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4 Most Troublesome Taurus G2c Problems

Taurus g2c problems Taurus g2c problems Taurus g2c problems

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The Taurus G2C belongs to very affordable everyday concealed carry guns. A huge advantage of this gun are its compact dimensions the same as its high 12+1 magazine capacity and so far great reliability. Some shooters are still aware of this brand and don't trust the brand, but overall it is a good choice for those who want to have an acceptable quality for a reasonable price. If you are interested in finding out more about Taurus G2C and all of its features, read our Taurus G2C review.

However, when something seems to be too perfect to be true, it usually isn't. The Taurus G2C is also experiencing some issues. And that’s why it became a little controversial and there are many shooters who either love it or basicly hate it. In this short article you will find out what the worst issues of the Taurus G2C are.


Problem No.1 - TAURUS G2C TRIGGER issues

taurus g2c trigger taurus g2c trigger taurus g2c trigger taurus g2c trigger

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The first one on the list of the most obvious Taurus G2C issue concerns the pistol's trigger. And this is nothing too surprising, as most CCW striker-fired pistols struggle with their trigger action.

Although Taurus G2c doesn't come with the worst trigger in the world and for most casual shooters it works fairly well, gun experts will immediately find out that it’s unnecessarily long, a bit gritty, and also sort of mushy. However, it's also nothing a solid Taurus G2c aftermarket trigger can't solve, right?




I'm quite positive you won’t experience all of the issues mentioned above. However, there's one problem you'll definitely have to face once you get your own Taurus G2c - getting the right holster for it.

Luckily, here at Craft Holsters we’ve got a whole line of leather, kydex, and nylon holsters specifically designed for this pistol.

So, in order to help you overcome at least this particular issue, just take a look at our selection of custom made Taurus G2C holsters.



The second possible issue are external safeties, that are becoming more and rarer these days, but you can still find them on this gun. Another reason why these external safeties feel unnecessary and redundant is the fact that Taurus G2C comes with internal safeties and a dongle on the trigger to prevent accidental discharges.


Problem No.3 - TAURUS G2C failure to extract

Taurus G2c failure to extract ammo Taurus G2c failure to extract ammo Taurus G2c failure to extract ammo Taurus G2c failure to extract ammo

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Another problem that can possibly occur when using a Taurus G2C is connected to the extraction of the fired round. It can happen that the round gets caught going into the chamber. It is not catching on the feed ramp, but rather on the top of the inside of the chamber. Although the barrel is supposed to tilt back a little when the slide moves back so that the round can feed in easier, but when this happens, it appears that it is not tilting back far enough. Due to this the incoming round hits too sharply against the top of the chamber and can't make the turn.

Sometimes, to hit the back of the slide to knock it in helps, but otherwise you need to pull back on the slide just a hair to relieve tension, the barrel settles down about 1/8" inch, and the bullet slides into the chamber just fine.

Some shooters may experience both mags are hard to load or when firing, the magazine will come out causing a failure to feed.



Taurus G2C feeding issues are the next thing to point out. The problem can occur when using hollow-point ammunition which would not feed reliably. The barrel is equipped with a built-in feed ramp that is very steep, I would say almost, but not quite vertical. As hollow-point defensive ammo has a truncated cone or flat nose profile, it can happen that the first 2 or 3 rounds out of the magazine would get jammed between the slide breech face and the feed ramp. Solution to this issue can be tapping the bottom of the slide which would cause the round to feed, but this could be deadly in a defensive situation.

However, testing your Taurus G2c mags for any malfunction issues such as failure to load, lock, open, feed, and eject is a slick strategy to ensure their reliability. Otherwise, if the feed ramp is damaged or corroded, there may be sufficient friction present when the cartridge nose contacts the feed ramp that halts forward momentum.


Quick tips to solve Taurus G2c issues (Taurus g2c problems FAQ)


When it comes to the Taurus G2C pistol, understanding its potential problems and how to troubleshoot them is essential for a smooth shooting experience. Let's wrap this up with a quick FAQ section about the most frequent Taurus G2C issues and take a look at a couple of practical solutions to overcome them. Whether you're dealing with reliability concerns, accuracy problems, or other malfunctions, we've got you covered.


One of the issues occasionally encountered with the Taurus G2C is a failure to feed properly. This can lead to frustrating stoppages during shooting sessions. To address this problem:

  • Ensure the magazine is fully seated and properly loaded.
  • Clean and lubricate the firearm regularly to prevent debris from obstructing the feeding mechanism.
  • Check the ammunition quality and consider trying different brands or bullet profiles.

Experiencing frequent jams can be a significant annoyance for Taurus G2C owners. Follow these steps to reduce or eliminate jamming:

  • Inspect the magazine for any damage or deformation and replace if necessary.
  • Clean the chamber and barrel thoroughly to remove any dirt or fouling.
  • Use high-quality, factory-recommended ammunition that is within the appropriate specifications.

Some shooters may encounter trigger-related problems with their Taurus G2C. Here are potential solutions:

  • Ensure the trigger is properly installed and functioning correctly.
  • Clean and lubricate the trigger assembly to enhance its performance.
  • Consider having a professional gunsmith inspect and address any mechanical issues

If you encounter difficulties with the slide of your Taurus G2C, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check for any obstructions or debris in the slide grooves and clean them thoroughly.
  • Inspect the recoil spring and guide rod for damage or wear and replace if necessary.
  • Apply a light coat of firearm lubricant to the slide rails to ensure smooth operation.


Conclusion - should I buy taurus g2c despite its problems?


Finally we come to the main question: whether to buy or not to buy the Taurus G2C? Although there are some issues occurring in this gun model, it is not a rule to experience them, at least not all at once. And when it comes to its price, this pistol really comes with a lot of features and benefits that are not included in other guns at the same price. Which makes it reasonable to buy.

Sure, there’s still a lot of discussion and arguments mainly when the Taurus is compared to its main competitors (such as the Glock 43X for example) and it’s hard to say if the Taurus G2C really is the best concealed carry gun.

However, the benefits of the Taurus G2C outweigh its problems. So, if you’re deciding on a new carry pistol for a reasonable price, I’d say the Taurus G2C could be the best choice for you. But remember, if you decide to buy one, don’t forget to get a well-fitting Taurus G2c holster for your pistol.



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