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Glock 34 Review: Specification, Performance, and Price

Glock 34 Specs Glock 34 Specs Glock 34 Specs

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The Glock 34 is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, striker-fired 9mm pistol designed for precision competitive shooting. The Glock 34 has a 17-round standard magazine capacity, ensuring ample firepower for competitive rounds. The G34 features a 5.31-inch barrel and extended overall length of 8.74 inches for enhanced accuracy and control. The Glock 34 is an ideal pistol for those requiring superior performance in shooting competitions. The G34 also features a modular backstrap system, allowing shooters to customize grip to their hand size and shooting style, enhancing comfort and control.

Reliability of Glock 34 is quantified by its ability to consistently fire thousands of rounds without malfunction. The Glock 34 has an adjustable rear sight and a robust dual recoil spring system, maintaining consistent performance under varied and repeated use. The Glock 34's Tenifer-coated slide enhances durability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for long-term use. The Glock 34 price ranges between $600 to $700 depending on location and retailer. The Glock 34 is popular among competitive shooters and law enforcement personnel for its performance and reliability in high-pressure situations.


Main Specs of Glock 34
Glock 34 Specs Glock 34 Spec Value
Caliber 9x19mm
Magazine Capacity Standard: 17
Weight (Unloaded) 730 g / 25.75 oz
Overall Length 222 mm / 8.74 in
Barrel Length 135 mm / 5.31 in
Trigger Pull ~2.5 kg / ~5.5 lbs
Safety Features Trigger safety, Firing pin safety, Drop safety
Sight System Adjustable rear sights
Frame Material Polymer
Slide Material Steel
Finish nDLC finish for barrel and slide
Recoil Moderate
Grip Texture Rough texture for improved grip
Accessory Rail Yes
Field Stripping Ease User-friendly
Recoil Spring System Dual recoil spring system
Price $600 - $700
Warranty Limited 1 Year
Generation Gen 5
Firing Mode Semi-automatic
Trigger System Safe Action
Holster Compatibility Compatible with various holsters
Muzzle Velocity Varies with ammunition
Effective Range Over 50 m / 55 yd
Reliability Highly reliable
Ambient Temperature Operation -40°C to +200°C
Water Resistance Water-resistant up to certain conditions
Dust Resistance High dust resistance
Maintenance Requirements Regular cleaning and maintenance required
Customizability Highly customizable
Slide Action Smooth slide action


What are the Key Specs of Glock 34 Guns?


The Glock 34 offers excellent precision and extended range, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooters and those in tactical settings. The G34 features a 5.31-inch barrel that enhances accuracy through a longer sight radius. The overall length of Glock 34 is 8.74 inches, contributing to its stability and ease of handling. The Glock 34 size makes it one of the biggest glock types.

The key features of the Glock 34 are the extended barrel and slide, improving performance in competitions, and its adjustable rear sights for precise targeting, paired with a fixed front sight, extended magazine release and slide stop lever, which facilitate quicker operational adjustments. The Glock 34 has a Picatinny rail, allowing shooters to mount Glock 34 tactical lights and lasers. Additionally, the Glock 34's low bore axis reduces muzzle flip, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and improved accuracy.

The Glock 34 is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, and comes standard with a 17-round magazine. It weighs about 23.10 ounces when unloaded, offering a lightweight yet sturdy frame made from high-strength polymer. The trigger pull is set at approximately 4.5 lbs, ensuring a crisp and responsive shooting experience. Glock 34 safety is enhanced with the Glock Safe Action system, featuring three automatic safeties: trigger, firing pin, and drop safety.


Is Glock 34 Great for Competition?


Yes, the Glock 34 is excellent for competition. The Glock 34 has an extended barrel and sight radius improving accuracy and precision, making it an excellent choice for competition shooting. Additionally, the Glock 34’s lightened slide enhances the speed and efficiency of follow-up shots, crucial in timed shooting events. These features make the Glock 34 a top choice for competitors, effectively balancing the demands of rapid firing and precise targeting and enhancing its overall competition performance.


Is Glock 34 a Type of Long Glock?


Yes, the Glock 34 is considered a type of "long Glock." It features a longer barrel and slide compared to standard Glock models, specifically designed to enhance accuracy and performance in shooting competitions. With a barrel length of 5.31 inches and an overall length of 8.74 inches, the Glock 34 provides a longer sight radius, which aids significantly in achieving more precise shot placement.



How does the performance of Glock 34 Guns compare to a Ruger?


When comparing the performance of Glock 34 guns to Ruger handguns, it's essential to specify which Ruger model for an accurate comparison. For instance, the Ruger SR9 is a suitable match given its role as a full-sized, polymer-framed pistol used for similar applications as the Glock 34, including self-defense and range shooting. A performance comparison of Glock vs. Ruger is listed below.

