Leather Shoulder Holster System Code: It. 42/22

Leather Shoulder Holster System Code: It. 42/22

Leather Shoulder Holster System
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Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for a versatile shoulder rig made of sturdy leather that can be adjusted easily and worn with comfort this is the one for you. You’ll get a rig with a holster and a double mag pouch - or a double speedloader pouch in the case of a revolver. It comes fully assembled so you are just a  break-in away from carrying it. And if you ever feel like dual carrying you can just order a holster for the left side and mount it on easily. The holster and pouch can be tied to the belt via belt clips and the whole rig can be concealed under a layer of clothing.

All The Details

Design of the shoulder holster enables a double use, as a shoulder holster or as a regular belt holster, when detached from the harness. The shoulder holster part features two reinforced belt slots and belt panel, which allow belt carry in 2 different cant positions. While used as a belt holster - It's designed to fit a 1.5-inch belt. 

If your gun is a revolver, then the double magazine pouch will be substituted by a double speedloader pouch.

Please note, that the holster part sometimes has a non-detachable thumb break (can be seen in the gallery). This feature depends on the type of your handgun. 

Horizontal Shoulder Rig

The leather is thin and strong, the stitching is doubled to support the most stressed parts. The holster part is horizontal with a thumb break. The straps are adjustable and have a finish in order not to create lint and dirt while wearing. The counterpart is a premium made mag pouch or speedloader pouch that has retention screws and its height can be adjusted as well.

Adjustable Shoulder Position

The holster is designed for shoulder carry and can be attached to the belt via straps. The horizontal carry offers an easy and fast draw thanks to the smart adjustable positioning which is specific to each user. The harness can be made in bigger sizes if you wish.

Perfect Fit Achieved

The holster has been wet-molded during its weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safely. The weapon fits like a glove inside the holster, the mags or speedloaders are fixed on the counterpart and the rig itself is fixed to the body thanks to the adjustable leather harness.

Premium Materials Are The Key

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide leather. It has a thickness of 7 oz. The shape is retained thanks wet-molding. Our craftsmen use vegetable oils that are applied repeatedly to ensure all layers of leather are treated. The dying process then follows the treatment process, the leather is hand-dyed in natural colors layer by layer. The last step of the process is adding a shellac layer to prolong the lifespan of the holster.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and sees on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

Customization option: The harness size is adjustable up to XL sizes. (47’’ chest circumference, 23’’ top shoulder to waist length). For bigger sizes please include this information with your order - The chest circumference and the top shoulder to waist length. This way the harness will be adjusted and customized for a perfect fit.

  • Shoulder or regular belt carry

  • Contains horizontal shoulder holster, shoulder harness with removable belt straps

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Hand molded leather with lacquered leather finish

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • Reinforced belt panel with belt slots for two cant possibilities

