Tactical Drop Leg Holster Code: It. 564

Tactical Drop Leg Holster Code: It. 564

Tactical Drop Leg Holster
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Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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All The Details

This professional holster is designed for a tactical leg carry, suitable for daily carry. The holster consists from a leg platform and gun holster with anti-slip finish on reverse for a stable carry. The platform is attached also to the belt with two rotating buckles, which can be easily detached. The holster is made of a sturdy plastic and features also a plastic integrated sights rail for a stable carry and protection of the pistol sights. The gun is secured with a thumb break and additionally features also five-tension screw adjustments along with the MLC security lock for a higher level of the security and reliability during the use. The holster contains also magazine pouch. It is available in right and left-handed design. The holster is designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt, if you need a holster for a different belt size; please specify it in your order details.

  • Drop leg carry

  • Made of sturdy plastic nylon with soft nylon lining

  • Available in black, dark green, dark blue, coyote

  • Entire barrel covered, closed muzzle design

  • III Security level

  • Thumb break, MLC security lock and five tension screws

  • Contains leg platform and gun holster

  • Nylon leg strap and two belt loops with rotating buckles

  • Integrated magazine


  • Available in right and left handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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This holster is exactly what I was looking for. For me, drawing from the hip is very uncomfortable and having your weapon at arms length feels more natural and is easier to pull. Thanks for a quality product! Reply
Roger Hunt II
Outstanding craftsmanship. Sturdy and well fitting. I quickly became the envy of the guard, and was sure to send them your way. Reply

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