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Glock 17L Review: Specification, Performance, and Price

Glock 17L Specs Glock 17L Specs Glock 17L Specs

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The Glock 17L is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, striker-fired pistol tailored primarily for competition shooting. Glock 17L specs emphasize its elongated frame, featuring a 6.02-inch barrel length and an extended sight radius, which significantly improves accuracy and target acquisition. The Glock 17L performance is characterized by its precision and enhanced handling capabilities, making it a favored choice among competitive shooters. The design of the Glock 17L includes a lighter trigger pull and adjustable rear sights, optimizing it for exacting shooting disciplines.

Glock 17L reliability stems from its robust construction and the meticulous engineering synonymous with the Glock brand, ensuring consistent performance even under rigorous competition conditions. Glock 17L high-strength polymer frame offers durability and reduces overall weight, contributing to better control and less fatigue during extended use. The price of a Glock 17L ranges from $600 to $700, depending on the retailer and any potential customizations. The Glock 17L price reflects its specialized features and its role as a high-performance firearm in the competitive shooting arena. The Glock 17L is popular among professional shooters, often chosen for its balance of performance and reliability in various competitive disciplines.

Main Specs of Glock 17L
Glock 17L Specs Glock 17L Spec Value
Magazine CapacityStandard: 17
Weight (Unloaded)665 g / 23.46 oz
Overall Length225 mm / 8.86 in
Barrel Length153 mm / 6.02 in
Trigger Pull~2.5 kg / ~5.5 lbs
Safety FeaturesTrigger safety, Firing pin safety, Drop safety
Sight SystemAdjustable sights
Frame MaterialPolymer
Slide MaterialSteel
FinishnDLC finish for barrel and slide
Grip TextureRough texture for improved grip
Accessory RailYes
Field Stripping EaseUser-friendly
Recoil Spring SystemSingle recoil spring system
PriceVaries by retailer and location
WarrantyLimited 1 Year
GenerationGen 5
Firing ModeSemi-automatic
Trigger SystemSafe Action
Holster CompatibilityCompatible with various holsters
Muzzle VelocityVaries with ammunition
Effective Range50 m / 55 yd
ReliabilityHighly reliable
Ambient Temperature Operation-40°C to +200°C
Water ResistanceWater-resistant up to certain conditions
Dust ResistanceHigh dust resistance
Maintenance RequirementsRegular cleaning and maintenance required
CustomizabilityHighly customizable
Slide ActionSmooth slide action


What are the Key Specs of Glock 17L Guns?


The Glock 17L is a competition type of Glock. The G17L is built on the Glock 17 platform, but it offers enhanced features tailored for competitive shooting. The Glock 17L has an overall length of 8.86 inches and a 6.02 inches long barrel, making it longer than the Glock 17 by 1 inch. The size of Glock 17L improves accuracy and increases muzzle velocity, making the Glock 17L ideal for sports shooting disciplines.

The Glock 17L is chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum. The G17L features a high-capacity magazine holding 17 rounds, offering ample firepower for competitive and recreational shooters alike. The frame of the Glock 17L is constructed from a high-strength polymer with a Glock 17L slide designed for reduced weight and better recoil management, enhancing the shooter's ability to maintain accuracy during rapid fire. Additionally, the Glock 17L features an extended beavertail grip that helps prevent slide bite and enhances control.

The Glock 17L trigger pull is engineered to be smooth and consistent, aiding in precise shot placement. The extended slide of Glock 17L adds to the ergonomic handling of the firearm. The Glock 17L also incorporates an under-barrel accessory rail, allowing shooters to attach tactical lights or laser sights to further enhance accuracy and usability in various lighting conditions.


How does Glock 17L differ from Glock 19X?


The Glock 17L and Glock 19X cater to different segments of the shooting market with distinct design philosophies, primarily focusing on length and intended use. The Glock 17L features a notably longer barrel at 6.02 inches compared to the Glock 19X’s 4.02-inch barrel. The longer barrel of Glock 17L makes it a preferred choice for competitive shooting due to improved accuracy and sight radius.

The Glock 17L features a 17-round magazine while the Glock 19X offers a 19-round magazine as part of its design to offer more firepower in a compact frame suitable for tactical situations. Furthermore, the Glock 19X features a lanyard loop for retention, making it particularly useful in military and law enforcement scenarios.

