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30% OFF - Soft Case for Two Guns & Accessories

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Brand: Falco Holster

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Old-World Quality
Old-World Quality
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty


This custom made gun case is designed for off-body concealed carry. The gun case is easily portable thanks to two nylon handlers attached to its top. The gun case is designed for a safe and comfortable carry of 2 handguns, offering ample room for their accessories at the same time. The entire gun case is made of soft, yet very durable material. The functional layered nylon this gun case is made of is water-resistant and the case features anti-shock padding, which means the gun case is a very good concealment option even in harsh weather conditions. Even when fully zippered, the gun case offers easy access and quick draw time. The entire gun case is hand made, which gives it a unique, custom feel.

The gun case comprises 2 separate compartments. Each of these compartments takes in a handgun and 3 spare magazines, however, the guns cannot be bigger than Glock 17 in size (Length - 8.03’’ x Height - 5.47’’). The interior of this gun case is fully lined, protecting the finish of your guns. The Soft Case for Two Guns and Accessories is now available in three different colors - black, coyote, and olive. This gun case is suitable for both right and left-handed shooters. The dimensions of this gun case are as follows - 13.4'' x 10.2'’.

Everyday off-body concealed gun carry
Conceals 2 handguns at the same time
Hand made product
Water resistant exterior
Zip closing
Soft, gun-friendly interior
High-quality breathable fabric and durable stitching
Ambidextrous use, suitable for both right and left-handed shooters
Available in black, coyote, and olive colors
Stores in guns of various up to the Glock 17 size
Dimensions - Height 13.4’’ x Width 10.2’’
Premium 5 year warranty
Produced by Falco Holsters
Falco Holster


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