  • Steel-reinforced thumb break

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Good quality made holster. Perfect fit for my XDm .40 Takes a time to receive but worth the wait. Good value for the money. I would recommend to others. Reply
This holster met all my expectations and came fully assembled. Quality was top notch and I couldn't be happier by the fit and finish! Reply
Jay Slater
Finding a comfortable shoulder rig isn't easy. I have 6 (including the Craft) and this is the first that I like to wear. It is comfortable,well made and fits my Sig p220 like a glove Reply
It is really a good quality leather, and tailored exactly to my request. Good work. I am fully satisfied. Reply
I received my holster on time. It was just as I ordered. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a well-made holster at a very reasonable price. Reply
Sean Higgins
Great craftmenship. Quick service. I would recommend this company to others Reply
Larry Hansen
The finest Leather Holster i have ever seen, built for combat or every day ware, rugged, heavy duty leather, after overnight break in in a plastic bag inserted pistol in holster, the fit was perfect, i did use a little mink oil on the inside of the holster during break in process. Would highly recommend this holster to anyone, Military, police, business man, or lady. A+++++ Reply
Robert Philbrick
Outstanding work and craftsmanship! I would recommend to anyone looking for top quality work. Reply
Kurt Van Conant
Good fit, excellent craftsmanship, quality product. Haven't done other than making initial adjustments. Looking forward to practicing this weekend. Reply
Harold stewart
Disappointed I ordered the black and no the brown holster that I thought I ordered. It is a nice holster and everything fits snug. Took quite a while to receive. Overall harness was worth the wait. Reply
I absolutely love this holster it fits my gun perfectly. Very comfortable and being able to adjusted to the perfect fit is awesome. I couldn't ask for a better product Reply
This is by far the best shoulder rig I've ever owned. All day comfort and the got was perfect. I would recommend this shoulder rig for anyone that wants carry concealed. Reply
Bob P.
They make great holsters. I have bought two and recommend them to my friends. Reply
Houston Texan
Craft Holsters (CH) provides finely crafted, beautiful and durable Falco leather holsters at excellent prices, prices that deliver great value for your hard-earned dollars. As is true with all fair value propositions, CH must work within the quality triangle, where trades are made between (1) product inputs (craftsmanship and /material), (2) price, and (3) delivery schedule. Shopping here, you'll sacrifice a bit of timeliness (immediately delivery) in order to realize great product quality and price. And for me, CH found that right balance in making the trades between these 3 values. If you, too, can afford the wait time for order fulfillment (about 6 weeks in my case), you'll be extremely happy with CH's products. Reply
Wallace Rafferty
I was in LE several years back and used a popular Jackass shoulder holster extensively. I have to be honest, the holster your craftsmen made me far surpasses that manufactured holster. This is extreme quality at an unbelievable price. I waited for this holster to be made for my specific use, and it was worth every minute. I highly recommend anyone looking for a Quality holster at an affordable price consider Craft Holsters. I'm glad I did and they will have my business from now on. And a hearty Thank You to the good people who constructed such a awesome instrument with quality materials throughout. One Extremely Satisfied Customer, Wallace Rafferty USMC Reply
Larry R Kelly
Fits perfect, revolver fits very good, high quality both in material and workmanship. Reply
Michael C Gutto Jr
A great shoulder system which is easily adjusted. Terrific quality, craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. Reply
Richard Cherubino
Excellent quality. Comfortable after adjustments. Overall, way better than I expected! thank You. Reply
Peter Caviris
Excellent quality holster. My pistol and magazines fit perfectly, after it was broken in (directions on company website). It took about a month to get but company was great keeping you up to date with status of your order by email. Slightly disappointed when I saw it shipped from Europe. I thought they were made in USA. BUT it's a great holster. Reply
Great holster made with quality material with great craftsmenship, fit my pistol perfectly, thanks craftholster. Reply
Chuck Lewis
I wear leather shoulder holsters and have one for each of the weapons that I choose to carry. I also work in a gun store and get a chance to see first hand the holsters that are available out there on the market. I had just purchased a full size Sig Sauer P320 9mm and needed another holster. I ran across the website for "Craft Holsters" and was curious how a European Country, with tighter gun restrictions than here in the USA, could better understand and produce a leather holster with form and fit. By far the BEST shoulder holster I have found to date! Klaret, their Customer Service Representative, was quick to reply to all of my email questions and represented the "Craft Holster" product line with experience and expertise. While initially I found their pricing competitive, after receiving my holster and noting the quality, I would have been willing to pay more for it. Now your holster will take a bit longer to receive, since this is a custom holster company, but it will be worth the wait, I guarantee! I will soon be ordering another holster for my 5" Sig Sauer 1911 with a rail. A holster that very few companies are making in leather. They will send out periodic updates via email on the production and shipping of your holster. You will not be disappointed! Chuck Ronan, Montana, USA Reply
Les Schmidt
Fits my Kimber raptor like a glove . Will buy from again Reply
Five stars; Good quality and workmanship, and worth the wait receiving my holster. Hopefully I'll be able to order the vertical model in the future. Reply