Overall, the Glock 17L is optimized for accuracy and performance in competitions due to its size and long slide, whereas the Glock 19X is engineered for tactical efficiency and versatility, balancing size with increased magazine capacity.


Is Glock 17L discontinued?


No, the Glock 17L has not been permanently discontinued. However, as the Glock 17L is mainly used for competition shooting,  it does not maintain continuous production like other Glock models due to lower demand.


Is Glock 17L a Type of Competition Glock?


Yes, the Glock 17L is a type of competition Glock. Designed specifically with competition shooting in mind, the Glock 17L features a longer barrel and slide to improve sight radius and accuracy critical in competitive settings. The extended barrel length of Glock 17L allows for more precise shots, making it a popular choice among shooters engaged in Glock 17L competition events.


How big is a Glock 17L?


The Glock 17L has an overall length of 8.85 inches. This includes a barrel length of 6.02 inches, which makes it one of the longer models in the Glock lineup. The extended barrel and slide are specifically designed to enhance accuracy and performance, particularly useful in target shooting and competitive scenarios. The size of the Glock 17L, while beneficial for precision, does impact its portability and concealability, making it less ideal for concealed carry compared to shorter models.

How much is the Glock 17L?


The Glock 17L price ranges from $600 to $800, with variations depending on factors like retailer, geographic location, and specific package offerings. The Glock 17L is more expensive than the Glock 17, which costs from $500 to $700. The most expensive part of the Glock 17L is the extended precision-engineered steel slide. In contrast, the cheapest component is its polymer frame, similar to other Glock models.


How does the performance of Glock 17L Guns compare to Sig?


When comparing the performance of the Glock 17L to SIG Sauer handguns, particularly models like the SIG P320, several factors come into play. The Glock 17L, with its extended barrel and slide, offers superior accuracy and stability, especially useful at longer firing ranges. This makes the Glock 17L a preferred choice for competitive shooting where precision is critical.

The SIG Sauer performance excels in modularity, The SIG Sauer interchangeable grip modules and slide lengths cater to various shooter preferences and scenarios, which makes the SIG Sauer a better choice than Glock 17L in terms of ergonomics and shooter fit.

For self-defense, the Glock 17L’s length may be a disadvantage compared to the more compact SIG models. The compact SIG variants are better for concealed carry and quick maneuverability in close-quarters situations than Glock 17L.

At the firing range, the Glock 17L's extended sight radius and precision-focused design likely provide a higher level of accuracy compared to standard SIG Sauer models. However, for general performance, including flexibility and customization, the SIG might be considered better due to its modular design.

Overall, while the Glock 17L shows distinct advantages in specific competitive shooting settings due to its accuracy and stability, the SIG Sauer models offer greater versatility and customization, which may be more appealing depending on the shooter’s needs and scenarios. You can read more about Glock vs. Sig Sauer in our comparison blog.


What are the recommended uses for Glock 17L Guns?


The Glock 17L is designed with specific uses in mind, leveraging its extended barrel and precision for optimal performance in various settings. Due to its main specifications and features, the Glock 17L is mainly used for competition shooting. The full list of recommended uses of Glock 17L guns is available below.

  • Glock 17L for Competition Shooting: The Glock 17L excels in competitive shooting environments due to its long barrel, which improves accuracy and sight radius. This feature is particularly beneficial in sports shooting disciplines that require precision and consistency.
  • Recreational Shooting: Ideal for target practice and recreational use, the Glock 17L's accuracy and user-friendly design make it a favorite among enthusiasts who appreciate its performance and reliability on the range.
  • Glock 17L for Military and Law Enforcement training: While not the primary choice for tactical operations due to its size, the Glock 17L is often used in training scenarios within military and law enforcement contexts. Its characteristics allow officers and soldiers to practice accuracy and handling skills effectively.
  • Personal Protection: Although the Glock 17L for personal protection is not as commonly recommended due to its larger size, which can hinder concealability, it remains a viable option for home defense where concealment is not a concern.
  • Tactical Training and Education: The Glock 17L is also suitable for educational purposes in tactical training environments, where learners can benefit from understanding the mechanics and handling of a longer-barreled pistol.


Is the Glock 17L Great Conceal Carry?


