Leather Shoulder / Belt Holster Code: It. O1

Leather Shoulder / Belt Holster Code: It. O1

Leather Shoulder / Belt Holster
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Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

Miami style shoulder holster offers the comfort, concealment and multiple carry position use. Holster can be used 4 different ways,horizontally within a shoulder holster configuration, or on the belt in S.O.B, side and cross draw positions. Part of the harness is extra lined with a soft material to increase the comfort. Holster features a thumb break for rapid draw and retention screw for a higher security level.

All The Details

The horizontal shoulder holster contains a holster unit with a thumb break and cross-shoulder harness. The holster can be detached from the harness and used as a regular belt holster with more carry positions. The shoulder holster is thermo molded for the perfect fit. It features a retention screw to adjust to the safety fit of the firearm. The holster is particularly formed for the comfortable fit, whether carried on the belt or shoulder. It can be worn in 4 different positions, including horizontal as the shoulder holster, on the side as a belt holster, as a cross draw holster or in SOB carry position. The holster isdesigned to fit a 1.5 inch belt. 

Please note, that the number of retention screws on this holster is a subject to the overall gun lenght and the holster has either one or two retention screws. And please note, that in some cases the barrel may not be fully covered, this happens with certain models of guns.

Customization option: The harness size is adjustable up to XL sizes. (47’’ chest circumference, 23’’ top shoulder to waist length). For bigger sizes please include these information with your order - The chest circumference and the top shoulder to waist length. This way the harness will be adjusted and customised for a perfect fit.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Open muzzle design