As expected very well made, best most comfortable holster I have or ever had, been carrying for over 30 years. I used the holster for over a month for almost 24 hrs a day before review ,very comfortable. perfect fit, perfect weapon fit. LOVE IT ! any time I need another holster going to be from craft Reply
Coy Skipper
I am very pleased with my holster it is a quality product and will surely be back for more Reply
David Graves
I think the quality & workmanship is very good. It would be good if it was designed to hold both sides close to your body. That would make it more concealable. Reply
C. Lee
Amazing Quality! I bought this holster as a birthday present for my husband (larger build guy). He's always had issues finding a shoulder rig that fits him as he has a broad chest and longer than average torso. This rig fits him perfectly! We got it for the 44 magnum that he's wanted to use as his concealed carry, and it fits the gun so well. Wait time was well worth it for this product. I will be going through craft holsters for all of our holster needs from now on. Reply
Love my new holster, it really does fit like a glove. Reply
Nick Bykowetz
Well-made and practical piece of personal carry gear. Glad to have it. Just getting used to it right now. Will recommend this item to others. Worth the wait. Thx. NB USA Reply
Ordered this for a S&W 627 PC 5". Material is excellent and the fit is ok. However, the snap mechanism leaves a bit to be desired. Having a few Galco VHS's to compare it to, the retention snap is not as positive. Overall, a great holster for a model that no one else produces a holster for. I would strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a good shoulder holster system. Reply
Kenny D.
Great craftsmanship & also best price I've found. Would definitely recommend! Reply
Obadiah England
The only two things I would change with this holster is having the straps come from the side of the holster that is away from your body. It would cut down a lot on imprint under a Sports jacket. Also, the snap strap at the hammer is too short to snap it while the gun is cocked. The leather was very good quality though. Other than those two points I am very happy with this system. Reply
Steve Miller
The quality of materials and craftsmanship is excellent. The fact you can switch between shoulder and belt use is a great design and added bonus. I would definitely recommend this product. Reply
The shoulder holster was made for a kimber micro 380. I believe that this holster comes close to perfection. It fits weapon and is comfortable to wear , I use it for my everyday carry. Next is a holster for my micro 9 , then my CZ so many wants so few dollars. Reply
This holster cant be beat for the price.excellent quality leather.couldnt find a good shoulder holster for my walther anywhere else.well worth the wait.these holsters are made with top notch craftsmanship.very satisfied.would definatly purchase agin Reply
Very high quality product, very well priced. Worth the wait! Reply
Stephan m erickson
The holster was shipped in a reasonable time frame The quality was impeccable and the fit was perfect. Thank you I have already recamented Craft Holsters to my friends Thanx Steve Reply
Beautiful beautifully done. I really like the red leather, it fits perfect for my Rex zero 1 and two magazines. I like to wear it and walk around in my house just to get used to it. Not the best conceal carry gear tho. But for Winter in Seattle, it's good under a coat. Strongly recommended it. You will need to do some adjustment to make it fit comfortable under your arm pits. The fit is very tight to the full size gun and magazine, but as a leather, you can always stretch it to make it fit. After letting it set with the gun and magazine for a while, the leather now fits perfect. Great and beautiful product. Reply
Mark Day
5 stars very well made Reply
The craftsmanship of the holster is very well made and was easy to break-in. I would recommend this company to others, for sure. Reply
Harry Ford
Fits like a glove is well put, as it certainly does. Very comfortable to wear and the craftsmanship is just great. Job very well done and thanks to all involved. Highly recommend Reply
Doug Barr
Well made holster system. Good quality leather, fits like a glove, very short break in period. Well worth the wait Reply
Yuriy Dobkin
It is comfortable to wear and serves its purpose the only complaint is that length on a shoulder straps adjustment is kind of cumbersome other than that it's good Reply
Rod Combs
Very well made. Comfortable to wear. Fits the gun perfectly. I am very happy with it Reply
I like the holster. I liked the one I bought for my Sig 938 and liked it so much I bought one for my Kahr, and I like it too. Reply
Amazing holster, from opening the package it arrived in. Very well made and nothing but pleased. Have only had the chance to wear it once but was extremely comfortable. Will definitely order my next holster from Craft. Whether it's IWB, OWB, or shoulder, I will definitely order from Craft again. Absolutely love this system and it was definitely worth every penny. Love it. Reply
Victor Armstrong
Best and most comfortable shoulder holister I’ve ever had on, and I’ve had a few. Comfortable concealment, fits the firearm like a glove. Glad I got my initials on. Five star all the way around. Reply
Excellent construction, exactly as described, good snug fit as is appropriate, will definitely purchase from Craft for further holster needs. Reply
Great product but the mag holders were very tight. Construction is first rate and they,look great. Reply
Great product but the mag holders were very tight. Construction is first rate and they,look great. Reply
Don Williams Sr
Good quality product over all, materials, workmanship, and fit to the gun. I am pleased with my purchas. Reply
David G
Great product and just as described Thanks Reply
