Shoulder Holster System with Mag Pouch Code: It. OK1

Shoulder Holster System with Mag Pouch Code: It. OK1

Shoulder Holster System with Mag Pouch
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On Stock
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Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

This shoulder holster is a perfect choice for any gun carrier looking for a holster offering several ways of carry. One holster can be used 4 different ways. As a shoulder holster, without the harness on the belt (4 o'clock position), in S.O.B or cross draw positions. Holster is equipped with a thumb break for the speed draw and a tension screw close to the trigger guard facilitates maximum gun retention.

All The Details

The horizontal shoulder holster contains a holster unit with a thumb break, cross-shoulder harness and double magazine pouch (double speed loader for revolvers). The holster without the harness can be used as a regular belt holster with two cant positions. The shoulder holster is thermo molded for the perfect holster fit. It features a retention screw to adjust to the safety fit of the handgun. The holster is particularly formed to fit comfortably against the body, whether carried on the belt or shoulder. This holster can be worn in 4 different positions, including horizontal as the shoulder holster, on the side as a belt holster, as a cross draw holster or in SOB carry position. Vega holsters are designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt.

Please note, that the number of retention screws on this holster is a subject to the overall gun lenght and the holster has either one or two retention screws. And please note, that in some cases the barrel may not be fully covered, this happens with certain models of guns.

If your gun is a revolver, than the double magazine pouch will be substituted by a double speedloader pouch.

For a counterbalance perfect fit, please provide caliber and magazine (cylinder) capacity of your weapon to a specification field.

Please have in mind, that your harness counterpart mag pouch and speedloader pouch will be universal. Only the holster is made directly for the gun. The pouches can be adjusted via the retention screws.

Important: Please include your chest circumference and top shoulder to waist (beltline) length in the specification in order to receive a fitting size of the harness.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Open muzzle design

