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Summer Concealed Carry


Summer’s striking hard, the temperature’s rising and it starts to be quite uncomfortable in all those layers. You all would like to dress down a bit and feel more comfy. But you’d also want to stay holstered, am I right? This can be trouble especially in states that are far from open carry. But don’t worry, I’m here today with a couple of summer concealment tips that are granted to work. So you can be holstered even when you’re getting hot.




You must have seen this one coming, right? Inside the waistband holsters, or IWBs, are pretty much synonymous with concealment. These holsters, when installed right, are hardly noticeable, even with just a T-shirt on. They ride nicely against the body, they’re safe (especially those that utilize belt loops) and with a bit of practice, drawing becomes as easy as with OWBs. Depending on your dominant hand, IWBs are mostly carried in the 4 or 8 o’clock position.

Talking about appendix holsters (sometimes known as AIWBs), they'll find a hideout right next to your zipper. Some say carrying like this can be rather risky, but your gun is very difficult to snatch and with a bit of practice, they can also become a very solid secondary carry option. But it can be quite difficult to pick the right IWB and/or Appendix holster, which is why I have a couple of tips for you. Whether it’s summer, winter, or any weather conditions, these holsters won’t let you down.


Open Top IWB Holster - Lynx

This neat IWB leather holster joined Craft at ideal time, right before the summer kicked in. Lynx are known for their great ability to tread mountain slopes unnoticed and you can expect the same from this holster - no one will have any idea you have it on. A bonus feature is the partial sweat guard that’ll keep your gun’s finish untouched, even if you sweat a lot. Get your Lynx now


Open-Muzzle IWB Holster

This is another favorite IWB design on our offer. It features widely spread belt loops with press-studs, so you’ll get added stability. The belt loops also make it easy for you to put the holster on and off without having to take the belt off. You can get this IWB here


Leather IWB Holster with Steel Clip

Do you find mounting holsters with belt loops tiresome? Don’t worry, this clip holster will solve the problem. The steel clip makes mounting a matter of seconds.Moreover, the holster can be carried as AIWB too. For additional safety, it comes with a thumb break that’s easy to unsnap, so drawing and re-holstering will be as fast as with almost any OWB. You can get yours here


Concealed Carry Nylon Holster

Don’t fancy leather when it’s too hot? Again, I’m here to help! This nylon holster has become a summer favorite. Here’s why. The steel clip it comes with means you don’t have to take your belt off and the material it's made of is pretty airy. Just like our leather products, it also comes with a 5 year warranty. If you like nylon, just slide this IWB on. You can get it here


#2 TIP - Belly Bands

Let’s continue with another high temperature friendly carry option - belly bands. If you’re working on your summer body, you’ve probably included cardio activities like jogging in your routine. But it’s difficult to stay safe and holstered once you put on your outdoors outfit, right? This is where belly bands shine, as they can be easily hidden pretty much underneath any piece of clothing. They’re also made of breathable materials decreasing perspiration, so you don’t have to worry about sweat damaging your gun (that is if you jog at my pace = camel pace).

Elastic Belly Band Holster

If you get this belly band, you’ll be able to conceal more than just your gun. There’s room for 2 extra mags and also for your personal stuff such as keys, mp3, etc. Thanks to the Velcro closing you can be sure none of your stuff will fall out even if you like to jog on uneven terrain or higher speed. It’ll accommodate pistols and revolvers of pretty much any size and you can choose between black, tan, and white color. Get yours here

3rd generation of belly band gun holster

This one is the most recent model that’s a slight upgrade on the previous one. The material suppresses perspiration even more while preserving comfort during carry. You’ll be able to conceal pretty much any handgun in it and you’ll also get a room for spare magazines and some other things you need. Moreover, the elastic string and velcro closing mean your EDC has no chance of falling out. Want the latest belly band model? Get yours here


#3 TIP - Concealment Fanny Packs

It’s happening, fanny packs are becoming trendy again! And summer is an ideal period to get one. They can safely carry a gun in a special compartment with space for a magazine and other accessories. I’ve got  3 fanny packs for you, all made from high quality materials with a designer finish to not only safely carry a firearm but to look great as well. They are also called concealed carry fanny packs or fanny pack holsters.


