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Best Shoulder Holster for 1911: Top Leather Picks Reviewed

A guy drawing his 1911 pistol from a leather shoulder holster for horizontal carry A guy drawing his 1911 pistol from a leather shoulder holster for horizontal carry A guy drawing his 1911 pistol from a leather shoulder holster for horizontal carry


Ask anyone what the most iconic handgun ever made is and I’m quite positive the majority will say it’s the M1911. However, opinions will differ if you ask them what the best way to carry the pistol is.

When it comes to Law Enforcement and Military, where various versions of the M1911 are still used as standard-issue sidearms, it’s 1911 duty holsters or paddle 1911 holsters that dominate. For self-defense purposes and everyday concealed carry, it’s 1911 IWB or appendix 1911 holsters that are the clear favorite (although it can be quite uncomfortable to carry a full sized 1911 this way).

When it comes to style and versatility, though, nothing works better than a custom 1911 shoulder holster made of leather. And that’s exactly what our today’s list is all about.



6 best leather shoulder holsters for 1911 pistols


Let's now take a look at your best choices as far as 1911 shoulder holsters made of leather go. And as everybody prefers to carry their 1911 differently, each 1911 shoulder holster system on our list will be slightly different. Our today's list should cater to everyone's needs, whether you're after a light 1911 shoulder holster, a 1911 red dot shoulder holster, a horizontal or vertical 1911 shoulder holster, or perhaps a double 1911 shoulder holster.

#1 - Best 1911 horizontal shoulder holster


When it comes to horizontal carry, there’s no better M1911 shoulder rig than this one. Made of genuine Italian cowhide, the holster is super comfortable and it will last you ages. This leather shoulder holster for 1911 pistols comes with a double pouch for your spare 1911 ammo. The safety strap prevents your 1911 from being snatched away and the way it’s molded results in a perfect, glove-like fit. BTW, did I tell you the holster can be disattached from the harness and used as a standard M1911 OWB leather holster?

#2 - Best vertical 1911 shoulder holster


Vertical shoulder holsters are a great choice when it comes to full-size 1911s. Carried like this, the pistol doesn’t stick out and you don’t muzzle those standing behind you when your gun is holstered. And there’s no better 1911 shoulder holster for vertical carry than this 1911 Roto shoulder holster. The roto system takes a bit to get used to, but the transition from vertical to horizontal position allows for super smooth and quick draw. Of course, the system features a double 1911 magazine pouch.


#3 - Best 1911 double shoulder holster


Do you have more 1911s which you’d like to carry at the same time? Then this double 1911 leather shoulder holster is your answer! The rig is designed for 1911 vertical carry, but the roto system lets you draw from a more convenient, horizontal position. The holsters are made of premium Italian leather and their fit couldn’t be any better. This double 1911 shoulder holster system is well-balanced, but just in case you need a bit more stability, feel free to anchor it down with the belt tie-down straps.


#4 - Best red dot 1911 shoulder holster


If your 1911 comes with a red dot sight, you’ll need a custom 1911 red dot shoulder holster. This shoulder holster for 1911s with red dots is meant for horizontal carry and it features a double pouch for your spare M1911 magazines. Just like the first one on our list, this 1911 holster can be dismounted and used as a standard 1911 red dot belt holster. This red dot leather shoulder holster for 1911s is made of premium Italian cowhide and thanks to high-quality German threads, it will last you for ages.




#5 - Best 1911 light shoulder holster


This light-bearing 1911 shoulder holster is your best option if your 1911 is equipped with a tactical light or laser. The holster features the same design as the 1911 red dot holster I just mentioned, but it comes with a room for your 1911 tac light or laser. Also, the leather covers the entire slide and barrel of your pistol. And if by any chance you won’t be feeling like carrying in a shoulder rig, just take the holster down from the system and use it as an OWB holster for 1911s with a light or laser.



Conclusion - Which 1911 leather shoulder holster should I get?


While all of the listed shoulder rigs for 1911 pistols are a great choice, you should be basing your decision on the intended use of the pistol and on the type of carry that suits you best. If your 1911 doesn’t sport any tactical attachments, then I’d say go for #2 - Vertical Roto Shoulder holster for 1911 pistols. Not only does it look super sleek, this leather 1911 shoulder holster boasts a unique roto mechanism, which you’ll greatly appreciate once you become familiar with it.

And if you perhaps aren’t a fan of shoulder holsters, but you want to carry your precious 1911 in a custom leather holster (as you should), check out our entire custom 1911 holster offer or find your new holster in our guide to 1911 holsters, which covers all sorts of carry styles.