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5 Simple Things That Can Save Your Life


Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming and still doing what you should be doing? Like you have been programmed and sometimes you don’t think about the things you do and after you realize it, you don’t know if you looked that door or not?

Everyday routine can easily becomes our weak spot in the term of self-defense. You are so familiar with the environment and the people around that you can simply forget to pay appropriate attention
or so repeated term - situational awareness.

No matter where you are, if it is your comfortable place or not, you should be always aware of your surroundings.

  1.  Don’t get carried away with the anger while in the traffic. Don’t try to teach the rude drivers a lesson. They probably won’t get it anyway.
  2. Don’t ignore the signs of potential workplace violence. Verbal or nonverbal threats shouldnot have place in any office
  3. Don’t disregard cyber stalkers or cyberbullying on the internet. Make sure your children don’t visit the platforms they shouldn’t or communicate with someone unknown. Documents anyincident that might seems suspicious. It’s better to be overprotective than sorry later.
  4. Don’t get caught off guard in your own house. Whatever steps you take, somebodyunexpected may still want to enter it illegally. Prepare a defense plan or even a safety room in advance. Keep there and around the house hidden protection devices as well as the phone forcalling police. Don’t forget to check it and charge it from time to time.
  5.  Don’t forget to check that your personal defense devices has not expired and still works smoothly. Practice with the devices and include your spouse or older children to the training. If you are them are not confident with it, they can do more harm to themselves or even lose it to an assailant in a critical situation.
  6. And no matter how aware of your surroundings you are, you should always be able to count on your gear. Be it holsters, clothes or acessories. And, of course, don't forget to take a look at our offer for Custom Made Holsters and remember to stay safe.


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