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Other Holsters

A special and separate category of gun holsters are represented by the holsters that were designed for some specific purpose that are worthy to be mentioned including Molle holsters, pocket holsters, Underwear holsters, Western holsters, etc. Any of these holsters are designed primarily for the gun carry purpose featuring the similar design features and quality standards, offering something “extra”. Molle holster represents a gun case designed for a tactical use that typically features the Molle system of load-bearing equipment of other tactical gear.

The Molle stands for “Modular lightweight load-carrying equipment” and it is a system of nylon straps stitched onto the gear that enables to attach various compatible tactical accessories. This unique system’s modularity was adopted and is used with he military worldwide. The Molle holster is standardly made or durable plastic or nylon material that can be designed for various type of gun holster carry including the “IWB, OWB, leg or off body type of gun carry. The Molle holster is a popular tactical gear used by uniformed shooters, therefore the important aspect is the retention system and durability of the material, being able to satisfies the toughest weather conditions. Modern Molle holster should be flexible and versatile; it might feature the varying retention system that offers more levels of the security that can be changed flexibly according to the situation or conditions. Obviously, the biggest benefit is the Molle system and its compatibility of the use, security, reliability and durability.

Pocket holster is the gun case that is designed for the pocket carry use in a discreet way. This type of gun holster is made to be worn in the pocket of the trousers or in other appropriate pocket of the covering garment (coat, suit). This type of gun carry is perfect gun carry method for the self-defense and backup guns purposes. A modern pocket holster should be designed to allow acquisition of the full grip of the gun, with the minimized gun’s print, offering a consistent carry position. Pocket holsters are perfect gun carry method mainly for small handguns. It is not recommended style for bigger handguns due to the pocket size limitation. There are different types of pocket holsters available designed for different shapes of the pockets. The pocket holsters are not ideal carry style for the shooters sitting most of a day, as the hand draw would be slow and possibly awkward. Another drawback is that the carry might be the discomfort, as the weight of the gun is influencing the balance of the gun carry and that the pocket might be bulkier because of the pocket holster.

The main benefit of this carry method is the accessibility to the gun and easy coverage of the gun. Western holster is a gun holster that typically features a western style design, enriched be the specific decoration and carving. The typical material used on a western holster, is the thicker premium quality leather, standardly in universal brown color. The western holster is usually combined with the western belt, in one unit. The benefit of this type of holster carry is the practicality. As the holster is connected to the western belt firmly, holstering and the manipulation for the shooter is really easy and the western belt with the holster is standardly worn across the hips, below the waistline. Next benefit is fast draw of the gun, as the holster is poisoned on the strong side and it is perfect carry style for the shooters riding horses or farmers and this type of gun carry still remains popular among specific group of shooters.

Belly Band holsters represents a gun carrying method that allows a deep coverage of the handgun. They are made of wide stretchable fabric bands that are designed to be worn across the waistband line of the shooter’s body. The belly band holster comes in different design configurations. It usually features the main gun compartment.

Other Holsters Other Holsters Other Holsters

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