  • Entire barrel covered

  • Thumb break

  • Retention screw

  • Shoulder, belt, cross draw or SOB carry position

  • Available in right and left handed design

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Vega Holster

Customer reviews

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Great holster, fits well, good retention but an easy draw. Reply
Brandon T Rickard
I have a large tupperware box full of holsters that I have purchased and discarded for one reason or other. In short, I have tried many companies and Craft is the best so far. I was truly impressed with my new holster. Thanks Reply
I love this holster. Good quality craftsmanship, well balanced design and a great looking piece of gear. Reply
Johnny D
James Bond would be proud of this great quality holster system. Reply
George C. Putnam
I use a shoulder rig because of nerve problems with weight on my waste. For many years I found Galco to make the best product. The craft system I recently purchased blows Galco out of the water.Craft is by far the best quality, design, and value for the dollar in my experience. Reply
Philip kirchner
I loved it best holster i have bought yet, It fits me and my gun perfectly. Reply
Joe Maliziola
Superior quality and fit. Everyone I have shown this to is highly impressed. My nephew actually placed an order for his own shoulder holster an hour after I showed him mine. A week ago I placed an order for a 2nd holster for myself. Excellent customer service. Klaret answered all of my questions and kept me up to date on my order status. Five stars !!! Reply
Tyson Maltby
I've had my 'roto' holster for a SigPro almost 2 months now and I'm very pleased with quality and fit. No one has detected it and I stay keenly aware of my surroundings. It is very sturdy almost completely broken in, I'm very satisfied and feel like I got a better than expected value. Reply
Sam Flakus
I just received the new shoulder holster a few weeks ago. It came preassembled and all I had to do was adjust for size. This is the first shoulder holster that I have so I am still getting used to it. Overall I am very happy with my purchase so far. Reply
Don Fisher
The holster rig is great. Reply
This holster was everything it was said to be. Excellent product nice stitching, and leather. Great fit Very Nice . Reply
Shane Goodson
Absolutely the best holster i have ever had. I am a avid hunter and a former US Marine. I say that you have the best Reply
Gene Franklin
Good solid rig, great fit and well made. I worked for safariland a long time ago, forming and fitting holsters, so i know a bit about that. A pleasure doing business w/ you! Reply
Mike T
Very well made, and the price was right. I had to customize mine for an EAA witness full size with accessory rail. (Non listed gun.) It was made for Tanfo Force without rail. I expect the ones made for and used with specific models will be true fitting. I would buy another. Reply
Chuck Mires
I ordered this holster for my new PPQ in .45acp. All of the holsters I have owned before are just dust collectors compared to this one. The break in process takes a little finesse but once it’s broke-in it fits my PPQ like a glove. It’s very comfortable to wear all day long and has 4 different carry options. I Love it and highly recommend this holster to anyone looking for a very good high quality leather holster system. Reply
Matthew Randall
Great shoulder holster. It was easy to adjust and doesn't weigh down on my shoulders. Sometimes I forget it's there. It conceals very well under my jacket or best and is really easy to get to while I ride. Reply
Bob Dunakey
Wonderful rig! Fits like a glove! Excellent material and workmanship throughout. I especially like the way the mag pouch can accept different length/capacity magazines. I had only one small issue, that is the leather of the shoulder harness is of such fine quality that it had sharp edges. I resolved this minor problem with fine sandpaper. Thank you for a great product, it was delivered on time with no hassles. I will use Craft Holsters again when outfitting my new revolver. Reply
Corrine Smith
I love my shoulder holster! It’s beautifully crafted, comfortable and effective. It truly exceeded my expectations! Reply
Good overall holster. I like the snaps as opposed to rivets. The straps are fairly easy to adjust. The leather seems good. Overall - and for the price point - it's a good holster when you consider the Galco is 50% more than this. Very pleased! Reply
Dwight S.
Mine was out of stock but it was delivered on my porch in 16 days. I searched every where in stores for a shoulder holster for a Glock 42 and no one had it. Works great and is excellent quality. Just as advertised it fit my gun like a glove. I didn’t even have to adjust it for wearing. Reply
Dwight S.
Mine was out of stock but it was delivered on my porch in 16 days. I searched every where in stores for a shoulder holster for a Glock 42 and no one had it. Works great and is excellent quality. Just as advertised it fit my gun like a glove. I didn’t even have to adjust it for wearing. Reply
