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Jericho 941 Holsters

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Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Old-World Craftmanship
Old-World Craftmanship
Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove

About Holsters for Jericho 941

Choosing the right holster for Jericho 941 is not a simple task, so you should better bet on craftsmanship and quality that is proven by years. With quality holster, you can rely on your self-defense setup in every situation and your gun will have a safe shelter for a lifetime. Our offer includes 161 Jericho 941 concealed carry and duty holsters from traditional European holster producers, known for their quality materials and hand crafted manufacture. Jericho 941 holsters are custom made for this gun model for perfect fit and smooth draw and allows you to wear your gun in comfortable and safety way. We offer Leather, Nylon and Kydex Jericho 941 holsters. You can choose between IWB, OWB, Ankle, Cross Draw, Drop Leg, Duty, Light & Laser, Magazine & Ammo, Molle, Paddle, Shoulder and Small of Back holster designs for Jericho 941.

About Jericho 941

The story of “Jericho pistols” started in 1993, when the Israel Military Industries (IMI) Ltd. began production of weapons in Israel under the British Mandate in Palestine, when the Jewish underground at the time resorted to producing illegal weapons. In the late 1950’s, IMI started collaboration with the Israel Defense that resulted in a development of the new and innovative firearm brands including GALIL, UZI, X95, NEGEV, TAVOR and JERICHO pistols.

The IWI’s guns are combat-proven under extreme environmental conditions to provide unrivaled reliability. The IWI product range and accessories have been in use by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for decades because of the technological innovation and outstanding performance of the weapons. All weapons are designed and tested by the IDF. In 2012, IWI developed the first civilian commercial rifle called the “Tavor” that was introduced in the United States in 2013. In 2015, the legendary Galil ACE pistols and rifles, UZI Pro & Jericho pistols were brought to the American civilian market.

The IWI Team is still working on innovations and optimizations of new and already existing firearms reflecting the ongoing threat of global terrorism. The IWI’s weapons are popularly used by militaries worldwide including Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, India, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Ukraine, Mexico, Portugal and many others.

The Jericho 941 Steel Frame is a single-action or double/action semi-automatic gun introduced by Israel Military Industry (IWI now) in 1990. In 1990, the first model was imported into the U.S by K.B.I in Pennsylvania. Few years later, O.F. Mossberg & Sons were selling this gun model under the name Uzi Eagle in the U.S. And later on as the “Baby Eagle” by Magnum Research Company until the end of 2008.Some pistols made by Magnum Research are marked Desert Eagle Pistol. Despite the similarities in the names, the Jericho 941 is a different gun to IMI Desert Eagle that is a larger model.The Jericho 941 Steel Frame was originally designed and modeled on the CZ 75 pistol by the Česká Zbrojovka in the Czech Republic. The well-respected and tested design of CZ 75 gun design allowed IMI to start production of the Jericho 941 to satisfy Israeli government contract requirements.

The Jericho 941 Steel Frame is available in the R-version featuring a combined safety decocker and in the decocker version, which is equipped with a simple decocker. The barrel of the Jericho features a polygonal barrel and is substantially heavier than its forerunner.The pistol was available in 9x19 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .41 Action Express calibers. Production of 941 Model chambered for. 41 AE calibers were discontinued soon, as it was only a small commercial successful.The Jericho 941 is still in use by professionals in military, law enforcement and police worldwide including the Israeli Security Forces, Hungarian Police, and Army Military Police Special Duty Team of Korea Republic and by Ukrainian police and Special Forces.

Bullet Proof Quarantee

Craft Holsters offers quality represented by the combination of Old World holster production legends and top quality service. This quality comes with a guarantee that safeguards the whole purchase. It’s the features implemented into the ordering process and credit card checkout that make your order safe. It’s the email communication that we provide that tells you every single detail of your order because we want you to be in touch and informed. It’s the tryout period and money back guarantee that turns the whole purchase into a relationship between our quality and your satisfaction. We thank you.