  • Glock 34 vs. Ruger SR9 Performance: The Glock 34 is highly regarded for its long barrel of 5.31 inches, which enhances accuracy, particularly at the firing range. The Ruger SR9, with its 4.14-inch barrel, offers commendable accuracy but typically does not match the precision provided by the Glock 34's extended sight radius.
  • Firing Range Performance: At the firing range, the Glock 34 generally outperforms Ruger models due to its superior accuracy and stability, attributable to its longer barrel and optimized balance.
  • Self-Defense Suitability: For self-defense, the choice between the two can vary based on user preference. The Glock 34's reliability and ease of use make it exceptionally dependable under stress. However, the Ruger SR9's ergonomic features could be seen as advantageous for shooters looking for a more personalized fit and comfort, which can be crucial in high-stress scenarios.
  • Overall Comparison: Overall, the Glock 34 is often preferred for its specialized enhancements that cater to competitive shooting and tactical use, whereas the Ruger SR9 might appeal more to those prioritizing comfort and customization. Both pistols offer robust performance, but the Glock 34's design elements geared towards precision shooting make it a standout for firing range activities and potentially more reliable in self-defense situations due to its straightforward operation and consistent performance.


What are the recommended uses for Glock 34 Guns?



The Glock 34 is a highly precise pistol with an extended barrel design, making it suitable for specific applications that leverage these traits. Recommended uses for Glock 34 guns are listed below.

  • Competitive Shooting: The Glock 34 is specifically designed with competition in mind. Its long barrel provides a greater sight radius, significantly improving accuracy and precision, which are critical in shooting competitions.
  • Tactical Use: The accuracy and reliability of the Glock 34 make it a viable choice for tactical scenarios. Law enforcement and military personnel might select the Glock 34 for training and operations where precision shooting is required.
  • Recreational Shooting: For those who enjoy spending time at the range, the Glock 34 offers an enjoyable shooting experience. Its stable shooting dynamics and high accuracy make it perfect for recreational shooters looking to improve their skills.
  • Home Defense: While larger and longer than many traditional home defense weapons, the Glock 34's reliability and high magazine capacity can make it a formidable home defense firearm. Its consistent performance ensures dependability when it matters most.

Overall, the Glock 34's uses are primarily geared towards situations where accuracy and precision are paramount, from competitive sports shooting to tactical training and even recreational use, providing a versatile option for various shooting disciplines.


Is the Glock 34 Great Conceal Carry?


No, the Glock 34 is not ideal for concealed carry. Due to its extended barrel length of 5.31 inches and overall length of 8.74 inches, the Glock 34 is larger and longer than typical concealed carry firearms. The size of Glock 34 makes it challenging to conceal effectively without printing, especially under lighter clothing or in more discreet carry positions.



What are the Advantages of Glock 34?


The Glock 34 is distinguished for its specialization in competitive shooting and tactical use, offering several advantages that are tailored to enhance performance in these fields. The key advantages of the Glock 34 are listed below.

  • Accuracy and Sight Radius: With a longer barrel length of 5.31 inches and an extended sight radius, the Glock 34 provides superior accuracy, which is crucial for both competitive shooting and tactical scenarios.
  • Glock 34 Reliability: The Glock 34 maintains the brand's reputation for reliability, functioning effectively under various conditions. This model ensures consistent performance, which is essential in competitions and high-stress environments.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its larger size, the Glock 34 is designed with a lightened slide that helps reduce recoil and speeds up follow-up shots, making it easier to handle during extended shooting sessions.
  • Customization: The Glock 34 comes with an adjustable rear sight, which can be fine-tuned for precision aiming. The model supports various aftermarket modifications, allowing shooters to tailor the firearm to their specific needs.
  • G34 Magazine Capacity: The Glock 34 offers 17+1 rounds of ammo, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooting without frequent reloads. Durability: The Glock 34 features a high-strength polymer frame and a corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring longevity and dependability.
  • Versatility: The Glock 34 is great for competition shooting and Law Enforcement. At the same time, the Glock 34 excels as a recreational shooting handgun.

These attributes make the Glock 34 a preferred firearm among users who value precision, reliability, and versatility in their shooting activities.


What are the Disadvantages of Glock 34?


While the Glock 34 offers numerous advantages tailored for competitive shooting and tactical use, there are some disadvantages of Glock 34 that might affect its suitability for other roles.