I ordered a shoulder holster with mag pouch for my Colt Competition. The shipping time was good, the fit and quality was Great! The adjustment and set up was very easy. I will be ordering another for my H&K. I would recommend anyone looking for a very good quality holster to give Craft a will be pleased as I am. Reply
Dick Fanguy
Very well made and comfortable to wear. I love mine. I highly recommend this rig to anyone. Reply
Mark Brooks
Great shoulder holster very well made Reply
Great holster. I got shoulder holster in about three weeks. Holster fits my Glock 42 perfect. I didn’t have to make any adjustments to wear but it would have been easy to adjust. Very high quality. Reply
William Couey
The shoulder holster I ordered from you is excellent in quality and craftsmanship. The only complaint I have is it's size. I'm a pretty good sized fella. I don't mean fat I mean big, 6' 1", 240 lbs big. I had to extend all adjustable parts to their maximum before I could get the holster close to fitting correctly. If you allowed for more leeway in the length of these straps, you would have a holster above every other holster on the market. Reply
This holster fits my Browning Hi-power just like a glove. Reply
Just got mine for a Walther p99 full size and i love it Reply
doug charles
fine craftsmanship, excellent holster Reply
Very well made. Fits my Kimber 6KS very well and comfortable shoulder holster. The only shoulder I could find on the Market for the Kimber 6KS revolver. Reply
Ken Moore
Klaret was a great help and to be honest saved the purchase for your company. Your system to process my credit card failed according to my credit card company. Klaret went the extra mile to resolve and then followed up to keep me informed on the progress. I love the holster system. Everything is well constructed. The holster and mag pouch leather are first class. The adjustments are easy to use and the straps are sturdy and comfortable. My suggestions on improvement: 1. all the punch holes were completely punched through (I had to complete two of the holes myself); 2. the holster n mag leather makes the shoulder system leather look cheap. I would increase the thickness of the leather to make it look more in line with the holster n mag. Reply
Bryan Burr
Superior material and craftsmanship. Reply
Very impressed with the design and quality of the holster. I wear a shoulder holster because I am a security person at a North American church. The fit of the holster allows it to go unnoticed under my suit jacket. I highly recommend craft holsters Thank you Craft Holsters! Reply
Chris Eckert
I've been carrying a firearm since 1984. Now that I have retired from the Police Dept. I wish I had a nice shoulder rig like this one years ago. I carry a Glock 30sf now. It's very hard to find a good quality rig for this weapon. Don't need to look any more. Very comfortable and a excellent fit! Reply
Daniel Townsend
The material is high quality but the harness is very hard to adjust at the back. I find it rubbing on my neck which is very uncomfortable. It would be helpful if you had instructions or a video on fitting and adjusting it correctly. Reply
Chris Burnette
Top notch The most comfortable, best fitting, and most light weight shoulder rig I've ever owned. Fits the weapon BETTER than a glove. Craft work is beautiful, high quality material. Only thing I can say is that I asked for a 5" CDP holster and got a full sized one; that was minorly annoying. But other than that, all around single best holster I've ever owned Reply
I bought this holster for Dad for Christmas this year. The craftsmanship and design is amazing! He absolutely loved it Reply
Excellent quality and service Reply
My dad loved this! The shipping took a while, came after Christmas. He loved it when he got it. Customer service was very apologetic to the issue and tried to satisfy us. Thank you Reply
JC Broussard
I carry a Sig M11A1 on a daily basis. As important to me as my pistol is, so is the importance of the holster I carry it in. I've used Kirkpatrick Leather holsters in the past, and while they are beautiful and functional, not even their holsters compared to this one. It's absolutely beautiful, the quality is unsurpassed, and the speed of draw would make Doc Holiday proud. Not that Craft Holsters would care about my opinion but... 1. I would exchange the snap closure for a magnetic one. The reason being, in a life or death situation the fine motor skill of unsnapping that button could prove to be the cause of your death. Where as a magnetic one would allow you to pull straight through it. (We don't carry to protect us against targets at the range after all) 2. I'd love to see a shoulder rig with a strap to connect to your belt or pants in the small of the back area. I know they have a strap for the side with the mag pouch. I just feel like the strap in the back with a suspender style clip would be more beneficial. Reply
Michelle Spaid
Very pleased with the holster I bought for my husband. Leather quality is good. Reply
Amazing craftsmanship and quality add an unbeatable price will definitely be back for my holster needs Reply
Chris Pulos
The product is great.... a bit tight for the weapon, but once you beak itin, it is perfect high quality..... Reply
Koby Kielhorn