The shoulder holder system was purchased for a Walther PK380. Overall the craftsmanship, quality, etc. deserves 5 stars. My reason for giving 4 stars is that with this particular model pistol there is a safety selector switch on both sides. The leather was molded/formed so that it fits only with the safety in the “off” position. I prefer to conceal with the safety in the “on” position since the pistol doesn’t have other safety systems such as on the trigger or hand grip. Through much work I have been able to holster the pistol with the safety in the “on” position, however it took several days of work to break it in, and due to the extreamely tight fit it has a tendency to move the safety into the “off” position as the button is being snapped closed in the holster. If you prefer to carry your pistol with the safety off this system should be just what you’re looking for. I’m not, since the holster has the tendency to move the safety selector, I have instead decided to start holstering the pistol without a cartridge in the chamber. I’m pretty sure that eventually as the holster breaks in even more this will be less and less of a problem, at which time I’ll feel safe to start carrying the pistol again with one loaded in the chamber. With most modern auto loaders this issue won’t be a problem, it’s just the combination of how the pistol was engineered in combination with the leather being molded for the safety off, it very well could have been molded for the safety on and there would probably be a group of critics for that mold as well. Maybe a solution would be to mold it for both the safety in or off so the end user could choose his preferred method. The product arrived sooner than I thought based on reviews I read prior to buying and also buying just prior to thanksgiving and still arriving before Christmas! Reply
Barry Schmidt
At first I thought it was way to tight and would never break in. I was wrong . It is absolutely perfect! And it only took a week or so of working it a little around the house. Now it is just perfect. Thank you! Reply
Great holster. I got what I ordered. Thank you very much. Reply
The shoulder holster is a great way to carry the weight of a large revolver. Excellent fit for me & the firearm. Reply
Victor Rivera
Love the fit of this system.....Great product, very happy with my purchase....will be telling all my friends about your company. Thank you Craft Holsters. Reply
Very nice Bought it as a gift. My son loves it. Reply
Deborah hobson
This shoulder holster is great, its is made with great quality leather, I'm pleased with this product Reply
The holster fits my ruger sp perfect and it holds the gun in a very safe way the shoulder straps aren’t as adjustable as I feel like they should be as I’m a big guy it does however carry nice under my fleece zipper even while sitting in my truck driving. I purchased the gun and holster for hunting season it’s not my everyday carry pistol. But I could totally carry it concealed with my fleece this time of year.. not sure about the 7 week wait seems like a scam Reply
Holster system is well constructed and sturdy. Nice natural tan color. Elastic tie downs on both sides. Holster can be removed and used as belt holster if desired. Reply
Tony Hughes
I am delighted with this rig. Fits my HK VP9 SK perfectly. Craftsmanship is out standing, Very tight but they tell you how to loosen it up easily, and it works. It is very comfortable. Highly approve of this product and all whom I dealt with. Reply
I am very pleased with the quality and functionality of my new shoulder holster. Thank you Craft Holsters! Reply
it is everything I wanted in a shoulder holster.. good quality and fit.. holds my springfield xds .45 perfectly..price was right.. Reply
I purchased a different shoulder holster prior to a craft holster. When I received the first one I was disappointed in the quality. Then I got my CRAFT Holster. Hands down the best quality holster available for the price. And it was cheaper than the lesser quality holster. Well worth the wait! Reply
Exact fit, had holster broken-in 24 hrs. Well worth the wait, very comfortable once properly adjusted. I wear it high and tight, no swinging around. Excellent quality, this is the 2nd purchase from craft holsters. Highly recommended! Reply
Tom McNelis
This is the most stylist and comfortable holster Reply
Eric Lowe
the products I ordered from Craft holsters were just exactly what I wanted and needed to fill my needs for holsters. I don't normally rate products but this is an exception very high quality and fast service. I was very pleased and I have been recommending this company to my friends who want a holster that they can make their own. Thank you to craft holsters and the wonderful staff. thank you mrs. Klaret. Reply
John M.
Purchased for my GP100 4" barrel. Quality is outstanding. Easy to adjust for a perfect fit. For me as with any custom leather holster I put my revolver in a dress sock and holstered it overnight for that tiny bit of stretch. I have not been able to hunt with it yet but have drawn and fired from it many times safely on a ranch. Comfortable. The time frame from order to delivery is a bit long(X-mas season) but being custom made to order it is well worth the wait. Reply
Jon Hoek
Well worth the wait. Gun fit perfectly. After adjusting the straps to my body it fits perfectly. Good quality leather and stitching. Would highly recommend to anyone. Reply
Norman Palmer
I have got to say this is the best holster I own. Thanks to the Craft holster team, my pistol could not have fit any better. I unpackaged it, put it on, and wore it all day. I could hardly feel it was there. Super job, thanks. Reply
Jim Gunther
This holster it the most comfortable shoulder rig that I've ever worn ! Excellent quality and very well made. Perfect fit with my XDs .45 3.3" I would highly recommend it to anyone. Nice Job ! Reply
Chris G.
My wife loves the system and set up. I am looking forward to purchasing a similar rig and possible future holsters for other firearms. Reply
The quality of the materials and workmanship are excellent. I was initially a bit concerned, as the "fit" was very, very tight, had to really force the pistol in to seat it. After a few days it did "break-in". I am very happy with this product. Reply
Wonderful craftsmanship. Sidearm fits like a glove. Love it! Reply
Paul M. Rixon