  • G34 Size and Concealability: The Glock 34's extended barrel and overall length make it more challenging to conceal, which is not ideal for those seeking a compact firearm for concealed carry purposes.
  • Glock 34 Weight: Although relatively lightweight, the longer barrel and slide add extra weight compared to more compact models, which could lead to quicker fatigue during prolonged carry, particularly for personal defense.
  • Glock 34 Price: The specialized features of the Glock 34, such as the adjustable sights and extended controls, typically come at a higher price point compared to more basic Glock models. This may not appeal to those on a tighter budget or users who do not require advanced features for casual or defensive use.
  • Over-specialization: The Glock 34 is specifically optimized for competitive shooting, which may make it over-specialized for users looking for a more general-purpose firearm. Its features, while beneficial in a competitive context, might be excessive for everyday carry or basic home defense.
  • Handling: Due to its larger size, the Glock 34 might be less manageable for shooters with smaller hands. This can affect grip comfort and overall control of the firearm, especially in rapid-fire scenarios.

These disadvantages highlight that while the Glock 34 is excellent for specific applications, it may not be the best choice for everyone, particularly for those prioritizing concealability, ease of carry, and cost-effectiveness.


What are the available accessories and modifications for Glock 34 Guns?


The Glock 34, known for its versatility and performance in competitive shooting, is compatible with a wide array of aftermarket accessories and modifications that enhance its functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Some of the most popular upgrades and accessories for Glocks are listed below.

  • Sight Replacements: Many users opt to replace the standard sights with advanced options such as tritium night sights for low-light visibility, fiber-optic sights for brighter sight pictures, or precision adjustable target sights for enhanced accuracy in competition settings.
  • Glock 34 Grip Modifications: To improve handling, shooters can apply stippling, grip tape, or install aftermarket grips. These modifications increase comfort and provide a non-slip surface for more secure handling during rapid firing sequences.
  • Custom Barrels and Slides: Upgrading to custom barrels can increase accuracy and durability. Options include ported barrels that help reduce muzzle flip and recoil. Custom slides often feature cutouts to reduce weight or allow for the installation of red dot optics.
  • Optic Mounts and Red Dots: Red dot sights are increasingly popular for their fast target acquisition and precision. Mounting these requires slide modifications or the use of specific adapters designed for the Glock 34.
  • Tactical Lights and Lasers: Attaching tactical lights or lasers to the Glock 34's accessory rail enhances its utility in tactical situations or low-light environments, aiding in target identification and accuracy.
  • Extended Magazines and Magazine Wells: For competitive shooting, extended magazines that increase capacity are crucial. Enhanced magazine wells aid in faster and smoother magazine changes, which can be critical during timed events.
  • Holsters: While the Glock 34 may be large, various holster options exist that cater to competitive shooting needs, including OWB (outside-the-waistband) holsters that provide quick draw capabilities, essential in shooting competitions.
  • Trigger Upgrades: The market offers a range of aftermarket trigger systems that can provide a shorter and more consistent trigger pull, improving responsiveness and control during firing.

Each of these modifications enables users to customize their Glock 34 specifically to their shooting style and requirements, whether for competitive, recreational, or tactical use, enhancing the firearm’s performance and user experience.


How reliable are Glock 34 Guns in various conditions?


Glock 34 guns are renowned for their exceptional reliability across a variety of environmental conditions, a trait that is a hallmark of the Glock brand, known for equipping law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters worldwide.

  • General Reliability of Glock 34: The Glock 34 maintains a simple design philosophy with fewer moving parts compared to other handguns, which significantly decreases the potential for mechanical failures. Its extended controls and precision manufacturing ensure a high degree of functionality and dependability under stress.
  • Glock 34's Resistance to Moisture: Constructed with a high-strength polymer frame, the Glock 34 is inherently resistant to moisture. This material choice ensures that the firearm remains functional in wet conditions, eliminating concerns over immediate damage or a need for rapid drying. Furthermore, the slide and barrel of the Glock 34 are coated with a corrosion-resistant finish, enhancing its durability and its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Rust Resistance: The Glock 34 utilizes advanced materials and coatings to resist corrosion and rust. The slide's finish is particularly effective at preventing rust, allowing the Glock 34 to maintain its integrity even in humid or saline environments. This resistance ensures that the firearm can be stored for long periods without deteriorating in performance.
  • Performance After Long Periods of Inactivity: The Glock 34 is designed to remain operational even after extended periods of disuse. Its robust construction and high-quality materials prevent degradation, ensuring that the gun is ready for use when needed. Regular, even minimal, maintenance is sufficient to keep the Glock 34 in excellent condition.

The Glock 34's ability to perform reliably in diverse conditions, its inherent resistance to moisture and rust, and its steadfast performance after long periods of inactivity make it an incredibly dependable firearm. Regular gun maintenance will ensure longevity of your Glock 34.


What are the ergonomic considerations when handling Glock 34 Guns?