Professional looking and quality made. I am very pleased with my purchase. With the mag pouch on the opposite side, it distributes the weight perfectly across my shoulders. Thank-you! Reply
J. Hewitt
Everything I thought it should be and just as advertised! Works as advertised and looks just like the pic. Good job guys. Reply
Frank Cusumano
Very nicely made, good craftsmanship. Comfortable to wear. Reply
Steve Nelson
Nicest shoulder rig I’ve seen... leather is perfect, finish perfect, very comfortable and easy to put on, take off.. I doubt you can buy anything better than this, no matter what you spend on it... 5 stars Reply
Andy A
Had problem when product arrived contacted them got a reply back next day said would send replacement part ASAP got replacement delivered within 2 weeks great customer relations could not ask for a better holster or company to do business with will be getting another holster soon from themyou cannot go wrong with this company for there holsters Reply
Great holster , Perfect fit, fits like glove Great purchase vety comfortable. I would highly recommend this holster, Top Notch for sure , Reply
Other Brother Daryl
Trying on the holster for the first time and I was extremely surprised that it was a perfect fit for me and the CZ 75B. Read my full review at Reply
Kelly O'Neal
I am very happy with Craft Holsters Best selling Shoulder Holster System with Mag Pouch.I am on an armed Private Security Team and I use it with a Beretta 92fs. Thank you.Kelly. Reply
Paul Yaeck
Excellent craftsmanship and fit. Reply
Holster fit well. comfortable, clean, reasonably priced holster. Originally thought all the buckles were going to be some sort of metal though? Not sure on the plastic or what kind of quality plastic it is? That would be my only question/consideration at the time being. Perhaps it is a highly durable plastic I am not aware of? Reply
Melvin harrell
The holster is just what I was looking for. The fit was perfect and my gun fits real snug. Reply
The holster is well made and looks great. Very tight and will need a break-in period. I feel the straps could be longer for added adjustment. Reply
Excellent fit n finish, .. comfortable to wear. This is my second “Craft” holster, no complaints, good service, good product Reply
Joe Garcia
This is a wonderful company first of all I was looking before buying at craft holsters for a while and couldn’t find anything to fit because of an under rail, Craft holsters worked with me And worked defined me exactly what I was looking for very pleased with the way it fits it’s comfortable it’s quality I would recommend it anybody looking for a holster to take a look at these quality products at a very good price Reply
Chris Rokicki
Outstanding product very happy with purchase Reply
Bill Krossa
Fine piece of equipment, great fit, both for my 45 and myself. Fast service and kept me advised throughout. Highly recommend. Reply
Dr. Leon C. King
This is an excellent system. Reply
DJ Suman
Just what I needed. Also three- in one: shoulder; cross draw and side houlster. Reply
Doug B
Absolutely the best and most comfortable rig I have. Can wear for 24 hours with zero shoulder/neck fatigue. These have a fair price and worth the wait for the holster you select. I'll be ordering again. Thanks for the experience. Reply
Extremely high quality product. Fits pistol perfectly and is a very comfortable fit. Would definitely recommend this holster to others Reply
Kevin Trotter
Excellent quality. Above expectations! Very good service. Reply
William Walker
Very happy with my shoulder holster and it fits very well thank you William a walker Reply
Bob Nixon
Fantastic very well made, very comfortable Reply
R stanley
Holster fits, and feels good. Comfortable to wear. Most impressed by how little time and effort involved in breaking in. I am enjoying this holster and fully intend to purchase another, thus I do recommend it. Reply
Chuck Kosmerl
Very very nicely done. I have Galco shoulder holsters that cost $50 more that do not look as good or appear as good as this one. I have ordered a second shoulder holster for my Arex Rex Zero and the only shortcoming is that it's only available in black. The mahogany leather is absolutely beautiful. Reply
John Goldner
Really great. It fits my 1911 perfectly with laser and fits my body comfortably. Its also well built. Thanks Reply
This is my first shoulder holster so I read a lot of opinions on the internet to make my choice. So far, my experience has been all positive. The break in needed was surprisingly minimal. The fit on my 6 foot 4 inch frame is easily managed and the comfort level is such that I have shifted to wearing the rig all day from the first fitting. The product was shipped from Slovakia to Iowa within a week of my order. Very happy with this product so far. Reply
Bill Roman Sr