No, the Glock 17L is not a great conceal carry gun. The main reason for this is the Glock 17L extended barrel length, making G17L concealment more difficult compared to shorter Glock models. The Glock 17L is designed primarily for target shooting and competition, with a 6-inch barrel that provides excellent accuracy and recoil management but does complicate concealment under everyday clothing.


What are the Advantages of Glock 17L?


The Glock 17L offers several distinct advantages that make it a favored option for certain types of shooters, particularly those involved in competitive and recreational shooting.. A list of key advantages of the Glock 17L is available below.

  • Extended Accuracy: The Glock 17L's long slide and extended barrel length enhance accuracy and bullet velocity, making it ideal for competitive shooting where precision is crucial.
  • Glock 17L Firepower: The standard 17-round magazine capacity of the Glock 17L provides substantial firepower, allowing for extended shooting sessions without frequent reloads, which is beneficial in both competitive settings and recreational use.
  • Enhanced Sight Radius: The longer slide of the Glock 17L increases the sight radius, which improves sight alignment and helps shooters achieve more accurate shots at greater distances.
  • Glock 17L Reliability: The Glock 17L is known for its reliability. It consistently performs well in various conditions without significant maintenance, making it a dependable choice for shooters.
  • Durability of Glock 17L: Constructed with high-quality materials, the Glock 17L withstands wear and tear from extensive use. Its robustness is a key feature for anyone using it heavily, particularly in competitive environments.
  • Customizability: The Glock 17L is compatible with a wide range of accessories and modifications, allowing shooters to tailor the firearm to their specific needs and preferences, enhancing both functionality and handling.

These advantages make the Glock 17L an ideal choice for competitive shooting and recreational shooters looking for a high-performance firearm.


What are the Disadvantages of Glock 17L?


While the Glock 17L is great for competitive shooting, there are some disadvantages of Glock 17L that may affect its suitability for other situations.

  • Size and Concealability: The Glock 17L's long slide and overall length make it challenging to conceal, limiting its practicality for concealed carry or discrete self-defense usage.
  • Weight Distribution: The extended barrel and slide can affect the handgun's balance, potentially making it top-heavy. This might impact handling speed and comfort for some shooters, especially in dynamic shooting scenarios.
  • Glock 17L Holster Compatibility: Due to its increased length, finding holsters that comfortably and securely fit the Glock 17L can be more difficult compared to more standard-sized models.
  • Limited Versatility of G17L: The Glock 17L is primarily designed for range and competitive use, which might not make it the best choice for general-purpose or tactical scenarios where a more compact firearm would be advantageous.
  • Glock 17L price: The Glock 17L higher costs in terms of both purchase price and the potential need for specific accessories suited to its unique dimensions and capabilities.
  • Recoil Management: While the added weight can help mitigate recoil, the longer slide mechanism may require shooters to adapt their handling techniques to maintain rapid follow-up shot accuracy.

These factors should be considered when evaluating the Glock 17L for personal or professional use, as its specialized features might present challenges outside of its intended competitive environment.


What are the available accessories and modifications for Glock 17L Guns?


The Glock 17L supports a wide range of Glock accessories that enhance its functionality and performance. Check out the popular accessories and modifications for Glock 17L in the list below.

  • Glock 17L Sights: Upgrading to high-performance sights, such as fiber optic or tritium night sights, improves visibility and accuracy in various lighting conditions.
  • Glock 17L Extended Magazine: An extended magazine increases the Glock 17L's capacity, making it more suitable for competitive shooting and reducing the need for frequent reloads.
  • Glock 17L Magwell: Adding a magwell helps facilitate faster and smoother magazine changes, a crucial advantage during timed shooting events.
  • Slide Modifications for Glock 17L: Custom slides can be lighter and feature advanced coatings for improved durability and performance, or have cutouts for mounting optics.
  • Glock 17L Tactical Lights and Lasers: Attachments like tactical lights and lasers enhance target acquisition and accuracy in low-light scenarios, expanding the Glock 17L's usability.
  • Glock 17L Optics: Red dot sights or holographic sights can be mounted to enhance target engagement speed and precision, particularly useful in competitive shooting.
  • Glock 17L Trigger Upgrades: Aftermarket triggers can refine the pull weight and reset, offering a cleaner and more consistent shooting experience.

These modifications enhance Glock 17L performance and customize the pistol for specific needs and preferences of Glock 17L shooters.


How reliable are Glock 17L Guns in various conditions?