The Glock 34 is designed with specific ergonomic considerations that prioritize user comfort, control, and accuracy during extended use, particularly in competitive shooting environments. The most important ergonomic considerations when handling Glock 34 guns are discussed below.

  • Grip Design: The Glock 34 features a textured grip which aids in maintaining a firm hold in dynamic shooting scenarios. While it lacks the finger grooves found in earlier Glock models, this streamlined grip for gun accommodates a wider range of hand sizes and shooting styles, promoting better control and comfort.
  • Extended Controls: The Glock 34 includes extended controls such as a longer slide release and an oversized magazine release button, making it easier for shooters to operate the gun without shifting their grip or altering their stance. This is particularly advantageous in competitive settings.
  • Trigger Reach and Pull: The Glock 34 is equipped with a standard Glock trigger, offering a consistent pull that aids in maintaining accuracy. The trigger distance is optimized to accommodate shooters with different hand sizes.
  • Weight and Balance: The extended barrel and slide of the Glock 34 not only improves accuracy but contribute to its balanced weight distribution. This helps reduce shooter fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Enhancing Ergonomics with Grip Modifications: Grip modifications can significantly enhance the ergonomic features of the Glock 34. Options such as custom stippling, aftermarket grips, or grip tapes can provide additional texture, reducing slippage and improving overall control. These modifications allow for a more personalized fit.

These ergonomic considerations ensure that the Glock 34 provides a user-friendly shooting experience, catering especially to the needs of competitive shooters who require a firearm that combines reliability, control, and comfort.


What training is recommended for proficient use of Glock 34 Guns?


For proficient use of the Glock 34, specialized training that focuses on safety, handling, and tactical capabilities is highly recommended. The essential training components for anyone looking to master the Glock 34 are listed below.

  • Basic Firearm Safety: Training must start with a strong foundation in firearm safety principles. These include treating every firearm as if it is loaded, never pointing the gun at anything you do not intend to shoot, keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, and always being aware of your target and its backdrop.
  • Proper Handling Techniques: Proper instruction on the Glock 34 involves learning the correct methods for gripping, loading, unloading, and maintaining the firearm. Training should emphasize a proper grip for control and stability, the correct stance for shooting accuracy, and the mechanics of safely drawing and reholstering the firearm.
  • Operational Proficiency: Users should become familiar with the unique features and operations of the Glock 34, including its slide action, trigger system, and the process for clearing jams and malfunctions efficiently. Understanding these aspects ensures reliable operation of the firearm under various conditions.
  • Live Fire Practice: Practical training through live fire exercises is crucial. This includes drills designed to enhance shooting accuracy, increase firing speed, and improve handling under pressure. Regular practice at a shooting range can help shooters develop muscle memory and refine their shooting techniques.
  • Advanced Tactical Training: For those using the Glock 34 in more demanding contexts such as competitive shooting or tactical applications, advanced training should be considered. This can include learning strategic movement, using cover effectively, and making quick decisions under stress. Such training enhances the ability to use the Glock 34 effectively in complex and dynamic environments.

This comprehensive approach to training ensures that users of the Glock 34 are  proficient in handling the firearm and well-versed in maintaining safety and optimizing performance during use.


What Glock 34 did John Wick use?



John Wick uses a customized version of the Glock 34. Specifically, John Wick’s Glock 34 employs a Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) customized Glock 34 Combat Master package. This customization includes enhancements such as a modified slide for reduced weight, an extended barrel for increased accuracy, a flared magwell for faster reloads, and a customized trigger group for a smoother trigger pull. The TTI Glock 34 Combat Master is chosen for its reliability, performance, and the competitive edge it offers in high-stakes scenarios depicted in the movies. Apart from a modified Glock 34, John Wick uses guns such as a modified Glock 17.


How many bullets does a Glock 34 hold?


The Glock 34 holds 17 rounds in its standard magazine, which is a typical capacity for a full-sized 9mm pistol from Glock. The magazine capacity of GLock 34 is designed to balance substantial firepower with manageable size, particularly beneficial in competitive shooting and tactical scenarios where higher capacity may give a competitive edge. The pistol’s capacity can be increased with Glock 34 extended magazines such as 19 and 33-round magazines, enhancing the Glock 34's versatility in various shooting conditions and extended firing sessions without the need for frequent reloads.


What are the Best Holsters for Glock 34?


The best Glock 34 holsters are made of leather. Glock 34 leather holsters adapt to the shape of both the firearm and the wearer for a custom fit. Another option are Glock 34 holsters made of nylon, providing resilience against the elements, are lightweight, and typically more affordable, making them a practical option for everyday carry. Glock 34 kydex holsters are the best choice for Law Enforcement and Military use of Glock 34. Since Glock 34 has a Picatinny rail, a great Glock 34 holster choice is the Glock 34 holster with light.