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Best Holster for Beretta APX: Top Picks for Open and Concealed Carry

Beretta APX front picture Beretta APX front picture Beretta APX front picture

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The Beretta APX is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol with a single-action (SA) trigger made by the Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta SpA. With its 4.25” long barrel, the APX belongs to the category of full-sized pistols. The Beretta APX was originally designed for military and law enforcement purposes which shows in its superior performance in durability and reliability, ergonomics, trigger, and modularity. This pistol became very popular especially for range or competition shooting.

The Beretta APX is available in two versions and relies on the use of either the famous 9mm Luger cartridge or .40 S&W cartridge, depending on the version chosen. The 9mm version comes with a magazine that can hold 17 rounds of ammo and the magazine of the .40 S&W version holds up to 15 rounds of ammo. The Beretta APX can be best carried in OWB Holsters, but can be hidden in a custom Beretta APX IWB Holsters as well.




The Beretta APX belongs to the category of full-sized pistols making it more suitable for outside the waistband carry. Although, with an appropriate holster, it can also be carried inside the waistband. No matter what your preferred carry style is, it is always good to take your time when choosing the holster for your Beretta APX. Why? Because an appropriate holster will keep your gun safe. And that’s what matters the most. Our offer includes a whole line of well-fitting Beretta APX holsters for different carry styles, so there’s definitely a lot to choose from.

Each of the holsters for Beretta APX is custom made using the premium Italian leather and german stitches to assure the top quality. What for more, the holsters are molded on the exact replica of the APX for the perfect fit. You can choose a holster according to your preferred carry style, material used and colour variation. And our holsters are available for both right and left handed shooters.

Sounds interesting? Well then, let’s take a deeper look at the best Beretta APX holsters and carry styles.


Part 1 - Best BERETTA APX OPEN CARRY holsters

Although the Beretta APX is a full-sized pistol, more suitable for OWB carry, it is still versatile enough to be carried in different types of holsters as well. Probably the most popular, especially in states with open carry allowed, would be the Beretta APX OWB holsters. For those who love not only shooting, but also riding, the best option will be to pair your APX with a well-crafted Beretta APX shoulder holsters. If you prefer wearing your holster easily attached to a belt, you should definitely take a look at the Beretta APX Paddle Holsters. Wanna know more? So let's have a look at what the best Ruger Security holsters for open carry are.



The first holster is designed for Beretta APX outside the waistband carry. This Beretta APX leather holster comes with 3 different carry positions - dominant side, cross-draw, and small of the back. The top of the holster is equipped with a thumb break strap, which increases your gun's security. If you're looking for a versatile APX open carry holster, this is the one to go for.


#2 - Beretta APX shoulder holster

Looking for a classy Beretta APX leather shoulder holster? Well, you've just found it! This APX shoulder holster is made of the finest Italian leather, but so are the straps as well as the double mag pouch. And what's even better is the fact that this Beretta APX horizontal shoulder holster system comes entirely assembled! So, if you in the market for a Beretta APX leather holster for shoulder carry, try this one out.


#3 - Beretta APX paddle holster

This paddle holster is also meant for Beretta APX open carry. This APX OWB paddle holster comes with an open-top, open-muzzle design. The opening of the holster is cut out for increased draw and reholstering speed. It is equipped with a rotary MRS 5 paddle, which makes mounting of the holster very quick and convenient. This Beretta APX leather paddle holster works best when carried in the 3 o’clock position.


how to upgrade beretta apx


Before we move on to the concealed carry holsters, let's take a quick look at what the best Beretta APX accessories are:

  1. OLIGHT BALDR for Beretta APX - This is the best Beretta APX light and laser combo you can come across. If you're a fan of high performing lights and red lasers, get yours here.
  2. Beretta APX GREEN LASER - If you don't fancy a tactical light but you still want to improve your accuracy and target acquisition game, get this green laser for the Beretta APX, developed by Infilight.
  3. Beretta APX LIGHT/LASER - If the light/laser combo by OLIGHT seems a bit too expensive, then get this combo by Feyachi. It's a nice budget alternative.



Part 2 - Best Beretta APX concealed holsters

When choosing the right holster for your Beretta APX, you can get quite nice concealment. So if you’re looking for a deeper concealment, you should definitely take a look at these Beretta APX concealed carry holsters. These include a number of Beretta APX IWB holsters as well as Beretta APX appendix holsters, which are some of the best ways to carry your Beretta if you prefer concealed carry.


#4 - Beretta APX holster IWB

This is one of the best Beretta APX IWB holsters providing a perfect concealment. It offers a combination of great concealment, high retention, comfort of carry and easy access. The profile of this holster contours one’s body, making the carry very comfortable. What's more, a belt loop on either side of the holster results in high stability. The retention of this Beretta APX leather holster is further increased by the adjustable tension screw placed next to the trigger guard.


#5 - Beretta APX appendix holster

If you're a fan of appendix carry, this Beretta APX leather holster is one you can't overlook. The holster mainly works as an APX appendix holster, but can be utilized as a Beretta APX IWB holster as well. Thanks to the steel clip it comes with, the holster's installation is very quick and convenient. The thumb break strap adds to security of your handgun when holstered. And as the holster is molded on the exact replica of the pistol, it can be easily concealed.


#6 - Beretta APX holster kydex

For those who prefer kydex to leather, this Beretta APX kydex holster could be the perfect deal. This APX IWB kydex holster comes in a simple design, featuring slim profile, sweat guard and a steel clip. The holster works the best when carried in the appendix position and can be easily put on and off your belt. This kydex Beretta APX holster offers high retention as well.




Based on the dimension of the APX, it's safe to say that the pistol works best when carried inside a Beretta APX open carry holster. However, as there are many open carry types of holsters to pick from, I suggest going for an APX OWB holster. And the one that stands out from the crowd is #3 on our list - Beretta APX OWB holster with 3 carry positions.

If you're a fan of concealed carry, the pistol still works well inside a Beretta APX IWB holster, well, as long as it's built on the exact replica of the gun. And if you'd like to explore the world of custom made Beretta APX holsters some more, be my guest and hit that button below.


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