Leather Vertical Shoulder System Code: It. 35/22

Leather Vertical Shoulder System Code: It. 35/22

Leather Vertical Shoulder System
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Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

The leather vertical shoulder system gives you the concealment, security and comfortable carry perfect for everyday use. This shoulder system is designed for a vertical carry, with the magazine pouch on the opposite site. Slim profile of the holster in a vertical carry configuration makes it almost invisible and easy to be concealed. Adjustable quick release provides the optimal security and quick draw possibility in any circumstances.

All The Details

This vertical holster system includes a hand-molded shoulder holster, cross-shoulder harness and double magazine pouch (or speedloader pouch). Security is provided by a steel reinforced thumb-break. Belt straps on both sides provide a more stable carry. Available in right and left-handed models, in black and mahogany.If your gun is a revolver, than the double magazine pouch will be substituted by a double speedloader pouch. For a counterbalance perfect fit, please provide caliber and magazine capacity of your weapon to a specification field.

Customization option: The harness size is adjustable up to XL sizes. (47’’ chest circumference, 23’’ top shoulder to waist length). For bigger sizes please include these information with your order - The chest circumference and the top shoulder to waist length. This way the harness will be adjusted and customised for a perfect fit.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Contains vertical shoulder holster, cross-shoulder harness and a double magazine pouch

  • In case of revolver holster, the counterbalance is speedloader pouch

  • Covered entire barrel

  • Closed muzzle design

  • Hand molded leather

  • Lacquered surface

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

  • Steel-reinforced thumb break

  • Available in black or mahogany

  • Right and left-handed models

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Allen Cook
5 Star Reply
Been using this for a year or so now. this is in my book the finest vertical shoulder holster I have ever used. I am retired LEO and Former Marine. I have carried numerous varieties of holsters over the years and this one exceeds them all. Ergonomic, well constructed, hugs your body, weapon is snug and secure, anchors well, excellent snaps for clean draw and the weapon easily goes back into holster. I can't say enough good things about this holster. Reply
Patrick Casey
The quality of the leather and workmanship is very good. The problem I have with the rig it has no quick draw advantage in conceal carry. The weapon almost has to be completely vertical from the holster in order to complete the draw a disadvantage in a gun fight maybe a clam shell might help. Craft Holster has said I can return the rig. They have given me a few suggestion on the leather care. I will try this and see what happens. All in All a very good product. Reply
average fit and feel . Reply
I just received my holster amazing quality and the customer service is wonderful Reply
Dave G.
Excellent shoulder rig. Just what I was looking for in a vertical rig for a Kahr Pm9. Made from quality leather. Weapon fits perfectly in the holster, and is invisible under a light shirt, jacket or vest. Would buy from Craft Holsters again. Reply
Paul R.
This is the second shoulder holster I've purchased form Craft Holsters. In a word STUNNING. If you need extreme quality, fit and performance you need to look no further. Yes it takes awhile for them to make it, but it's well worth the wait. This is old world craftsmanship, something we in the USA seem to have forgotten how to do. Political Correctness has made our work force unable to produce this kind of quality. I would love to put my money back into our economy, but I can't buy that quality here anymore ( there are some rare exceptions, but they cost more and one I've bought sits in a drawer because the firearm falls out when I bend over.) Also check out the shipping cost, it's ridiculously cheap. GREAT PRODUCT. THANKS CRAFTHOLSTERS. BTW I haven't received my second one yet, but I know from the first one I'm glad to wait for quality. Good shooting, Paul Out. Reply
Kevin mckenna
Great quality. Very pleased with my holster Reply
This is a great holster. I have several holsters for the Jericho but I was having trouble keeping it concealed. I'm a fairly skinny guy and when I carry IWB there would be times when the gun was very noticable. Anyways, I started looking for a good shoulder holster but couldn't find one anywhere until I found this site here. And I'll admit I was hesitant at first but I decided to give it a go and I am glad I did. The quality on this holster is excellent. The leather is good, thick, sturdy, and looks great. I am very happy with this rig. The straps are very comfortable and even after wearing it all day you hardly even notice it's there. I wear it under an over shirt and its practically invisible. I wish I could shake the persons who made this rigs hand, it's that good. If your looking for a good quality holster, I don't believe you'll be disappointed with this one. Especially if you have a gun like the Jericho or any other gun the other holster guys like to ignore. Side note: It took exactly 8 weeks from the day I ordered til the time it was delivered to my door. But it is definitely worth the wait my friend. Thank you Craft Holsters. Reply
perfect Reply
Ken Stauffer
I am very satisfied with this holster. It is extremely comfortable with easy access to my weapon. Reply
Love the quality of the holster. Very well made with strong stitching. Easily adjustable. The only drawback I found was the elastic that the clips is attached. I thought that elastic was too stretchy and returned the holster for a refund. Reply
Robert Siemion
WOW, where do I start.. This is the best holster that I have now, I have tried all the rest but hated all of them. Your holster is the finest and the workmanship is just unbelievable. Perfect fit, made of top quality leather and adjustable to. I have used it ever since I received it and again, Love it. You are truly professional in what you do and I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a top of the line product. Can`t say Thank You enough. RS Reply
Tom M Colorado Springs Co
This holster has some of the best craftmanship I have seen in a holster. This holster is what I wanted in a holster. Very comfortable to wear. thx everyone at Craftholster…...Now gonna order one for my 9mm THANKS AGAIN Tom M Colorado Springs CO Reply
Joe Malinak
Great craftsmanship excellent product. Great customer service. Great peaple to work with. Reply
Mark Faber
This is the next one product well made should Last at least 20 years and more Reply
Mark Faber
This is the next one product well made should Last at least 20 years and more Reply
Mark Faber
This is the next one product well made should Last at least 20 years and more Reply

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