Leather Gun Belt, 1.5 inches Code: It. 13/3

Leather Gun Belt, 1.5 inches Code: It. 13/3

Leather Gun Belt, 1.5 inches
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Old-World Craftmanship
Old-World Craftmanship
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Have a question?

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Why To Buy It

The leather duty belt is constructed of premium saddle leather, with elegant buckle. Designed to fit 1 1/2" belt. Perfect for civilian or professional use as it outstands basic belts in function and is designed to accomodate holsters properly, without movement.

All The Details

Leather gun belt with side stitching and a brass buckle, 1.5 inch wide.

  • Brass buckle

  • Smooth surface

  • Width 1.6 inches

  • Side stitched

  • Elegant buckle

  • Black or Mahogany color

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Very happy with the quality and customer service. I was kept updated with the progress of the product. Reply
Dick Jobe
Products were very well-made Reply
Dave Ollivier
Top notch quality, a very high end product! Would highly recommend this product. Great customer service as well! Reply
Dave Ollivier
Outstanding quality and great customer service! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality belt and holster. Reply
John Mains
Nice belt overall, but the leather is just to thin to hold up as a viable gun belt. Reply

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