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Thumb Break

Thumb break usually secures the weapon in the holster by strap going over the hammer or rear of the gun.

Some people believe that a thumb break is safer in case someone tries to take the gun from them. However, in case you need to reach for your gun in a hurry, the thumb break only gets into way.

Regarding a concealed carry where the gun is covered so no one knows you are carrying it, the thumb break is not as necessary as regarding an open carry for the policemen. General misunderstanding is that with an open top, the gun is more likely to fall out. A quality holster is molded to the particular gun and is so tight that from the beginning you will have to break in. In a daily situation, a thumb break is not essential for a concealment holster. However, there are some circumstances, as a motorbike ride, jogging, horseback riding etc, where you need a thumb break for a gun to stay safely in.

The bottom line regarding the guns and theirs accessories is, always choose what feels right to you.


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