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Sweat Guard Kydex Holsters

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Kydex Sweat Guard Holsters

A sweat guard holster is a gun holster that comes with an extra layer of material attached to the top of your holster. Just like the name suggests, a holster sweat guard is mainly meant to protect your skin from abrasion and your pistol from sweat. This also suggests that sweat guard holsters are mainly used for both IWB and appendix carry.

Sweat guards are always attached to the back side of the top of the holster and there are two main types of sweat guard holsters. The first group is made up of holsters that come with a so-called partial sweat guard. While they don’t completely cover the rear part of your pistol’s grip, they still offer more protection from sweat than holsters without a sweat guard. Holsters with a full sweat guard come with an extra bit of material that fully isolates your pistol’s grip from your skin.

Apart from protecting your pistol from moisture and your body from abrasion, another huge advantage of sweat guard holsters is that they reinforce the opening of your holster. This means that a custom leather sweat guard holster is in a way even more durable than a holster that doesn’t boast this feature. Most commonly, sweat guard holsters are made of leather as this material tends to absorb sweat much better than let’s say kydex or nylon. Also, leather holsters with a sweat guard tend to provide even more comfort than any other type of holsters.

Kydex Sweat Guard Holsters Kydex Sweat Guard Holsters Kydex Sweat Guard Holsters

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