Vorras High-Endurance Tactical Pants - Camo Green Code: Penta-K05016-06CG

Vorras High-Endurance Tactical Pants - Camo Green Code: Penta-K05016-06CG

Vorras High-Endurance Tactical Pants - Camo Green
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Smart Details
Smart Details
Hi-Tech Materials
Hi-Tech Materials
Durable Construction
Durable Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

The Vorras pants are ideal for harsh environments. They are perfect for extreme outdoor activities because of the stitching that doesn't fail even after repetitive movements such as crouching, climbing, running etc. The pants are made of extra durable Rip-stop and on top of that, offer great ventilation that comes handy after a hard day out. The pockets are placed all around the pants in a smart and precise way and can be used for any puproses from holding a cellphone to holding a massive tactical knife etc.

All The Details

The Vorras High-Endurance Tactical Pants are a combination of ultra heavy duty material resistance and smart high-tech design. These regular fit, nylon pants are made of layered nylon and have a triple stitching in places where the material is stretched the most under situations such as crouching, squatting, high leg lift etc. Combined with a Rip-stop feature, these pants are almost indestructible and are best suited for extreme outdoor environemts. The Vorras Hig-Endurance Tactical Pants come with Re-enforced kneepads, back seat & ankles, have a Diamond crotch and a ventilation system, which lets moisture and heat out and doesn't let anything get in. The standard feature of a premium YKK Zipper® is also present. The pants have 2 pockets on the thighs, which are closable with THC® Zippers, 2 pockets in the front, which are not closable, but have re-enforced edges to hold a gun or tactical flashlight and 2 pockets in the back


Please remember to check the size chart before purchase. It's a little extra work that will ensure you will get the best product. While measuring your dimensions in order to pick the best size, remember NOT to measure pants while wearing them. The best way is to pick your favorite (best fitting) pants and measure them. Also note that the fit, wide, regular, slim etc.,of the pants you measure and the ones you want to buy must be the same. 


Size Waist Circumferrence Pants Length Length From Crotch Thight Width
(widest point)
Knee Width Ankle Width
40 32.3 - - - - -
42 33.9 42.5 30.7 12 8.3 7.9
44 35.4 43.7 31.1 12.2 8.5 8.3
46 37 44.9 31.5 13 8.7 8.5
48 38.6 44.9 33.1 13 8.9 8.5
50 40.2 44.9 33.1 13.8 9.1 8.9
52 41.7 45.3 33.1 13.8 9.5 9.1
54 43.3 46.1 33.5 14.2 9.5 9.1
56 44.9 - - - - -
  • 88% Nylon 12% Elastane

  • 4-Way Stretch Rip-stop Patches

  • YKK®  Zipper

  • Re-enforced Patches

  • Diamond Crotch

  • Insect blocking Ventilation System

  • 2 Years Warranty

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