Single Mag Pouch (Single & Double Stack) Code: It. 1P29

Single Mag Pouch (Single & Double Stack) Code: It. 1P29

Single Mag Pouch (Single & Double Stack)
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All The Details

The single mag pouch is fit for double stack magazines up to 40 cal and for single stack magazines in 9mm, .40 and .45 calibers.  Please note this while ordering. The retention of the magazine can be adjusted via a retention screw and the mag pouch is available in black or mahogany color.

The magazine case can be worn horizontally or vertically on the belt thanks to multiple belt loops.

The width of the pouch is 1.5" so magazines wider that that won't fit.

The depth of the pouch is 3.25"

  • Double Stack Magazines

  • Adjustable Retention Screw

  • Black Or Mahogany Color

  • 2 Years Warranty

  • Horizontal or vertical carry

  • Produced by Vega Holster

Customer reviews

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Great product very high quality, was not expecting it to be of this caliber. I will buy more from your company in the near future. Thanks Reply
Mark D
Upon arrival I thought I received a pouch for a single stack magazine, It does hold a double stack magazine. This thing is super tight and will require an extensive break in period even with tension screw loosened almost all the way . belt loop will fit up to almost 2" belt so it can rock and slide on the belt. The snap is very tight. leather quality is good. Reply
Bill Craig
Fine craftsman ship, fit is very tight had to wrap a plastic bag around the magazine, place it in the mag pouch overnight and all is good now. Would rather have a snug fit than one that's too loose. I've also purchased a couple of holsters, all fit perfectly. Would recommend Craft holsters to anyone that can appreciate a high quality product at a fair price. Reply
Michael Savitski
The mag pouch is excellent. Still in the break in period right now and it's a bit tight, but the quality is excellent. Reply
Peter Curley
Very well-made quality leather. Secure snaps. A bit on the large side which is unavoidable if you want leather. Very comfortable. Reply
John Mains
The mag pouch is well made but just to tight even after an adequate breakin period and loosening the tensioner fully out. Reply
A great option for a classic look! Good grip without compromising ease of access Reply
Not bad, a little snug for a 17 round steel mag for 9mm. Reply
This is a pretty simple mag holster, and I feel that it's over-priced for what it is. It is definitely adequate, but I don't find it exceptional. It is VERY tight sliding a P30/ P30 SK mag in and out. VERY tight. Give up the fantasy of a quick mag change if you're using this mag holster. Reply
C Little
Great quality, no flaws Reply

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