I have nothing but good to say about the shoulder holster system. I received it just days after ordering it . For the first half hour I looked at it from every angle and was amazed at the the workmanship that was put into the shaping of the holster and mag holder, and how the double stitches not only added to the beauty but convinced me that it was well worth the price that I paid for it. The leather used looks to be the finest quality and when I went by the directions that came with it on fitting the holster to my Glock and it fits perfectly. Actually it really didn't need too much fitting because it was pretty darned close to begin with. It is very comfortable and has plenty of adjustments to fit most any angle that might be wanted . Fantastic fit, fantastic system, fantastic quality, fantastic price !! Reply
Gerard F. Hackett
I am very pleased with my new shoulder holster. The gun fits perfectly as do the spare magazines. The holster rides very comfortably and adjustment to the cant were very easy. I can't say enough about the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship that went into the construction. The rig looks beautiful. Thank you! Reply
Jerry E
This is an awesome shoulder holster! It fits well and is comfortable. Leather is quality and should last! I've always received great products. Reply
Maddawgdub 48
Couldn't find many options for my Beretta, and was very happy with this one. Fit great right out of the envelope, and service team was great at keeping me informed about the shipment. I love the option to detach the 3-way holster. Reply
Richard Schultz
Excellent quality holster. The shoulder holster is the way to go. Perfect for my Glock 19. This is my third holster from these folks and won’t be my last. Reply
Richard Schultz
And if you are like me someone that hunts the marshes and woods of the Chesapeake Bay and don’t like a hand gun on your hip all day I highly recommend the shoulder holster. Reply
Very nice holster, would buy again. Reply
Floyd folsom
Love the holster Reply
Jim Christina
The holster is gret, but the magazine pouches are for a double stack magazine, I have single stack magazines, as do all Beretta 85F models. Reply
This shoulder holster system is made well and fits comfortably. I can wear it all day long if needed and almost forget that it's there. Terry Reply
Very good holster, great quality and for The price hard to beat. I would rate it as good as Galco holsters. Reply
James gieniec
Well made product, this arrived fast, I thounght it would take a month; it gor here as quick as id it had conw from the US Reply
Richard Cousins
Great ! Reply
Melvin Shearer
Very nice perfect fit for my beretta. Also great craftsmanship! Thanks. Reply
Anon Ymous
I like the craftsmanship. Couple areas of possible improvement. I'm somewhat tall, 6'3", and have the mag pouch a little over halfway up my side. The longest setting on the tie-down doesn't reach my belt without hiking up my pants quite a bit. Also it would be pretty nice to see a couple more attachment points for the harness on the holster to switch it to vertical carry for larger firearms if that design would be possible (or have a vertical carry only option , assuming I didn't just miss it somehow). While these changes would be a nice addition, I still think the product is well worth the money for quality and construction especially if these issues wouldn't affect you. Reply
Great holster, fits like a glove and very comfortable to wear. Customer Service is fantastic, I ordered from the US and visa cancelled the first attempt at payment. I called the number on the website and left a message explaining what happened. The next morning a real person sent me an email that helped sort it out. Also when the package was delivered there was a hand written note from the craftsman. It made the whole experience very personable. Overall well worth the money and wait, these guys know what they're doing and love to do it. Reply
L. J. Crafton
This is my 3rd holster from Craft that should say it all 1st one was shoulder rig was for my .45 Beretta the 2nd was a three position holster last was another shoulder rig for 92 fs I don't get holsters anywhere else now. Keep up the great work Reply
Very well made product. Only problem was I failed to send my measurements for it to fit right. This was no fault of craftholsters, just my mistake. It was an easy fix though, I found some biker vest extension straps that will work. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants a well made product. Just let them know your measurements when you order. Reply
Matt Fritz
Great Quality and feel! Craftsmenship is second to none. I was very surprised how well made this was for a reasonable price. Reply
Matt Fritz
Great Quality and feel! Craftsmenship is second to none. I was very surprised how well made this was for a reasonable price. Reply
Donald White
This is a very well constructed holster made from quality components. The holster fit my gun perfectly and can be worn all day long in complete comfort. I would not hesitate to recommend this to a friend. Thank you for the personalized service you gave me. When first ordering my holster I gave some confusing information that could have lead to the incorrect selection of the magazine holder. I contacted the customer service department but the order had already been shipped. Fortunately Craftholsters was familiar with my gun and they got the right. Thanks again, DW. Reply
Aaron K
