Leather Holster with 3 carry positions Code: It. N1

Leather Holster with 3 carry positions Code: It. N1

Leather Holster with 3 carry positions
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On Stock
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3 Carry Positions
3 Carry Positions
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for a versatile holster for your daily whereabouts this is the one for you. It’s best used as a SOB holster where it exceeds, but can be also worn on your strong side or cross-draw. You can use it on the range, in your car or just as a daily carry piece. The holster is tightly sitting on the belt thanks to a clever belt loop system with multiple openings that create the three angles of the carry and offers fast draw thanks to a quick release clip.

All The Details

This leather holster represents the OWB carry model. It features a quick release thumb break. Thermo molding of the holster enables a perfect gun fit. It can be worn also as a cross-draw design with a straight positioning. The holster features an open muzzle design. Holster is designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt.

Premium Leather And Two Retention Screws

The leather holster has reinforced stitching to offer a tight fit in all three positions. It features two retention screws for better adjustment in different positions. The leather is thin and accommodates the gun very tightly. It features a premium sewn-in snap that won’t harm the finish of the gun.

Three Positions In One Holster

The holster is designed for strong side, cross draw and small of back carry. The retention screws help adjusting the holster for each individual position. The quick release thumb break offers a fast draw in all three carry variants. The holster exceeds mostly in the small of back position, the gun is accommodated and the handle is facing upwards.

Italian Perfect Fitting

The holster has been wet-molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. It fits like a glove and holds the shape.

Italian Quality Leather

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide from Italy. It has a thickness of 1/10 ‘’  The shape is retained thanks to the wet-molding of the leather and the use of quality oils in the process. Vegetable oils applied layer by layer  and  a shellac finish that further prolongs the lifespan of the holster.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Entire barrel covered

