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How To Finish Your Order Payment

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If you came here from the checkout page it's due to the reason that although we received your order we have not received your payment and we just need you to follow these instructions and contact your bank provider in order to finish the order payment. The possible reasons of your declined payment are:

1. You did not insert all the credit card details correctly (card number, full name on the card, expiration or security code) or there are not enough funds on the card for the purchase. The more probable reason is:

2. This payment is considered as overseas transaction, since our company as well as our producers are located in Europe. It's very usual that your bank/card provider is not allowing such kind of transaction by default, but you don't need to worry, since there is simple solution.

Just call your card provider and inform them that you are expecting an overseas charge from The Holster Company, that's all they need to approve this payment for you. You can also let them know the total amount of your purchase, for better identification of they payment. When your bank confirm that it is okay to proceed, just call us on 855 844 5400 and inform us that we should try to process the payment for you. Please also note that you will need to have your credit card information ready while calling us in order to complete the payment via telephone. Payment will then go through  without a problem and you will get a confirmation on your email after.