My 357 is snug as a bug in My new rig. As a consumer these days I am always expecting the worse when ordering something online but honest truth, full circle Iam pleased. From shipping, to craftsmanship, to fit and finish. I am pleased all the way throughout. Even My speed loaders fit perfect. I will be returning for more! Reply
mike talley
great web site love the holster they do run somewhat small no problem thank you so much. Reply
Shoulder holster system is great. Fit my pistol with no issues. Nice looking leather and as for the magazine holder, they fit perfectly as well. Comfortable and easy to use. Will buy more holsters for my other guns later. Reply
J Sanchez
Just recently purchased this holster for my AREX Standard Model. Very high quality holster, fit is perfect right out of the box. holster also doubles as dominate hand draw holster if you choose to do so. Great conceal carry holster for my AREX Reply
Fits perfectly. I bought it for my tanfoglio ta90 Reply
Darryl Miller
The order came in good time (it didn't take too long). I wanted horizontal mag holder but could only choose vertical. Overall, the shoulder holster system is a good buy. Reply
william wagner
wagnerFits both me and my gun very well. Seems to be well made and I think it will last a long time. Reply
John Mazza
Amazing workmanship. A beautiful holster. Really impressed. Reply
Danny Britton
As soon as holster delivered I took it on an 8 day fishing trip and it wore like it was already broke in. This is a quality holster. But a needs to come with a second belt clip .Just one for mag side is not enough. I had to make one for this trip and it worked out .I highly recommend this holster. Reply
Flawless! Fits my Sig P230 beautifully. Thinner leather straps allow for better flexibility and thus, comfort. Fully adjustable. Not a scrape or mar on anything. Quality! Superb craftsmanship! Reply
It's an amazing piece! They did a fantastic job with the cast for the gun, the leather is excellent and it fits great around my shoulders. Finding a holster for my handgun has been difficult due to the particular model, but you did an awesome job with the make. Thank you so much! Reply
R. Veres
The shoulder rig is of superb quality and fits like a glove!! I'm happy with my purchase. Reply
The shoulder holster was for my 4 inch barreled 357. It for a gun and me perfectly right out of the box. Very good craftsmanship, and I'm very pleased. There are a lot of bear and big cats where I go, and this holster allows me to carry my protection while wearing my backpack either hunting or hiking and camping. All my holsters will come from here now. I highly recommend these holsters and their craftsmanship. Thank you! Reply
I love this rig it fits the gun well after its broke in very comfortable to wear Reply
James Ratliff
Very happy with it .I think it is a good deal Reply
Absolutely, the best shoulder system. The joining snaps is an excellent idea coupled with the wide harness which easily accommodates the weight of the gun. Mind you, it took a week to break-in the holster but now its perfect....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Reply
Wonderful holster option with great fit. Customer service was outstanding as well. Reply
Just received my order today was nervous about the fit , was bought for a sig suaer scorpion 1911 with rail. The thing with this pistol is the slide is not the same profile as other 1911s so it will not fit a standard holster. Rest assured though it fit like a glove as advertised. I could not be happier with appearance and fit. I highly recommend Craft Holsters for all your holster needs. Just make sure you have an active paypal account because credit card companies can make international sales difficult, even so the staff at Craft Holsters were very helpfull in sorting it out and delivered my holster in a short time. tuely impressed Thank you to everyone at Craft Holsters for the top notch customer service. Reply
It is beautiful. Fits my Beretta 96 like a glove and is very comfortable. Might buy another one for my Browning Hi Power. Reply
When I received my Shoulder Holster w/mag pouch, I was very pleased with the quality of leather and craftsmanship. The multi-function holster (shoulder or belt) fit my Glock 27 very snug; although following the directions from Craft has allowed me to condition the holster allowing the gun to move more freely, yet still be secure. This "rig" is more comfortable than some that I have worn in the past. I have had numerous positive comments about the rig from my co-workers. Their product is somewhat expensive, but I am pleased with the Shoulder Holster and expect many years of use from it. (When tracking the shipping I did notice it originated in Italy.) Reply
William Marley
I love it I will no longer even entertain the thought of buying anywhere else. Love it thanks again Reply
Bob Tate
I usually do not respond to survey request, but I feel strongly about my new shoulder holster. When it arrived it did not have the monogram I ordered. My interaction with the company was prompt and friendly. They gave the option of returning the holster for the monogram or a refund. I decided on the refund. Overall, I am very pleased with the holster and the companies interaction. The one suggestion I would have is to install a tie down on the gun side of the holster. There is a tie down on the mag side, but none on the gun side. I modified my holster by attaching a tie down on the gun side and now it fits perfectly. I would suggest and recommend the holster coming with a tie down on the gun side. Otherwise, I am extremely happy with both the holster and the company. Reply