I LOVE THIS HOLSTER!!! CRAFT HOLSTERS ARE THE BEST SHOULDER RIGS YOU CAN BUY. This is the second one I've bought from them and I like it even better then the first ( very different firearms) the first is for my Kimber Pro .45ACP Crimson Trace that I ordered in the vertical carry mode. Because the .45ACP is a bigger pistol I was a bit hesitant about horizontal carry for it, but it worked out perfectly for the larger caliber. The second one I bough was for a Walther PPK/S. This is there newest version of shoulder rig, and you have choices of the can't ( vertical or horizontal or belt. ) The PPK/S works perfectly in the horizontal mode for me.If I were able to give them more then 5 stars I would. Fit and finish ( I ordered both in black) is excellent craftsmanship and well worth the wait. I would buy from them again, and recommend this company to anyone wanting a really fine holster. THANK YOU CRAFT HOLSTERS Paul M. Rixon Reply
The shoulder holster system is very well made and hangs well. It was easy to adjust the harnness for the exact fit I like. Even with the weight of the SigSauer I carry, it isn't uncomfortable or place a strain on my shoulders. Would like for it to have come with two or three extra screw and post though to use to secure the extra harness strap instead of having to cut it off. Reply
glenn v falzo
The thumb snap was short by about 1/4" or more. I had a very hard time getting the leather to stretch for the Nano to fit (had to use a plastic bag as recommended in "The Holster Times" for 3 days) and to stretch to thumb snap so it would fit over the rear of the Nano to secure it in the holster. After adjusting straps, fits fine. The leather is top notch and pleased with the stitch-work. Wish it came in Mahogany though. Reply
Wyatt Duncan
I think it is great, however my snap does not work... Reply
I ordered this shoulder holster for my recently purchased S&W 686 Plus 3" revolver for various carry situations. Item arrived about 4 weeks after the order, but the wait was well worth it. I am very happy with the craftsmanship, and quality of the holster and speed reload carriers. It was a little stiff at first, but that can be expected, and was easily over come by a little time and insertion pressure. Plus breaking instructions was helpful. Its a good shoulder holster, and fitment and use are very good. Cant go wrong with going with these guys....good job, very well done. Reply
Reagan Baird
I actually read the instructions on leather care and followed them. It only took two partial days to get the holster so that the pistol would pull out but not fall out. Comfortable and fits my needs. Reply
The holster is better than expected. Great job making it, I’m impressed. I will definitely be back to buy more soon. Ron Reply
Joseph Jones
I started using the holster right out of the box, unadjusted, to get a feel for it and let the leather straps get adapted to my body. After two days, I made adjustments and then two days later, I made my final moves on the rig. It was comfortable right away but has grown more so as I continue to wear it. I used a plastic freezer bag for one night and the pistol, while still tight, fits very well in the holster. Overall, I think this has been an excellent investment and I am planning to order another soon. Reply
After I followed their instructions on breaking the holster in it fits my gun like a glove! Very well made and you can tell it will be very durable. Each holster is made to order and the company goes out of their way to communicate with you what stage of delivery the product is in. Well worth the wait. Reply
steve Hagerty
very nice work. very comfortable. easy fit. Reply
Mike Smith
Very well made holster, nice snug fit. Received holster quicker than estimated time. Will definitely buy from Craft holsters again. Reply
So far - the holster is great. Still breaking in. I was a little taken back by the actual shoulder straps...they don't feel like leather...almost a plastic feel. Reply
Joshua b
I am a big guy so I had custom measurements for my chest. I gave them my measurements and they made it custom fit. The shoulder system fits perfect and is super comfortable. The gun holster portion is also perfect. Nice tight fit on the gun and thumb break. Would recommend getting this if you carry on a daily basis. Reply
Joel Kaplan
Excellent holster fits great and the service was outstanding Reply
This is high quality leather perfect match for my gun. I will use this company again. Reply
Pete F.
Worth the wait everyone. This "Rig" when properly fitted to your build is a dream to carry. Don't even know it is on and no one can tell you are conceal carrying. The bleather is heavy and beautiful. Fit my 1911 like a glove first time. Ne need for a break in for my weapon. I am a daily wearer of this set up and couldn't be happier. Look no further, these are the people you want to purchase from. Added bonus is it converts to a OWB hip holster...2 holsters for the price of one. Cons?...wait time but it is well worth it as they custom build everything and update you as the process happens. You won't be sorry you put your trust in this company! Reply
I bought this holster so I can carry while I ride on my Harley. This holster is absolutely perfect and badass. Must have Reply
David Fowler
Excellent quality and workmanship Reply
dean cubic
very disappointed low quality Reply
Benny Robinson
Haven’t owned my holster long.The fit and finish is very good.fits my gun perfectly and I am well pleased with how comfortable it is,I forget I’m wearing it.Thank you craft holsters for a well made product. Reply
Marshall Wilson
Rig looks fine, although I haven’t fitted it for wearing. I had to alter the holster for the thumb safety on my compact S&W M&P. If there was an option for “with or without ambi thumb safety, I missed it. I am still stretching the strap, and making progress. I’m sure with the leatherwork for the thumb safety, I’m sure it will be fine. Always enjoy your products Marshall Wilson Reply
You would be hard pressed to find a higher quality holster for the money. Reply
The holster is great, the straps look cheap. Reply
David Chop
Great product quality and fit. Reply
I am very pleased with this shoulder holster. The fit is perfect, it is extremely well made and the appearance is outstanding. I highly recommend this to everyone Reply
Best custom leather holster I’ve ever bought! Reply
