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Backup Firearm While Hunting


Whether you are working in the middle of the city centre or out hunting in the woods, there is no reason why your concealed handgun should stay home. It won’t help you there.

The same rule is valid when it come to the hunting season. It is not an exception, even though many hunters think they will be able to defend themselves with whatever rifle or shotgun they have.   There are however, some laws in effect that regulate the Second Amendment for hunters and they vary from state to state, so as always, you should check your state and local laws before heading to the woods.

It is not always about the wild animals that can be a threat. While walking in the remote areas by yourself or sleeping in the wilderness in some areas, you can come across people who don’t want to be seen. For instance, Arizona is a border state frequently used by cartels to smuggle in drugs and people because of its vast uninhabited areas. With a compound bow, muzzleloader or 2 rounds of birdshot, you probably won’t be able to take a close range shot as well as to you wont be able to protect yourself against multiple attacker. Being away from civilizations, doesn’t mean you should be limited on self-defense.  Don't forget to keep the backup gun in a safe and accessible holster. Carrying a handgun without being able to reach for it won’t help you.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared while going into the woods with our selection of Premium Quality Holsters that will keep you safe under any circumstances.


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