  • Thumb break

  • Retention screw

  • Shoulder, belt, cross draw or SOB carry position

  • Available in right and left handed design

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Vega Holster

Customer reviews

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Keith C.
When I received my holster I was a little disappointed the holster wasn't just for my compact pistol, but also for the full size version. I had wanted it to be shorter so as to be easier to conceal. After wearing it around & breaking it in I quickly got over the fact that my holster was now a 2-for-1 & am actually looking for a full size! It is comfortable, concealable, a down right a beautiful piece of workmanship that is now apart of my daily life. Couldn't be happier with my purchase & plan on making more in the future. Keep up the great work! Reply
Outstanding. I was concerned as there are 2 versions of the pistol I ordered the holster for, with quite different trigger guards, but Craft nailed it. Excellent fit, finish, good quality leather, very pleased with purchase. Reply
Very well made and comfortable! Excellent product! Reply
Very well made holster. Fits my Glock perfectly. I have tried it in its should and small of back/horizontal position and works well for both. The small of back carry holds the pistol close and is not noticeable when wearing a long shirt. Shoulder carry is comfortable and easy to access. Happy with quality and performance. Reply
Bruce W
Terrific holster. I used to buy Galco but I was told by one of their sales reps that the had only one holster for my PPS and they were not planning to make any additional designs, i told them I would find someone else who would. That's when I found Craft. Holster is a perfect fit for my pistol and it is even better quality than Galco. Thanks for sending it out so fast. I had it in only a few days after my order. Reply
George Zumbro
A very well made leather holster that fits my gun perfectly. Delivered when promised. Reply
Great fit, very comfortable ! Perfect Reply
Ranger Randy
Excellent quality and fit my Walther PPQ perfectly. Very comfortable to wear under a jacket, or even under a short-sleeve shirt in hot weather. Reply
works well. comfortable. wear when I am riding motorcycle. Reply
Paige Hertzog
Holster is a very good leather quality, it can be a little difficult to put on a belt if you do not have the recommended one, a stiffer one works best. Other than that I love this product. It is very comfortable and I like that I can switch it to my belt. Fits my gun perfectly and the holster makes it easy to access the gun and easy enough to slide out for use. Reply
Paige H
I would like to add that the Pony Express shipping was awesome, I wasn't expecting my product for weeks and it came within 6 days. Thanks! Reply
Bb Williams
Great holster, fits my Beretta 92 FS perfect. Very well made product, the monogram looks really sharp, nice added feature. The holster overall fits really well and is comfortable. I like the the quick release of the snap when holstered due to the thick leather backing, not flimsy at all. For sure a holster to last a lifetime. Reply
Jeffrey Crangle
Perfect for throwing over your shoulder while hunting and versatile enough to have under a sports coat. Reply
Mark F.
I have had the Craft shoulder holster about two weeks. The retention of my gun is excellent. The fit is also very good. I would recommend this product to anyone seeking a discreet shoulder holster. I don’t rate it a five because of the short time of use. Reply
This is a quality made holster and is very comfortable to wear. Reply
Jose m
It feel and looks great. Love the craftsmanship. I give it 007 stamp of approval...thxs gentlemen.. Reply
Robert Patton
It took several weeks to receive my purchase, but it was well worth the wait. To be fair I purchased the black sholder holster and magazine pouch, both appear to be of high quality craftmenship and materials. I’m very happy with the fit and finish (on myself and pisrol) and will update later on how they’ve held up. I’m very happy with this purchase... be patient! Reply
This holster is usable but I will be replacing it eventually. In truth I am disappointed with it because I expected a closer gun specific fit. It is not a model fit at all with the pistol (a Sig p230) too loosely held. Reply
Good quality leather material Reply
Gary Cherry
Recently received my holster and have been very pleased with its comfort and quality. There is no sense of droop or sag on the gun side without a belt loop on the opposite side, a concern of mine before purchase. Folks at Craft Holsters very pleasant and helpful. Just good to work with. Reply
Best holster I've found yet! Perfect fit for my Glock 17 right out of the box. I was worried it would take a while to make and then ship from far away, but they had it made in half the time they estimated and for the global shipping they apparently use a pre-approved customs method. Got to me in 3 days door to door. I really like this product, the service and this company! Reply
Quality set up. Worth the wait, and very good customer service. Would buy again, fit my Springfield 1911 very well. Reply
Great holster, very good quality, fit myself and my gun well. Reply
Oliver Marriott
Quality is amazing, product is amazing. Only problem is that the eleastic side hurts my shoulder after a few days of use however that would be an issue with any shoulder holster. Reply
Dino Francesconi
Just received my leather shoulder /belt holster for my sig sp2022 and fit is amazing right away, will not need a break in period. Craftsmanship is excellent and time between ordering and delivery was outstanding. This is my second holster from Craft, first was a black pancake holster that i also think is an excellent holster. These will not be my only transactions as i expect more in the future. Thank you. Reply
Have 3 galco shoulder holsters. wanted to try a different brand of holster. Bought a Craft shoulder holster for GP 100. The holster fits the gun just fine & shoulder holster fills good wearing it. Reply
very pleased with the holster, the model 60 fits very nice. highly recommend this product . delivery was very prompt. Reply
Thomas Pitchford
I purchased the shoulder holster for a Walther PPK Cal. 9mm Kurz /.380ACP. After the break-in period for the holster to stretch the leather for the perfect fit for the weapon, satisfaction was achieved. The monogram, if requested as I did, in my opinion would look better if it were on the holster horizontal rather then vertical on the holding strap and larger font! Grommets should be included for the strap adjustments (4 to 6). The picture on your site shows grommets on the straps and none were included in my package. I had to order some from another source and am still awaiting delivery of those items. Grommets Reply
James Kitchens
Great holster for my Walther pps m2. A little tight on the draw, but I am leaving the gun in the holster 24/7 in hopes that it will loosen up a bit. Reply
Pretty good! like that it fits the weapon securely. Not sure that the straps are real leather, as compared to some synthetic or composite leather, but having received only recently, I can't judge how they will hold up over time. Reply
Steven Kaplan
Perfect Reply
Matt H
I highly reccomend this holster. It looks great, feels great. I have purchused 5 or 6 other holsters from other sites (open carry, inside the waistband etc....) i have finally found what i have been looking for. If you are looking for a holster that is more than fairly priced, comfortable and highly functional, look no further. I couldnt be more satified with the service and the product!!!! I will purchuse more products in the future. Thanks Craft Holsters! Reply
Ben Thomas
Delivery was so quick it took me by surprise. Quality of craftsmanship is above and beyond all expectations. Comfortable and unobtrusive for daily wear. Fit for pistol was initially too tight, but following the supplied instructions allowed me to dial it in perfectly. My standards for this were so high, I was leery of purchasing sight-unseen, but I couldn’t be more pleased. Happy to recommend this product and company. Reply
Ben Thomas
Delivery was so quick it took me by surprise. Quality of craftsmanship is above and beyond all expectations. Comfortable and unobtrusive for daily wear. Fit for pistol was initially too tight, but following the supplied instructions allowed me to dial it in perfectly. My standards for this were so high, I was leery of purchasing sight-unseen, but I couldn’t be more pleased. Happy to recommend this product and company. Reply
James Hudson
Wonderful quality gun fits perfectly Reply
Excellent rig - comfortable, fits well, easy draw. I'd like one for my Beretta 92G, but they only make the vertical rig. Reply
Ordered this holster system for a 2" Detective Special. Materials, craftmanship and finish are all very good...especially at this price point. The only thing that prevents this from being a five star review is that I have the harness let out as far as it will go. It fits me, but I am only a 44" chest so there are guys bigger than I am that wouldn't be able to wear this. Reply
Rick siebers
I recently purchased two of the Miami rig shoulder holsters; one for S&W J frame and one for the new Colt Cobra. I alternate between them. Both are beautifully made and I love wearing them. I used the non-chemical break in method outlined in the website, and it works perfectly. I am in the market for one more yet, this is where I’m going. Reply
Ron Ruiz
Excellent, just what I was looking for, outstanding quality. Reply
don't mess with other holsters, this holster fits the gun perfectly, is comfortable and is the only way to go !! Reply
Fits gun perfectly, have tried many holsters in the pass. have carried a gun every day for the pass 39 years. craft holsters will be the only holsters I will get. have a order on my 3rd one, will be ordering more shortly. Reply
Bill Taylor
Glad I found this product! Often times I am uneasy about ordering something online, sight unseen, however this holster is just what i was hoping it would be. From courteous, knowledgeable lady who took my order, to fast arrival, it was very nice. PLUS, the shoulder holster fit perfect right out of the shipping container and is comfortable! Reply
John W.
Holster is very good fit and quality was what I was looking for and the service was very fast for where it was made. Reply
BadDawg Bill
Nice holster, well made. A little tight but time should fix that. Reply

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