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Nightstick TWM-850XL Hybrid Holsters

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Hybrid Holsters

Hybrid holsters are ideal for those who can’t decide which holster material suits you best. Most hybrid holsters are a combination of leather and kydex, which are probably the most popular materials used for holster making.

Custom hybrid holsters are made of two parts - the main holster part and a holster platform. Kydex hybrid holsters sit on a leather platform. These holsters often offer higher retention, but they are also comfortable to carry as the leather platform contours your body well. Holsters with this type of construction can be attached pretty much anywhere on the belt.

On the other hand, leather hybrid holsters are mounted on a plastic platform. Hybrid holsters of this type look very stylish, but they can usually only be carried on one’s dominant side or thigh. A slight disadvantage of leather holsters on a kydex platform is that they might require a bit of holster break-in before first use.

While custom hybrid holsters often grant you the advantages of both leather and kydex holsters, they might get a bit more expensive than holsters made of just one particular material. Also, their treatment and maintenance might require a bit more work. If you don’t have any experience with hybrid holsters, don’t worry, as there are many tips available on proper kydex holster care as well as leather holster maintenance.
Hybrid Holsters Hybrid Holsters Hybrid Holsters

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