At first the gun fit very tight. But I did as the instructions said, put a bag over it, and let it sit for a day. Repeatedly drawing the gun and re holstering helps a lot too. after I got it adjusted, it fits and looks great. Reply
J Sanchez
After ordering the craft shoulder holster for my Arex Standard (no other manufacturer offers a shoulder or conceal carry holster for this pistol) I found the quality of the holster to be excellent. The leather is tough but supple and the craftsmanship is excellent and is clearly hand made by professional leader workers. The holster fit perfectly on the pistol and the magazine carrier was adjusted to fit perfectly with my 20 round magazines. the passive retention of both holster and magazine is such an exact fit that drawing the weapon is smooth action but there is enough passive tension on the firearm and magazines that it prevents both from falling out of the holster and magazine pouch. Holster also doubles as outside the waste band holster. Reply
The leather and holster are good quality. The adjustable "rivets" on the shoulder straps are small and hard to handle. No extras provided in case of loss? The real problem I have is that the center back piece is firmly riveted and does not allow the 4 separate straps to articulate and adjust to your own body as the Galco system does. That square piece of leather bunches up on my back and is uncomfortable. Reply
Richard Zeh
GREAT HOLSTER —- Fit my Ruger perfect. They gave me an estimated time for shipment and they were right on time. Do not have any complaints I would rate them ten stars if the option was available. Good folks to do business with, I will be ordering again shortly. The leather is high quality. Reply
very good quality holster Reply
Peter Ireland
This system fit perfectly the quality is high and I definitely got what I paid for. Great job guys!! Reply
All in all I am thoroughly impressed with the shoulder holder I received. I ordered my for a Sig Sauer Emperor Scorpion 1911 in Left hand draw configuration. Although the order took a while to get (roughly 7 weeks I believe) that was to be expected. In my mind I guess I became skeptical over the 7 week period if I believed the quality and craftsmanship would warrant that type of lead time. Much to my surprise the holster is literally top of the line. The quality is of the highest standard for both the pouches and the straps, the fitment is comfortable and adjustable. As for the holster I was expecting a pretty extensive and miserable break in period. I put the gun into a ziplock freezer bag and put it in the holster (which was very snug) and let it sit for 24 hours. After that the fitment was right where I wanted it to be, the holster got a good purchase on the pistol so it has a positive grab but wasnt difficult to draw one handed. Over time I am sure the fitment will only improve. The one thing I would have changed was the fitment on the mag pouches. The mag pouches are designed for standard 1911 mags which have just the thin metal floor plate. The mags that come with the Emperor Scorpion has a small 1/4-1/2" plastic foot in addition to the floor plate. That extra plastic made fitment a bit snug for my liking and closing the button clasp a challenge. The reason they have the additional foot on them is because that model 1911 has a built in G10 Hogue Magwell straight from the sig... Reply
Love the holster. Took forever to get,but i was aware of the shipping before i purchased it. The biggest issue I had was with the tracking website. It simply didn't work. Reply
Brandon R.
Very well made rig. The holster for my model 29 s&w fit well and it's multifunctional. It can be taken off the shoulder harness and put on the belt. Very nice rig and harness for the money. I highly recommend it. Reply
Brandon R.
Very well made rig. The holster for my model 29 s&w fit well and it's multifunctional. It can be taken off the shoulder harness and put on the belt. Very nice rig and harness for the money. I highly recommend it. Reply
Patrick Carpenter
Great quality holster! Fits like a glove with little work. Don’t get no better than this. Reply
BILL Jones
Nice. Reply
Eric Mondschein
I give this holster 5 Stars! The holster I ordered for my 380 S&W Bodyguard arrived inn a timely manner and is simply magnificent. It is al I could have hoped for: It fits nicely and is comfortable and is truly well made. Best Holster I have ever owned. Thanks! Reply
Eric byrd
Very nice holster. Purchased for steyr l9 A 1 hand gun. Perfect fit. Black horizontal shoulder rig with 2-mag pouches. Will order again! Reply
The minute I unpacked the shoulder holster, I noticed the professional craftsmanship. I am on the large side and forgot to tell them, but it still fits comfortably. It even arrived sooner than the estimated ETA. Thank you so much!! Reply
John Creamer
Very well made holster, I had a tactical version of the Sig P320 and even with the raised sights and threaded barrel they made the fit perfect, of course it always takes time to work the leather in but after I had gotten it secured it fit like a glove. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship. Reply
Very nicely constructed, but the holster part is so tight I can't snap the thumb break and requires way too much force to holster/draw. Hopefully I can break it in quickly, because if not, it's useless. Reply
gun fits like a glove and wears very well. Reply
Charles Brooks
Fit and finish outstanding with clear instruction for adjustment Reply
Jim Brown
Leather work is perfect—using plastic bag break-in method, holster and gun are perfectly fitted for retention and security. My only criticism is on the quality of the snaps used on hold-down straps. One is so tight that even after a week of ‘exercise’ it is too tight to open, and the material around the base is starting to tear. It should have been a quality control reject, and I will request a replacement. As it is, I put it on the right side and just thread my belt through it w/o opening it at all. I wouldn’t let this small detail stop me from buying any leather product in future. It is tough but beautiful. Reply
Bob Richardson
