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Thumb Break Holsters

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Thumb Break Holsters

Thumb break holsters are a group of holsters that are equipped with a thumb break strap or a similar mechanism attached to the top part of the holster. In other words, holsters with a thumb-break don’t feature the so-called open-top design. Instead of a standard holster opening, these holsters come with an extra piece of material attached to the holster’s opening.

In case of leather thumb break holsters, there’s a leather strap attached to both the front and back of the holster. These two straps are equipped with so-called male and female nuts, so that the thumb break can be latched. To fulfill its function, the straps should be connected when your pistol is holstered. To open the mechanism, all you need to do is pressing the strap on the backside of your holster in the inward direction with a bit of force. When you do this, the studs disconnect. Once the thumb break is unlatched, you can easily draw your firearm from the holster.

There’s a number of reasons why thumb break holsters are so widely spread and popular. First of all, a thumb break strap works as an additional retention device on your holster. Secondly, the strap is a great way to prevent your handgun from being snatched away. Another great advantage of thumb break holsters is that the strap is often reinforced with steel, which also reinforces the entire opening of the holster, thus increasing the holster’s durability and longevity.

As almost all Law Enforcement agencies across the world require their staff to carry holsters with at least a Level III retention, many officers are simply obliged to use thumb break holsters. That’s also the reason why duty holsters always feature a safety strap.

The biggest disadvantage of custom thumb break holsters is that if you’ve never carried one, you’ll have to run it through a couple of practice sessions until you get used to operating the mechanism. Also, thumb break straps on leather holsters might sometimes feel a bit too short or the two parts might be difficult to connect before first use. However, this problem can be easily solved if you run the leather strap through leather strap break-in.
Thumb Break Holsters Thumb Break Holsters Thumb Break Holsters

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