - There isn't a more popular tactical weapon light brand than Streamlight. And there probably isn't a better Glock 48 upgrade than their TLR-6. You can make it yours here.
  2. SUREFIRE XSC for Glock 48 - This is another excellent tactical light choice for your Glock. This Glock 48 tactical light might not feature a laser, but its power is higher than that of the aforementioned Streamlight.
  3. Glock 48 OLIGHT BALDR MINI - This super compact tactical light is your best choice if you need a bit of light but don't want to make your Glock any heavier. Moreover, this light boasts power higher than the previous 2 combined.



The best Glock 48 open carry holsters

Although the Glock 48 was designed and is more suitable for concealed carry, it is still versatile enough to be carried in different styles. Probably the most preferred (instead of CCW) are the Glock 48 OWB holsters, especially in states where open carry is allowed. If you are a rider, or spend a lot of time driving, the best and most comfortable option would be the Glock 48 shoulder holster.

And for those, who like it in a more tactical way and already upgraded their G48 with a light, the Glock 48 holsters with light are definitely the best option. Ready to find out more? So let's have a look at what the best Glock 48 holsters for open carry are.


#4 - glock 48 holster owb

This is virtually one of the best Glock 48 open carry holsters out there. Not only is it a great Glock 48 OWB holster, but it can be also used as a G48 cross-draw or G48 SoB holster thanks to the extra belt slot. This Glock 48 leather holster also features a thumb break strap, increasing security of your Glock when holstered. And just look at the holster's design, doesn't it look simply amazing?


#5 - Glock 48 paddle holster

For those who love comfort and easy attachment on the belt, this Glock 48 paddle holster is the right choice. This Glock 48 leather holster is equipped with a rotary MRS 5 paddle, making mounting of the holster quick and convenient. It works best when carried in the 3 o’clock position on one’s dominant side, but can be adjusted via the attached paddle, so you can enjoy various other draw cants and carry positions.


#6 - Glock 48 holster with light

The last, but definitely not the least interesting Glock 48 open carry holster accommodates both your pistol and a tactical light. This G48 kydex holster comes in an open-top design, resulting in a very quick draw and easy access. This Glock 48 light holster features high natural retention, but it also comes with the much welcome clicking noise upon reholstering your pistol. If you need a great Glock 48 tactical holster, you've just found it.



Conclusion - how to pick the best Glock 48 holster?

The Glock 48 is an ideal pistol for deep concealed carry, provided you've got a well made Glock 48 CCW holster for it, of course. If you know where to look for one, I'd say the pistol works best if carried inside a Glock 48 IWB holster, especially one made of leather, which not only helps you conceal your pistol well, but also makes it look that much better.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't carry the pistol outside the waistband. As it's quite a tiny model, you can conceal it quite well even if you decide to use your Glock for open carry. Such holsters deserve attention specially from on-duty professionals, who use the pistol as a backup firearm.

I hope you managed to find your new Glock holster on our today's list. But in case you'd like to explore some more of your options, just hit that button below and explore the rest of custom made Glock 48 holsters. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.



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