I’m a retired Special Forces Officers and I really enjoy my first holster from your company the workmanship is first class. I’m still breaking it in but I’m sure that I will have years of enjoyment Reply
Anthony Cerone
I am taken by the quality of the leather and workmanship in the holster. However, I’m accustomed to receiving a leather holster which initially fits extremely tight and requires a break- in using a thin sock over the gun for an 8-12 hour period which results in a hand-in-glove like fit which is preferred. The gun fits so easily, into and out of the holster that the thumb break must always be used or the gun slips very easily out and could discharge by accidentally falling to the ground. Reply
Good holster, this is my first shoulder rig and I'm honestly impressed. Easy to set up and use, there are so many options on how to set it up that I have confidently set it up perfectly to my body type, and I'm a slightly bigger man. Very happy with my purchase. Reply
I give this holster 4 out of 5 stars. It is a good holster that is made well. With just a few improvements it could be perfect. Tie down straps aren't long enough and having the ability to snap them on and off would be a great convenience. When the part of the holster where the 4 straps meet in the back can move freely it greatly adds to the comfort and wearability of a shoulder holster. Some times it really is the small things. With a few little changes we'd have perfection. Reply
Service was great Reply
Ival Gregory
This product is all you imagine and more. In fact, you really cannot appreciate the craftsmanship or materials of the product until you open your own package. The leather quality is top notch. The fit and trim are superb. The dying and finish are flawless. I don't intend to purchase holsters any where else in the future. They have the styles that interest me so I will be a repeat, repeat, repeat customer. You should be too. Reply
Scott Sypek
Looks great and initial fit was perfect. Straps look thin, but assume there was testing and etc that ensures longevity of use. Did not receive any care or break in instructions. Reply
Joseph Tarnowski
I'm still in the break in period with my new holster; it's slowly getting easier to draw and re-holster my gun. The embossed monogram (my initials) seems a bit small. Overall, I think this is a very well made holster with good quality leather, and I'm satisfied with it. Reply
Caleb K
I'm able to draw my pistol everytime without any kind of delaying snag. There's no discomfort, and it's adjustable. Reply
Clifford Messer
I can't give an opinion on something that I've yet to receive an utilize. Reply
callawaymtman, US, VA
Nice, nice holster..... Reply
Don Woodley
Shoulder Holster was bought as a gift and I offer these comments. It arrived about 6 weeks after I ordered it which is quite a long time but as expected. The communication from the maker was very good and was received as the holster was ordered, manufactured, and shipped. The quality, fit, and finish of the holster was excellent. I intend to order another for myself. Reply
robert gosson
The most comfortable holster you can imagine. Doesn't flop around. Feels no different that if you were wearing a vest. Very adjustable. At first, I had to spend a lot of time undoing and redoing the length to get everything the way it should be. Also the holster itself was very stiff. But I used neatsfoot leather treatment oil on the inside and worked it in and now it is soft, supple and fits the gun perfectly. I may need a couple more longer nylon straps as these fit exactly when adjusted full length and probable will be short when I put on fall hunting wool shirts with long sleeve base layer. I will try to order them before that time. Fits excellent now under a jacket wearing street clothes. Product is better than I thought it would be. I got it as a Christmas present and haven't used it in hunting season yet and have no hunting stories to tell as yet. I am a licensed guide and will use it guiding as well as guides do not carry rifles and shotguns--they are for the clients to carry, but we can carry a handgun and this will be great to have. Reply
GREAT Fit and Finish. Very snug, but following the instructions fixed that within a day.....I'd rather have it a bit snug, than sloppy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. The only place I could find that made a shoulder rig for the SPRINGFIELD XDm 5.25 inch, large frame,.....45acp and 10mm. Reply
It is rare for me to write a product review. However, I have been so excited about this product I thought it deserved my thoughts. Over the years I have purchased a significant number (50+) of holsters. I have grown to appreciate a quality leather shoulder holster due to comfort and conceal-ability, when paired with a blazer or zip-up hoodie. I had been looking for a new rig for a Sig Sauer P238 when I stumbled upon Craft Holsters. I would have preferred to buy something made in the USA, but decided to give them a try. It took about 4 weeks before I received the holster. I was initially impressed and found the quality equal to several other premium holsters. The only criticism I have is in regard to the tie-down straps. The included tie-downs are made from nylon as noted in the description. When I looked on Falco's site, they do have options for leather. I would have been nice to give the buyer the option of choosing which they wanted. Otherwise, I am quite pleased with this purchase. Reply
Form, fit, and function is excellent Reply
The holster is great but I am still waiting on the fitted holster i ordered the one i got in the first place didn"t fit my husband so I am waiting on the newe one. Reply
Craig Berkey
Good quality. I'm leaving my gun in the holster to hopefully stretch it out. It's very snug and hard to fasten the thumb break. I'm having issue adjusting the holster and the back part between the shoulder blades sticks up. Reply
Kevin Cain
I purchased for my friend, he lives the quality of the leather. I will purchase one for myself for my Grand Power T12 one day. Reply
