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Best Holster for Ruger Max-9: Top 5 Picks for All Purposes

two ruger max 9 pistols, one with a crimson trace red dot sight and a concealed carry ruger max 9 holster two ruger max 9 pistols, one with a crimson trace red dot sight and a concealed carry ruger max 9 holster two ruger max 9 pistols, one with a crimson trace red dot sight and a concealed carry ruger max 9 holster



There's no doubt that the Ruger Max-9 is one of the best all-around concealed carry handguns ever made. It's super compact, lightweight, high-capacity ... and it's even got an optics-ready slide.

However, just because your Max 9 is tiny, it doesn't mean you can hide it from the unwanted eyes just like that. In order to do so, you need a really good Ruger Max 9 holster.

But what holsters are compatible with Ruger Max 9, right? Well, that's exactly why I'm here today, to show you what your best holster for Ruger Max 9 options are. And not just for concealed carry, but for various other purposes too.

Do you copy? Ruger that.



The best holsters for Ruger Max 9 pistol


There's many ways how to carry Ruger Max 9. As it's a micro compact pistol, the obvious favorite are Ruger Max 9 concealed carry holsters. And if you wanna use your Ruger as a carry gun, you might want to start by checking out the best Ruger Max 9 IWB holsters.

One of the reasons for immense popularity the Max 9 enjoys is the fact that it's optics-ready. And in case you're new to the world of firearms, it simply means you can easily install a Ruger Max-9 red dot sight to the rear of the pistol's slide. However, if you do so, you'll need a holster that's compatible with gun optics. Which is why another popular carry choice are Ruger Max 9 red dot holsters.


#1 - IWB Holster for ruger max-9 with red dot


Do you love carrying concealed, but you want to get the most out of your Max-9's potential? Then you'll certainly need one of the best inside the waistband Ruger Max-9 holsters. And this one most definitely ranks among them. This Ruger Max-9 concealed carry holster works best when carried in the 1 o'clock position, meaning it's also a great appendix holster for Ruger Max-9 with a red dot sight. The holster is attached via a steel-clip, which is very convenient. This Ruger Max 9 red dot leather holster for IWB carry also comes with a cut out offering ample room for your Max 9 optics.


#2 - Best Ruger Max 9 holster appendix


The second holster for Ruger Max 9 concealed carry is probably the best Ruger Max-9 appendix holster you can stumble upon. Why? Well, not only is it made of premium leather, it also features a slimline design, which makes it one of the most comfortable Ruger Max 9 holsters. The holster's construction also allows you to tuck a layer of clothing in between the holster and the belt loop, which means it's super easy to hide. This tuckable Ruger Max-9 holster for deep concealed carry also comes with a full sweat guard, protecting your pistol's finish as well as your skin.


#3 - Best Ruger Max-9 kydex holster


You won't find no Safariland holster for Ruger Max-9 here, but this kydex IWB holster for Ruger Max 9 is just as good (if not better!). Made of genuine American kydex, this Ruger Max 9 inside the waistband holster delivers excellent retention and it even features a built-in Ruger Max-9 magazine holder. The holster features an open-top design, which results in quick draw and intuitive reholstering. This kydex Ruger Max-9 appendix holster works best if attached in the 1 o'clock region. Thanks to the two evently spread belt loops, the holster will feel super stable on any proper gun belt.


#4 - Best Ruger Max 9 paddle holster


Did you stop by for the best concealed carry holster for Ruger Max-9? Well, it's definitely one of the three I just showed you. But if you wondered what the best Ruger Max-9 open carry holster is, this might just be it. This paddle holster for Ruger Max-9 is a great choice for anyone who prefers carrying their pistol slightly lower or decides to use the Max-9 as their back-up firearm. This low ride Ruger Max-9 holster is equipped with a rotaty paddle, which allows you to adjust the holster's cant and retention to your liking. The holster also features a safety strap for increased retention, which makes it not only the best paddle, but also the best Ruger Max-9 thumb break holster.


#5 - best ruger max-9 holster ankle


Wanna use your Max 9 as a backup firearm? Then you can't go wrong with this Ruger Max-9 ankle holster. As this Ruger Max-9 nylon holster is made of soft, elastic, and breathable material, you'll experience high carry comfort even though your pistol will be hidden in not such a comfortable area. The holster features a minimalist design, which in combination with a pistol as tiny as your Ruger makes for super easy concealment, even if you wear skinny jeans (but why would you, right?).

Bonus - Best shoulder holster for ruger max 9 with red dot


The fact that the Max 9 is a concealed carry handgun doesn't mean you can't rock it in a shoulder holster. After all, in colder months, a Ruger Max-9 shoulder holster becomes one of your best CCW options. Sure thing, carry guns and shoulder rigs aren't the best match, but this red dot shoulder holster for Ruger Max-9 provides a perfect, glove-like fit for your pistol, meaning there's no danger of it falling out of the holster. The security of your Ruger Max 9 is further increased with a retention strap. The holster comes with a leather cut out, which makes it a great shoulder holster for Ruger Max 9 with optics.


Conclusion - What's the best holster compatible with Ruger Max-9?


Well. it's safe to say each and every holster on our list would score 5/5 stars in a Ruger Max-9 holster compatibility test. And that's why you need to choose yours based on the intended purpose.

Wanna carry a red dot sight attached to your holster, but still use it the way a carry gun should? Then you can never go wrong with No. 1 on our list, which is the best IWB holster for Ruger Max 9 with red dot sight.

And if you perhaps prefer other carry styles not included on our list, no worries, just check out our entire offer of the best Ruger Max-9 holsters. Pick any of them and you'll soon realize why they're the best.