Shipping & Handling

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Product Availability

The product availability is visible through the whole process of ordering and checkout. Please pay attention to it as it provides you with information about the estimated products availability time.

Pre-Handling Control

Upon receiving your payment, your order is reviewed to find any potential issues that may have occurred. If there are any, they are resolved as soon as possible and if the situation needs your comment, our team communicates the whole process with you via email or telephone.

Handling Information

Depending on the availability of the product, it’s either shipped within 1 business day, if the product is in stock, or it’s directly sent to the producer to be express custom made. We offer quality and quality takes time so we ask you to bear with us.

Shipping Options

We are proud to offer you worldwide shipping using 3 effective methods. UPS Express, UPS Standard and Economy shipments. The price doesn't change and stays the same for the whole world.

  • UPS Express shipping starts from $20.95. The Delivery takes 2 - 3 business days (plus production time) excluding weekends and holidays. Orders shipped by UPS Express receive a tracking number and are traceable through
  • USP Standard shipping start from $17.95. The delivery takes 5 - 6 business days (plus production time) excluding weekends and holidays. Orders shipped by UPS Standard receive a tracking number and are traceable
  • Pony Express shipment starts from $6.95. The delivery takes a month (plus production time). Orders shipped by Pony Express don’t offer a tracking number, however they offer reliability and a relative low cost for a worldwide shipment.