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LaserMax Centerfire Leather Belt Holster

It. 34L/Lasermax

Brand: Falco Holster

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Hand Molded and Dyed Leather
Hand Molded and Dyed Leather
Best Europan Brands
Best Europan Brands
Custom Made
Custom Made
Monogram Embossing Available
Monogram Embossing Available


This custom leather holster is meant for outside the waistband carry and it is specifically designed for your handgun equipped with the LaserMax Centerfire Laser. The holster is based on one of the most popular holster designs in our store - the Comfortable Leather Belt Holster. The entire holster is made of premium Italian leather and sewn together by high-quality German threads. This OWB holster comes in an open-muzzle design, although the entire barrel of your gun is covered. It also covers your entire LaserMax Centerfire laser.

The perfect fit this holster offers is the result of the wet molding techniques applied in its production. The holster is always molded on the exact replica of your gun with the laser attached, which makes its fit truly custom. The retention of this leather holster is further enhanced by the steel-reinforced thumb break. This OWB holster is meant for the 4 o’clock carry and the widely spaced belt slots it features secure the holster’s stability on the belt.

The holster offers a slightly forward-leaning cant, which allows for a very quick draw and easy reholstering. This OWB holster comes in mahogany and black colors and it is available for both right and left-handed shooters. The belt slots are 1.5’’ wide by default, but you can ask for their extension to fit virtually any gun belt. This outside the waistband light/laser-bearing holster also comes with a 5 year warranty.

Note - The holster comes with 1.5’’ wide belt slots. You can ask for customization of the belt slots through the “your note” field when placing your order.

Please note -  This holster can be only manufactured for Ruger LCP and S&W M&P Shield.


OWB carry, 4 o’clock position
Hand made product
Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
Suitable for a handgun with the LaserMax Centerfire laser.
Custom glove-like fit
High carry comfort
Steel reinforced thumb break
Extra retention and stability
Open-muzzle design, entire barrel covered
Available in mahogany and black color
Available in right and left-handed version
Available for the Ruger LCP and S&W M&P Shield
Premium 5 year warranty
Produced by Falco Holsters
Falco Holster

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