The Glock 17L is highly reliable across various conditions, making it a favored choice for competitive shooters and enthusiasts who demand consistency and dependability from their firearms. The Glock 17L features below make it reliable in various conditions.

  • Simple Design of GLock 17L: The Glock 17L maintains Glock’s standard of fewer moving parts, which reduces the potential for mechanical failure and ensures reliable operation under stress.
  • Glock 17L Safe Action System: This system guarantees that the firearm will only discharge when the trigger is intentionally pulled, enhancing safety and reliability for the Glock 17L.
  • Moisture and Rust Resistance: The Glock 17L uses a high-strength polymer frame and a slide coated with nDLC (diamond-like carbon), providing significant resistance to moisture and corrosion. This makes the Glock 17L particularly effective in humid or wet conditions.
  • Glock 17L Rust Resistance: The advanced coating and quality materials protect the Glock 17L from rust, ensuring it remains functional even after long periods of exposure to adverse elements.
  • Performance of G17L After Periods of Non-Use: The Glock 17L is designed to withstand wear and tear, including during prolonged storage. Regular maintenance, even when not in active use, will keep the Glock 17L in optimal condition, ready to perform reliably when needed.

The Glock 17L’s design combined with its rust and moisture resistance ensures that Glock 17L performs reliably in a variety of adverse conditions, making it a robust firearm for both competitive shooting and personal use. Regular gun maintenance further enhances reliability of your Glock 17L.


What are the ergonomic considerations when handling Glock 17L Guns?

Ergonomics play a crucial role in the handling and overall performance of Glock 17L guns, focusing on shooter comfort and control during use. The design of the Glock 17L incorporates several ergonomic features aimed at enhancing the interaction between the shooter and the firearm.

  • Glock 17L Grip Size: The Glock 17L grip is designed to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes comfortably, which is vital for maintaining control and accuracy while shooting.
  • Handling Balance: Despite its longer slide and barrel, the Glock 17L is balanced to ensure that the added front-weight does not hinder maneuverability and can even aid in stabilizing the pistol during firing.
  • Control Placement: The placement of the magazine release, slide stop, and other controls on the Glock 17L are strategically positioned for easy access without altering the grip, facilitating smoother operation and quick response times.
  • Glock 17L Grip Modifications: Adding aftermarket grips that alter the size and texture of the Glock 17L’s handle can significantly enhance ergonomics. These modifications may include grips with different contours or cushioning to better fit individual hand shapes, improving stability and comfort.
  • Textured Grips: Applying textured surfaces to the Glock 17L’s grip can increase friction, preventing slippage during shooting, particularly in adverse weather conditions or when hands are sweaty.

The ergonomic features of Glock 17L ensure that the firearm is comfortable to handle and operate, enhancing the shooter’s ability to perform accurately and efficiently under various circumstances. Custom gun grips adjust Glock 17L to the individual shooter’s needs, improving user experience and performance.


What training is recommended for proficient use of Glock 17L Guns?


Glock 17L requires some training to gain proficiency of use. The essential training recommended for proficient use of Glock 17L is discussed below.

  • Basic Firearm Safety: Learn essential safety principles, including proper handling and maintenance of the Glock 17L.
  • Glock 17L Handgun Fundamentals: Master grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control specifically for the Glock 17L.
  • Glock 17L Live Fire Practice: Improve accuracy and marksmanship with the Glock 17L through supervised live fire exercises.
  • Defensive Shooting with G17L: Develop skills for self-defense situations using the Glock 17L, focusing on quick draw and target acquisition.
  • Glock 17L Maintenance: Learn to clean and maintain the Glock 17L to ensure reliability and longevity.

By following these training recommendations, shooters can handle the Glock 17L proficiently and safely in various scenarios.


What are the Best Holsters for Glock 17L?



The best Glock 17L holsters offer quick draw and high retention. The best Glock 17L competition holsters are designed to offer a balance of speed and security. The best competition holster for Glock 17L is the Glock 17L Quick Draw Belt Holster, offering both quickness of draw and adequate retention.

Glock 17L duty holsters are also a great choice, especially for Law Enforcement and Military. Duty holsters for Glock 17L feature a number of retention devices, making them an ideal choice for Glock 17L duty carry. The best duty holster for Glock 17L is the Glock 17L Leather Duty Holster, combining high retention with great balance on the belt.