Christopher Tegel
Beautiful workmanship. Fits my CZ75B like a glove. Thank you. Reply
I searched for a couple years to find a shoulder holster for my specific gun. I am very happy with the one I got from Craft. It came with break in directions but my gun fit perfectly, no break in required. Shoulder harness fit also, perfectly. Very happy overall and will definitely be a repeat customer. Reply
Marty N
I had a hard time finding a shoulder holster for my 1911 operator. I was impressed with the quality and speed of getting it. Will buy from again. I have another one in mind. Reply
Lynn Doering
I’m very happy with my new shoulder holster. It carries my Remington 1911 without any fatigue developing in my shoulders. I’m a big guy with a 52” chest and adjusting to fit was no problem. The leather is beautiful and breaking it in was easy. Highly recommended. Reply
Don Fenner
Very well made , Quality is very good very well done Reply
Works great. Looks great. Very comfortable and smooth draw. Couldn't be happier with the product. Reply
Very well built, extremely pleased. Expectations were appropriately set and met for manufacturing and delivery times. Reply
David Hughes
Good rig, holster fits my Springfield 1911 5' .45 ACP perfectly. Fair price, would recommend. Reply
Bought this for my son-in-law and he loves it and said it is perfect. My husband makes leather goods but we thought it would not make sense for him to make it considering the time and cost of materials and we were right. Reply
Thanks a lot Craft Holsters Team :-) Shoulder holster for Beretta M9A3 I ordered is very high quality product and fits perfectly. Very short shipping time was additional nice surprise. Thank You and All the best for all of U! ...and till the next purchase :-) Reply
Tim wilson
Holster is excellent Super fit Great quality Thanks Reply
Mary Simmons
Bought this holster for my husband for Christmas. Even though it arrived after Christmas (my fault for ordering too late) it far surpassed my expectations. The leather and craftsmanship are fantastic and my husband loves it! Highly recommend! Reply
Ian Dox
Beautiful holster!! Reply
Just as described. Reply
Ed K
Christmas gift, great quality and nicely made. Rarely am without it. Really like double magazine as you can never be ready enough! Reply
Kevin L Sandgren
I buy quality holster like Calco. I have to say the Craft shoulder holster is the best holster I have ever had. The quality blows Calco out the door. I never would have believed Craft makes the best but they truly do. Trust me and buy one, you will thank me for the recommendation. Thanks Craft and good job. Kevin. Reply
Bob----North Dakota
Site and staff made ordering and monitoring progress of order very easy. Holster System was for my 20 year old Beretta 92F Compact in 9mm. Quality and fit of System for gun and myself is very good. Concealment of system and contents also very good, as it fits snugly against my body. Well worth the price. Reply
Excellent holster. It fits my pistol perfectly and has great retention without having one of those buttons that are a pain to snap open. It's also nice having the ability to take the holster off the shoulder rig and be able to hip carry as well. Reply
Michael Joyce
I am very pleased with this holster so far. Very comfortable and easily consealed . Positive retention of both firearm and magazines Reply
This is, by far, the best shoulder holster that I have owned. It took about two weeks to break it in but it was well worth the wait. As was mentioned in a previous post: Easy draw, well constructed (particularly the behind the neck patch), and quality finish. This holster was made for every day use. Reply
Jack McInnis
This holster is great quality but there are some minor issues. I wear this holster everyday as part of my conceal carry and some minor issues have happened. The bolt that separates each magazine has fallen out. Also some of the leather around the gun itself has come undone but is held together by the white stitches. These issues are minor but all in all it is a comfortable holster and gets the job done. Reply
Lucian Drumond
Excellent craftmanship fits very well , highly recommend. Reply
I love my Craft holster. It is expensive but in this case you get what you pay for. It is so comfortable I forget I have it on. What more could you ask for? Reply
Earl Godwin
Great holster. Quality and fit are great. Reply
I have worn shoulder holsters for years, the Craft is the best of all! Leather, fit and quality are beyond all others. Thanks for the recent order for my Kimber, will be ordering another one this month Reply
Made a great gift to a close friend with a CCP. Highly quantity product! Reply
Best holster,excellent craftsmanship. Fits my gun like a glove. Only holster I'll ever buy. Thanks craft. Reply

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