  • Open muzzle design

  • Preffered carry position: SOB

  • 3 carry positions: cross draw, SOB or side carry

  • Retention screw

  • Available in right and left handed design

  • 2 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Very well constructed
The reason for 4 stars is the two upright positions are a little wobbly. The horizontal position is just fine and the best of the three. Reply
Great Reply
Ray Hryb
Just received this holster for a Beretta 92fs with a threaded barrel. The quality and feel of the product is outstanding and the fit is impeccable. Although coming from Europe to the US with only economy shipping, the product arrived in less time than Craft suggested it would, and was packaged well enough to insure an undamaged delivery. They also threw in a really high quality paracord bracelet. I highly recommend this product and Craft as a reliable, customer friendly company, and will be ordering another holster from them in the near future. Reply
The holster fits my Beretta .380 mod.84 very well except the snap is to short to go over the hammer. Not sure why, it was not a problem for me. I do like the three slot position for the cross draw feature. Reply
Fernando Aldecoa
Good quality holster and great value for the money Reply
Arrived earlier than expected! Well made and fits like a glove...super snug at first, but shapes nicely to my PPQ M2 after following breaking in instructions. Looking forward to years of reliability. Reply
Great holster. Couldn't be more satisfied with the fit and quality. Reply
Fantastic holster with a very solid and ergonomic design, also very stylish. My gun fits 100 %. Item came as described. Very happy with my purchase. Reply
Aaron Prame
Wow you guy's do nice work . The fit was great and the craftsmanship is flawless. I will be getting another one for my Ruger SR 22 Thank You Reply
John Moore
Perfect fit for my pistol . Excellent quality. Exactly what I was looking for. Reply
Richard M
Truly, one of the best holsters I have ever found for my Bersa 40 Pro. Fits like a glove, enough belt openings to carry any way you desire. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Craft for making my day. Reply
Mike Roub
I am impressed with quality and detail of the holster. I haven't had much opportunity to use it yet. Have carried a couple of days, will need some break in period for the pistol to slide in and out smoothly. I have shown it to others, and gave them your website that are interested. Thanks for the product and the follow up. Will probably have more to share as I use it more. Reply
The holster is premium quality. It fits like a glove and is by far the best made holster I own. Reply
Mike Ryan
Well made, quality holster. Reply
Bruce G
Well built, solid holds shape. My Glock 20 fits it like a glove. Reply
Ron Martin
Very nice Holster. When fresh out of the box, very hard to snap and wear on belt. That is normal. I let it lay in my safe with weapon in it. It is starting to take shape. I liked the color I chose (mahogany). Stitching looks good and I see no problems with workman ship. On a side note, ordering the Holster was a disaster (my fault). I must say that dealing with your staff was a breeze and I received the Holster with no further problems. I cannot say enough positive things about your staff and your product. I am telling all my friends about this, plus showing it off. Thank you. Reply
Evan Kalimanis
Exactly what I was seeking! Incredible quality, shipped immediately. Thanks. Reply
Phenomenal comfortable all around great product Reply
I love the holster and it is really top grade leather. I would have given 5 stars if I did not have to stretch it 3 times to get the gun to fit. I had to purchase the alcohol and brush, wet the inside of the holster wrapped the gun in plastic and inserted it for 10 hours. The gun fit but very tight. I put a belt in the holster and then it did not fit. Had to do it again. Still too tight. Next time I put the gun in plastic, wrapped the gun with heave tape to make the gun much bigger than it is and put all that in plastic to stretched it. Now it fits but a holster made for a specific gun should not require 3 days work to get the gun to fit. Additionally, there are a couple of stains where the alcohol soaked through. Not a problem since I don't wear it exposed anyway. Reply
Steve Armstrong
My new holster is well made, fine leather, fitting is excellent, and the price was right. Thank you for your prompt service and quality product. I will buy again. Reply
I received this a couple months ago and could not snap it shut so put it away. I came back to it later and saw the instructions on the back page, I followed them and now all is great. I should not have been to hasty with my review. I love the holster for fit and comfort It is extremely well made. Thank you and change my 4 stars to 5 Reply
Roger Brewer
The holster is very well made. There are actually 4 carry useful carry positions. Unfortuntely, this is an outside-the-waistband holster, and I find that I'm just not comfortable with that style. It was my first attempt at this style, and seems a fine example of it, but will get very little use by me. Reply
good quality, versatile, easy concealable, fits like a glove Reply
Carl Thompson
Great holster, perfect fit for my Glock 27. Thumb break easy to snap and unsnap. Highly recommend this company. Reply
Glenn Knoper
Came with one rivet not two as shown on the site and would not fit firearm. Had to soak holster and insert firearm for fit. Reply
Great holster. Fit my Taurus 92 perfectly, it has a rail and this is the only nice leather holster I know that fits. Really well made, looks great! Reply
Kirk McGuire
I have only used it once with my Sig SP 2022. So I cannot say much about it yet. It looks good. It seemed to fit well from just using it one day hiking. It does not hide well, but the SP is a full size 9mm. I would recommend Craft. Reply
Tight fit still in break process. well designed and excellent quality Reply
quality leather & stitching. fir is exact for my model 42 Glock. really like the idea of 1 holster made for 3 carry positions. Reply
I like it for strong side, but SoB was floppy. I think I should have gotten their pancake holster. Reply
Excellent construction, beautiful leatherwork,wonderful multiposition holster with perfect fit for my handgun Reply
R Johnson
Wonderful quality holster. Reply
Tom cook
Nice holster very well made fit is tight but breaks in I would buy again Reply
Leather is high quality and construction and stitching are well done. The leather is quite tough before breaking in. Used several treatments of denatured alcohol to help fit the holster to the pistol as well as fitting the pistol into the holster with a ziplock bag and finally fits well after a couple weeks of adjustments. I anticipate this holster will last many years. Reply
Robert DeBarge
One of, if not the best holsters I’ve ever purchased . The fit and workmanship is outstanding. I wish that all my holsters were as made as well. Reply
Pure perfection in every aspect. Couldn't ask for anything better. Reply
My S&W model 39 fits perfectly in the leather mold and I love having the option to carry it 3 diferent ways. I couldn’t ask for a better constructed holster. Reply
R Polk
Great craftsmanship, comfortable to wear and quick delivery. Just have to break in the leather a bit, but very good holster. Reply
It's a well crafted holster. I wanted to try a few different carry positions besides IWB which is how I usually carry. It's also nice that they have a version for the Colt M45A1 which is just slightly different than a normal Colt 1911 w/a rail so it can be tricky to find nice holsters for. Reply

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