Safe Shopping

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Your personal data and your credit card are safe while shopping here. We know it’s important that you have confidence while using your credit card online and that’s why we provide you with our Craft Holsters Safe Shopping Guarantee, that consists of two steps, which ensure your credit card safety.

  • Data encryption: Our whole website as well as your payment transaction is encrypted using SSL encryption, that means the presence of a software that scrambles your web presence, credit card and your personal information making it unreadable by any unauthorized person.
  • Access Permission: Your transaction is being made directly with the bank through our website, that means that we don’t have access to your personal account information and thus they are protected against any unauthorized access to our website.

If  you discover any unauthorized charges on your credit card, contact your credit card company promptly and report those charges. Speak to a representative of the company's fraud department to get information on the fraud claim process they have.