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Belt Holsters Attachment Options


The safest way for carrying a handgun is undoubtedly carrying it in a holster that keeps the gun stable on its place and yet gives you comfort and easy access when needed. As there are many different types of holster and ways for concealed carrying, you are able to choose the one that suits your expectations and needs. For all these preferences such as – concealed carrying, safety, stability and easy accessibility, the most popular among customers are belt holsters. However, even in this group you can choose the different type of attaching the holster. Some of the most common belt holster attachment options are:

  • Belt loops – it consist of two or more metal pieces which helps to properly attach the holster to the belt. Even though it takes longer to put on and take off, it gives the holster a better stability and fits perfectly. Two and more belt loops enable to wear holster in diverse angles.
  • Belt tunnel – one wider loop that is easily threaded through the belt. Disadvantage is worse stability and
  • Belt snaps – much easier to put on and take off the belt and yet keep the holstered gun stable. 
  • Belt clip – the holster is securely clipped on the waistband without taking the belt off which helps to attach the holster quickly and easily. The belt clip can be either made of steel or polymer.
  • Paddle – a comfortable way to wear your gun holstered, very easily attached to the belt of trousers – even without wearing a belt. Disadvantage is more loose fixation and safety risks that come with it.
  • Lowered belt loop – the best type for professionals for its easy and fast accessibility. Enable you to adjust the high and angle of the holstered handgun. Since it is the type for open carry, it's suitable only with an appropriate permission.