IWB Suede Leather Holster Code: It. IB3

IWB Suede Leather Holster Code: It. IB3

IWB Suede Leather Holster
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1 O'clock Carry Position
1 O'clock Carry Position
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for an ultra-thin and skin-friendly holster that allows a superfast and a super silent draw this is the one for you. The suede finish is sensitive to the skin while the inside is processed so that no lint or dust will go in the gun’s way. The holster holds to the belt via a polymer clip and can be put on easily. The holster is ambidextrous, transformed by moving the polymer clip to the other side.

All The Details

The leather gun holster is made of suede leather. It is designed for the inside the waistband strong side carry with a polymer clip. It features a closed muzzle design, with entire barrel covered. Its effective and simple design enables quick and easy draw and re-holstering. The holster can be easily removed without undressing the belt. It is available in right or left-handed modification. Designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt.

Suede Leather Concealment

The suede Italian leather is very thin and friendly to the skin. It has a tight stitching to accommodate the gun properly and double sided skin barriers. The leather is very lightweight and thin, you won’t feel the weight of the holster and the gun bulge will be minimal.

Comfortable IWB

The holster is designed for IWB, it’s thin and the pressure created between the body and the belt accommodates the gun safely. The polymer clip can be removed and put on the other side, this holster is ambidextrous thanks to this feature.

The Gun Fits In Like A Glove

The holster is made from thin suede leather that will fit around the gun and hold it tightly in position thanks to the natural force of the body pressing against the belt. The suede finish is only on the outside where it contacts the skin and. The inner part of the leather is heat treated leather to protect the gun from lint and dirt.

Italian Craftsmanship

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide from Italy. It has a thickness of 1/10''  The shape is retained thanks to the wet-molding of the leather and the use of quality oils in the process.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated. 

  • Available in leather suede

  • Closed muzzle design

  • Entire barrel covered

  • Polymer clip

  • Available in right and left handed version

  • 2 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Robert Truitt
It is a great holster, I have carried it now since I have gotten the holster. I recommend their product I will but again. Thanks to all of you. Reply
This holster is exactly what I needed. Needed something to carry when on road trips. Easily slips into shorts / jeans when getting out of the car at roadside stops. Very good quality leather. Reply
Rick Coe
Beretta 92A1 is a hard weapon to find a holster for, this holster fits nicely. The leather is extremely soft and the stiching seems to be well done. However, I would have like to see a little more rigidity in the leather to hold open the neck for easier holstering. Reply
excellent product, my glock 19 fits perfectly. Nice leather and nice finish. Reply
Very comfortable to carry. With comfort I lose the ability to draw quickly. Maybe you could add a plastic insert. Reply
Caitlin Refuerzo
My suede leather holster was IMMACULATE in design and comfort. The feel was super soft and I asked for my name to be engraved into the holster and they did just that! The holster locks into place on my belt no problem and doesn't rub or iritate my skin at all. 10/10 for these guys. Simply beautiful! Reply
Omar aziz
Love the holster works excellent for my Walther PPQ .45 will set but again. Reply
Joe Thomas
Very comfortable to wear. Holsters my Sig perfectly. Drawing the gun works great, but since its soft comfortable suede reholstering requires both hands. Well worth the money! Reply
Excellent! Very comfortable and worth every cent! Reply
Kenneth Webb
Very well made, high quality leather and stitching. Will order this holster for other pistols I carry. All my gun friends are impressed. Reply
Larry Cirkus
Very well built very nice Reply
Mark Smith
Good quality and nice fit. Will order again Reply
Nice holster well worth the money Reply
David Moore
Wasn’t expecting much, just looking for IB conceal carry for my new Sig 40. Pleasantly surprised surprised at how the holster conceals and makes easy access to a weapon so large. Reply
I obtained this rig for a new On Duty Charter Bulldog 44. There are allot of hipsters or there for bulldogs and charter even offers some on their website. However most off these are made for j frame 38s add they are generally the same size gun. This rig was made for the 44 size cylinder I believe. It's hard to tell but I ordered the rig fur 1 oclock Carry with straight drop. I got exactly what I ordered. It's thin, light ave easy to carry. When I'm not caring the gun it's in my truck and tucks neatly inn my ex cigarette lighter/ashtray area. Perfect place if I need to grab it fast. All in all, worth the money avid ethyl done and you can choose your carry mode. I like it. Reply
Clint G
very nicely made holster and very comfortable. would recommend. Reply
Stanley Zaborniak
This holster is very comfortable. I have a kimber Pro CDP 11 and it really Holds the weapon close to your body. The leather opening is a good idea. It keeps the mouth of the holster open for an easy return. I will buy another holster for my other two carry weapons. Reply
Nice, soft holster. Fits CZ-75 Shadow well. Reply
Michael Dugan
I ordered a suede leather holster and it is actually a very nice one. I plan to use it often. Reply
Got this holster basically for the home. Very pleased with it, and its very soft. Reply
Holster was as advertised. It is comfortable inside the waist also clipped in my pocket. I like the feel and ease of removing the pistol from the holster. I wish they made them for my other pistols because I would purchase 2 more. Looks like quality workmanship. Reply
Michael Drapola, USA
This particular holster perfectly carries the CZ P-07 for which it was made. It is quite comfortable as I carry my gun daily and all day at that. I appreciate the loop at the bottom of the waist band holder which prevents the holster from ever failing to stay in place during sitting and rising and walking about. Good Job, indeed ! 5 Stars. Reply
John Stokes
Pros: The leather is high-quality and well stitched. It's supple, and very comfortable to wear. The clip, though it isn't metal, seems sturdy and holds the holster effectively. I love the fact it's reversible. The clip design makes it fairly easy to switch sides, but still stays in the holster very well. Cons: The leather doesn't quite cover the entire gun, so the rear sites can dig into my side. Also, it sometimes binds on the draw, which I think would be true of any holster this supple. It's a trade off between comfort and ease of draw. Reply
Joe Genuario
Not going to lie, the wait (even though it wasn't long) had me dying. When it came i knew it was by far a very high quality holster and very durable. everyone said that my Glock20 would be uncomfortable to conceal, or looked at me like why an how could you even conceal that thing. Well, Craft Holsters proved everyone wrong (flipping everyone off for not believing). Reply
This holster was beyond my expectations. Beautifully done Reply
I have a Colt Government 380 and it slides down in the holster very good. I have extra room at the top and would like to have a snap at the top. When I remove the holster from my belt the pistol will slide out of the holster. I like the holster. Reply
John Grimme
Good quality, well made holster. Reply
Arrived quickly. Great leather quality. Reply
The holster was perfect! The color, style, and fit was just tight. We bought the holster for our son for Christmas and we could not be happier. Great quality, great value, great customer service! Reply
The holster was perfect! The color, style, and fit was just tight. We bought the holster for our son for Christmas and we could not be happier. Great quality, great value, great customer service! Reply
Great fit for my Glock 10mm soft and comfortable to wear. Made awesome Reply
Holster was well made and as expected for a relatively inexpensive one. For occasional use, it will be fine, but the suede material appears not to resist wear and signs of discoloration. Time will tell. I’m satisfied so far. Reply
Very nice holster, fits my sig like a glove, and very comfortable, highly recommend it Reply

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