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Cross Draw Holsters

Cross draw carry method reflects a carrying method of the handgun on the weak side of the shooter’s body (the non-gun hand side). Within this method, the gun carrier standardly reaches the handgun across the front part of the shooter’s body with the dominant hand, hence the cross draw style. Cross draw style of gun carrying is available within a different holsters’ design configurations including the holsters carried on belt from the inside or outside position that are standardly called cross draw holsters. In general, cross-draw holsters designed for the belt usage is the most used version of the craw draw holsters. One of the benefits of the cross draw style of gun carry is the comfortability, accessibility and easy and natural way of drawing the handgun.

Cross-draw holsters might be an ideal option especially for the shooters, who spend most of the day in a seat/chair (professional drivers, disabled persons in a wheelchair etc.) and they need to have fast and easy access to the gun from the sitting position. Or for those, who are having medical or surgery reasons or they simply prefer to draw the gun from the weak side with the dominant hand. Other benefit of this carry method is the possibility of easier coverage of the gun, as cross draw holsters are standardly slim profile holsters that reduce the guns’ print. The drawback of the cross draw carry style is a slower draw possibility. Some shooters consider the draw from this carry position to be slow because the shooter needs to remove the cover garment and then reach the gun across the whole front part of the body or when the threat attacks the shooter from the back, reaction time takes longer. Others suggest that the cross draw style might be dangerous due to the disarming possibility of the attacker as the grip end of the gun is facing the threat (from the behind). The cross draw holsters are carried close to the abdominal artery, so the practice of the gun’s manipulation would help to avoid any unwanted injuries reasoned by discharges and the good safety practice, is the matter of course.

Last but not least this carry method is not allowed for the use in some shooting ranges due to the position of the gun’s muzzle pointing towards the other shooters around. Cross draw holsters are offered in traditional materials including leather or nylon and newer types such as injection molded polymer and Kydex. They are available in various designs and carry styles that differ in cant, the way the holster is attached to the belt (belt slots, loops, tunnels, clips, hooks) and they might feature a thumb break, closed/open muzzle design and other additional security features or levers. Sum it all, cross draw holsters represents a traditional carry style method that remains popular over the ages of use, thanks to the comfortability, accessibility and fast draw of the handgun and might be a perfect option also for the shooters with special needs.

Cross Draw Holsters Cross Draw Holsters Cross Draw Holsters

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