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Top 5 Before You Buy Taurus G2c Reviews

Taurus G2c pistol ccw handgun picture by pewpewtactical Taurus G2c pistol ccw handgun picture by pewpewtactical Taurus G2c pistol ccw handgun picture by pewpewtactical

Source: PewPewTactical.com

When buying something new, you should do your due diligence and find out as much info about the product as possible. And the same applies if you're searching for a new firearm, especially one for everyday concealed carry. You should be aware of both its pros and cons, main specs, fiercest competitors and many more.

And if you go ahead and search for the "best CCW handgun" on Google, I'm sure you'll notice one interesting fact. Almost every single list includes the Taurus G2c, right? This model introduced by Taurus in early 2018 is an updated version of the 9mm PT111 pistol - the Taurus G2c. When compared to other popular carry guns, the G2c offers something other pistols do not - it's extremely budget-friendly.

But does it really mean the pistol is your best CCW option? Well, it's certainly worth your consideration, but before you make that final decision, I strongly advise you to read and/or watch a couple of Taurus G2c reviews so that you learn everything you need to know about this surprisingly cheap, yet very effective concealed carry pistol. Also, make sure that you pair the pistol up with a well-fitting G2c holster, otherwise you won't be able to get the maximum out of the gun's carry potential.

That's why I'm bringing you this list of the top 5 Taurus G2c reviews, all of which you should definitely give a proper read before you buy your own Taurus. So, without further ado, let's have a look at what a handful of real gun experts think about one of the most popular CCW flagships by Taurus USA.


top TAURUS G2C REVIEWS - what does the internet say?

If you need more information to help you decide if the Taurus G2C is the best concealed carry option for you or not, we created this list of top 5 Taurus G2C reviews. In this article you can find a brief summary of each review and also links to the full review version to find out even more pros and cons of this gun. Some of the reviews also include advice on the best Taurus G2C holster options. So let’s take a deeper look at our top 5 Taurus G2C reviews.



Source: PewPewTactical.com

The first review I would like to provide you with is the one made by some of the most well-known firearms experts down at Pewpew Tactical. In this review they take a look at the basic information and the main specifications and features of the Taurus G2C to properly introduce the gun. Among these are the pistol's parameters such as the size and weight, magazine capacity, caliber and construction. By reading this review you will also find out more about the accuracy and the range performance of the Taurus G2C and on top of that you will also find a video review from the range and written range report included in this article.

If you are interested in more information about the Taurus G2C main pros and possible issues of this gun, you can find it within the review too. The guys from Pewpew Tactical provide you with the recommendations on possible upgrade options such as lights or holsters fitting this gun. To find out more specific information feel free to check the whole review here.



The second Taurus G2C review is actually a YouTube video. The review was shot by Eric from the Impact Guns channel, and you can start following his awesome channel here. This one is a video review in which he gives you an unbiased opinion on all of the main features and important aspects of the Taurus G2C. He brings insights on the dimensions of the Taurus G2C, its capacity, ergonomics, accuracy and also range performance. In the video you can actually watch Eric shooting with his Taurus and see the results on the silhouettes.

Overall he recommends the Taurus G2C for a concealed carry option due to its compact size, good accuracy and range performance and also due to its reasonable price. If you would like to find out more information regarding the Taurus G2C, you can watch the full review here.



Source: InstaMart Research Chemical

Another very interesting Taurus G2C review you should take a deeper look at before buying this gun is the review made by Sam Hoober at the Truth about guns website. Sam is well known on this website and he provides many other review articles on different guns and accessories. This review as many others starts with the introduction of the Taurus G2C and the author is also comparing it with other compact pistols such as Walther P99, Canik TP9 or even the famous SIG P365.

Although the review is not as complex as previous, it includes all of the most important information regarding the Taurus G2C pistol. In this review the author gives you his unbiased opinion on the accuracy, reliability, ergonomics, aesthetics and also the options on how to upgrade your Taurus G2C. To get a better overall view on this gun, you can read the whole review here.



Peakfirearms taurus g2c black pistol Peakfirearms taurus g2c black pistol Peakfirearms taurus g2c black pistol Peakfirearms taurus g2c black pistol

Source: PeakFirearms.com

Another very interesting review was put together by Michael Nelson and ublished at the Peak Firearms website. Michael has been a gun lover since young, serving the country for the last 20 years. He started the blog to share his experience and gun-related knowledge accumulated throughout the years. In this Taurus G2C review you can find not just the main specs and features of this gun, but Michael also provides you with the main advantages and also possible issues of the Taurus. He gives his opinion and rating on the reliability, ergonomics, accuracy, customization and overall value of this gun.

Within this review you can also find out what is the Taurus G2C best for when talking about the carry style and at the end of this review Michael brings overall information on the three versions of this particular pistol. Concretely the Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol, the Taurus G2C 9mm Black & FDE Pistol and the Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol & PSA AR-15 Complete Lower Magpul MOE Edition. If you are interested in the whole review, you can find it here.



Source: Gunmagwarehouse.com

The last but definitely not the least important review on our list is the one introduced in the GunMagWarehouse magazine and its author is David Higginbotham - a writer and editor who specializes in everyday carry. David is a former backcountry guide in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Boundary Waters Canoe Area who was a college professor for 20 years. He ultimately left behind the academy for a more practical profession in the firearms industry and was (among other editorial positions) the Managing Editor for a nascent Mag Life blog.

In that Higginbotham helped establish The Maglife's tone and secure its early success. So in my opinion this particular review is really interesting to read and you’ll surely find the most unbiased opinion on the Taurus G2C in it. You can find the whole review here, but to sum up the whole review continue reading this article.

The review starts with introduction of the Taurus G2C and its ability as a concealed carry gun. Then he focuses on the shooting experience and provides more information regarding the ammo, trigger, sights and accuracy. You can also find more info about grip texture, mag release or safety of Taurus G2C.



Well, the final decision is up to you. As you can see, based on the information provided within each of the aforementioned Taurus G2C reviews, this pistol seems to be an ideal choice for concealed carry and comes with a lot of interesting features. But nothing is perfect and the same is the case with the Taurus G2C. It has its pros and cons and of course some issues may appear.

So I would recommend you to read as many reviews as possible to know exactly what to expect from this compact gun. Our list only covers 5 of them, but there are many other G2c reviews out there, put together by some real gun experts. A great example of such a review is this one, written by guys from Gun Made. Check it out.

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you have the well-fitting Taurus G2C holster that will allows you to experience the concealed carry potential this pistol comes with to the fullest.


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