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5 Ways To Loose Your CCW Permit

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In majority states it is not so difficult to meet all the criteria for getting your concealed carry permit. But once you get your permit, it doesn’t mean you will keep it forever. There are conditions under which you can lose your concealed carry license. As every state has its own conditions for obtaining a permit and also different laws about carrying it, so has different and own conditions for its revocation. However, in all states is true that once your license is revoked, it is long, hard and expensive way to get it back.  Some of the problems which can make you lose your permit is common for many states across the country.

  1. The most important point is any indictment against your person for anything over minor traffic offences.
  2. Restraining order placed against you will not let you keep your gun either.
  3. The same goes for charging of misdemeanor domestic assault against you. All of these above will make it illegal for you to carry a firearm outside.
  4. Another condition common for many states which can cause losing your permit is being charge for Driving under influence.
  5. Sometimes even you don’t need to commit anything, but if you live in the same house as convicted felon, you will probably have trouble keeping your gun there.

These are couple reason which can make your state think you are not reliable for keeping a firearm on you. However as always, it is your responsibility to check your state laws so you know all the conditions.  Moreover, you should also know the laws of neighboring states, especially if you are about travel across. Not knowing their laws is an easy way to lose your concealed carry permit. You can easily lose your license in the legal process and it is long and expensive fight to get it back.

Not knowing the law is the easiest way get your license revoked, but drinking over the limit, driving and carrying is the most irresponsible way to lose the permit permanently.  As you belong to those who carry a concealed gun, you should also belong to those who take the responsibility for it and live up to it.

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