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Western Leather Holsters

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Leather Western Holsters

Custom western holsters are an excellent carry option for Old West, single-action only revolvers. These holsters are exclusively made of leather, which makes them look stylish and comfortable to wear. Also, if you strap on a leather western holster, you’ll instantly be one step closer to looking like a modern day cowboy.

Western holsters are used for open carry and they are almost always carried in a lowered position on one’s hip. Even though western holsters aren’t that popular anymore, this way of gun carry is reflected in so-called drop-leg holsters. Old West holsters aren’t commonly used for everyday gun carry, but they are the most popular type of holsters for Cowboy action shooting competitions.

Custom leather western holsters often feature a hand-engraved design, which makes them look even better than “plain” custom leather holsters. Some holsters for western revolvers are attached to western leather gun belts. Western holsters with belt also often come with loops for extra ammo, which is why they are so popular among competition shooters. Such rigs for old west revolvers usually feature a neat brass buckle and they are a great option if you want to look like a proper old west gunslinger.

Western leather holsters are most commonly used for SAO revolvers with a 5.5’’ or 6.5’’ barrel length. A great example of such revolvers are the Uberti Cattleman or Colt Single Action Army. Single action holsters in the western style might not be the best choice for everyday concealed carry, but they are your best option if you enjoy cowboy action shooting or simply want to look as good as it gets. In case you’d like to get yourself a custom made western holster, but you’re not sure which old west revolver to pair it up with, check out our list of Top 5 single action revolvers.
Leather Western Holsters Leather Western Holsters Leather Western Holsters

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