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Small Of The Back Holster

It. DL300

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Hand Molded and Dyed Leather
Hand Molded and Dyed Leather
Custom Made
Custom Made
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty


This custom leather holster is designed for the small of the back carry and it works best if carried in the 6 o’clock position. The holster offers a very quick and convenient palm-in draw and reholstering.This holster is made of the finest materials available. The premium full grain Italian leather secures a unique, comfortable feel and the high-quality German threads hold the holster together very well. The key parts of this SOB holster are even double-stitched, increasing the holster’s durability.

This small of the back holster is a result of the diligent work of our skilled craftsmen. They hand mold the leather on the exact replica of your handgun, a result of which is the unique, custom fit. The glove-like fit is also reflected in high retention of the holster. Your gun will sit tightly in the holster even if you move around a lot. This holster is ideal for those who do a lot of manual work or need easy access to their handgun.

Even though it is an SOB holster, it still offers a lot of carry comfort. Another important feature of this holster is its stability. The holster features 2 openings through which you can run your belt, one on each end of the holster. The belt slot next to the holster’s bottom is designed to fit 1.5’’ wide belts by default and the belt tunnel on the top part of the holster is a bit wider, which makes the holster even more stable when the gun is drawn or reholstered. The holster is available in two different colors - mahogany and black. The Grizzly SOB holster is designed for right handed shooters and it comes with premium 5 year warranty.

Small of the back
6 o’clock carry
Hand made product
Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
Custom, glove-like fit
Key parts reinforced by double stitching
Easy access and quick draw
Reinforced opening for higher durability
Available in mahogany and black color
Available in right-handed version
Premium 5 year warranty
Produced by Craft Holsters

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