Overall, its a great product that fits my CZ 75B very well, is comfortable to wear, and more importantly, easy to draw from. My only two qualms with the set up is first, the time it takes from order to arrival and second, the overall quality. Granted, Craft Holsters does let you know it may take 6-8 weeks to get it (even without the custom monogram) so do not expect Amazon delivery but it still seems like an eternity. Mine did arrive on time (6 ish weeks) but still. Secondly, I would not say its the highest quality over the shoulder set up as it relates to materials. Mine came in a branded plastic bag, which should give you an idea on the quality of leather used, so do not expect High Noon Holster leather quality. It does use very nice rivets and strong snaps so there is some saving grace in that. I wish it was a little more heavy duty, but for just south of 150, its a h*ck of a deal. As mentioned, its a great, good looking holster that you can easily wear all day and look sharp in. If you practice, your draw time will not suffer which is arguably the most important aspect of any holster. Its a no-nonsense holster that leaves only a little to be desired, but for south of 150 (without shipping), its a great buy and well worth the money. Reply
David Somers
Fantastic holster rig for the price. I had this custom made for my full size carry (Walther P38) and it was indeed a perfect fit. The draw speed is second to none as well. Once broken in, there's absolutely no hindrances to the motion; so it all comes down to your own coordination. The craftsmanship and quality feels like something that would go for twice the price tag of what I actually paid. Combine that with the adjustable strap screws, you can really refine this to your liking. Only downside for me personally (and this was my own lack in a full inventory search) was that I would have liked the shoulder rig with the roto-holster for a bit slimmer profile under tighter garments. And that's nothing on Craftholsters, this piece does exactly what it's advertised to do. Honestly I might buy the roto in addition as I just like these things so damned much. On top of all that, it also looks really badass too! Reply
Sandy Heideman
I purchased this holster for my son. He fell in love right away. The leather and color were perfect. Excellent craftsmanship. Thank you for such a great job. Reply
Greg Sams
4+ The holster , leather all well made. Initially the snaps are difficult to use however they do loosen up. I would purchase from Craft Holsters again. Reply
Kirk Taylor
It is very good holster and very comfortable. I wear it several times a week. Reply
Gary Leclair
Great holster have no complaints.craftsmanship is excellent.going to be getting another one for my Dan Wesson 45 cal Reply
One hundred percent satisfied with my holster! Fits my gun like a glove. Upon ordering asked for enlarged mag pouch straps to hold larger 20 round mags. Upon receiving holster, found mag straps too long and mags had 1/2-3/4 inch movement play. Contacted support and the lady(cannot remember her name, I’m sorry) was very helpful. Her first fix was for me to take pictures and they would make a complete new mag pouch to correct the issue. That was awesome, but I figured it was a little unnecessary. Instead I requested a couple of extra snaps for the mag pouch snaps so I could just shorten the straps. Received multiple extra snaps in a couple days, stopped at local leather shop and walked out with 2 new snaps installed in 2 minutes flat. Customer service is beyond exceptional, the fact they would have made a whole new pouch with out question! Been carrying everyday with this new shoulder rig and I love it! Not looking forward to putting away for the summer! Thank you! Reply
Don Winkelman
EXCELLENT I had a custom fat man size made and it fits perfect. it was made for a Grand Power Q1/P11 and both pistols fit snug as a bug. this is my 3rd holster and all of them have been what the doc ordered highly recomend Reply
CHRis Mahany
Great custom hand made holster. The workmen ship on these holsters are very professional. It's like it was made to custom fit me. Very good Holster! Reply
Ron M
Excellent quality-- just trying to get all the adjustments in control so I like where/how it fits/ feels. Ron Reply
Phil Kershisnik
Appears to be a fine holster. I had hoped the strap material would be of a much softer leather. That would certainly improve the break in time. Reply
Shoulder holster for my Sig was custom made due to my height. I received the holster, adjusted it, fit my weapon into it and let it sit for 24 hours. It's comfortable to wear and is quality made, as advertised. Kudos to the folks at Craft Holsters. Reply
ronald mcconnell
fit like a glove. was worth the wait. Could use very stiff elastic type belt straps. the fixed non stretch ones leave a lack of agility for the lack of a better word. unfortunately , I wear suspenders because of too much belly and have to strap to the belt loop or on the side of the suspenders. but that is not the holsters fault!! ha. Reply
Very, Very pleased with the holster. As a LEO, I don't always find myself in a situation where a duty belt is what I need to wear. The shoulder rig gives me concealment that is sometimes necessary, and getting closer to retirement, its nice to get the weight off my hips that comes with a full duty belt. Great product!!! Reply
Steven Houston
I am very pleased and impressed with this shoulder holster system. It is a work of art and fine craftsmanship. I was so impressed with the system I ordered two more. I have been using the Galco's Miami Classic system for years. I am now going to use Craft-Holsters. It is exceptional craftsmanship. In my opinion Craft-Holsters are more rugged yet more comfortable with the wider shoulder straps. The leather used in the Craft-Holster system is a higher quality than Galco's and Bianchi's. To be honest this shoulder holster system is far superior than any other. Not to mention the ability to easily detach the holster from the shoulder harness and use it on your belt. Buy one and you will understand. It is well worth the wait. Reply
Jim Keener
The quality and craftsmanship of this holster is superb. Fits my pistol perfectly. I'm completely satisfied with this purchase, and will highly recommend it. Thank you! Reply

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