Fanny Pack w/ concealed gun holster

Made of durable nylon material, this fanny pack is ideal for easy and deep concealment. There’s a lot of room inside for much more than just your gun, so you can carry extra mags and other personal stuff. If you think it’s less practical than an actual holster, you’re wrong. The zip opening allows for a very quick draw. Moreover, you can hide in it even full size 1911s. And they come in 3 colors - black, green and coyote. Get yours here

Fanny Pack With Concealed Holster

The 2nd fanny pack on the list is slightly smaller, but offers the same comfort as the first one. Your gun is secured by a sturdy plastic base that can be removed if you want to make the pack a bit lighter. It’s an ideal EDC option for summer or even for sport activities in colder months. It comes in the same 3 colors - black, green, and coyote - and you can hide inside any gun up to 4.5’’ barrel length. This fanny pack will help you stay concealed on any track. Get yours here

Urban concealed carry fanny pack

Just like the name suggests, this fanny pack will look good on you even if you decide to visit the downtown. You can hide any gun of up to 4.5’’ barrel length inside. Besides the main gun compartment, there are 3 more so you can pack in your entire EDC or personal documents, so it’s ideal for running errands too. If you want to look stylish without anyone noticing your gun, then this fanny pack is your best option. Get yours here



Not a fan of fanny packs? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Concealment bags are slightly bigger, but they’ll make others even less suspicious that you have a gun on you. Besides that, you can carry many more things in these bags and I’ll show you a couple of bags for different occasions.

Cargo Explorer Concealed Carry Bag

Summer is not all about jogging. I personally prefer to keep myself fit by hiking, one of the most pleasant activities. If you spend days on days in nature too, then this cordura bag is a great option for you. It’s also a good companion in sticky situations, as you can attach tactical gear to the bag thanks to the Molle platform it features. You can wear it either as a backpack or you can simply attach it to your belt using a thigh anchor strap. Going for a hike? Then this is the bag you’ll like. Get yours here


Cargo City Concealed Carry Bag

Are you a fan of cordura but you’d prefer something smaller and fitting the urban environment? Then this Cargo City Bag is your best option. It’s ideal for side or shoulder carry and thanks to the thigh lace and front flap for added stability you can use it while doing some sports too. There are quite many pockets for your stuff to conceal and drawing is a matter of seconds thanks to its fast opening system. You can get it here


#BONUS TIP - Something for the ladies

Many mistakenly think that women and guns don’t go well together. This is, obviously, wrong. I know that belly bands are popular mainly among women, but we’ve got something special on offer for the gentle sex as well. So, ladies, if you want to feel safe but you also want to maintain your style, then you should get one of the concealment purses below.


Ladies Concealed Carry Bag

This is an ideal bag for concealed carry for ladies. Just look at that wonderful design. The bag utilizes a zipper and has two leather straps for comfortable hand or shoulder carry. Its bottom of is hardened and the gun pocket is accessible from both sides. You can get this one here


Ladies Concealed Carry Handbag

Another great option for women, a fully lined bag with inside zip pocket and 2 smaller open pockets. The gun pocket is located on the back side of the bag. This pocket is, just like the entire bag, is made of hardened fabric, which makes carrying a gun much safer and more comfortable. This spacious bag is excellent for daily carry and it comes in many colours. Want one? Get it here


Across City V. B.

The last of our concealment options for ladies, this Across City V.B. is a medium concealed carry bag suited for deep concealment. It's made of premium cotton and you can get one in gray or black color. It has a shoulder strap and side pockets with a VH lockable zip puller system. The holster compartment is designed as a Velcro modular wall for holsters and magazine cases. You can buy one here



So this was today’s list of the best concealed carry options for summer and I hope you found your favorite among it. Be it IWBs, belly bands, fanny packs or concealment bags and purses, all of these are ideal not just in summer, but also in states with strict CCW laws. So guys, stay holstered, make your pick, and beat the heat while looking neat.