Fanny Pack with Concealed Holster Code: It. 522

Fanny Pack with Concealed Holster Code: It. 522

Fanny Pack with Concealed Holster
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Concealed Gun Compartment
Concealed Gun Compartment
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

The fanny pack with a concealed holster will keep your gun safely and discreetly under any circumstances. It offers deep concealment, fast access to the gun, extra space and comfort needed for a daily use. It contains several zipped pockets for other personal belongings.

All The Details

The Fanny Pack is specially designed for the concealed gun carry. It is made of durable nylon material and enables an easy concealment. The fanny pack includes several compartments, including the gun holster interior part and additional zippered pockets for other personal belongings. The gun is secured in the holster of elastic material and secured additionally on a sturdy plastic base, which is removable. The fanny pack is horizontally adjustable and equipped with zip and Velcro closings for a quick opening. The fanny pack is perfect for everyday carry and for the use during the sport activities.

Falco fanny packs are adaptable to a maximum waist circumference of 49’’.

This product can acommodate firearms up to the length of a Glock 17, i.e. firearms up to 4.5" in barrel length.

  • Produced by Falco holsters

  • Concealed gun carry

  • Available in black, blue, green and pink color

  • For gun models up to the size of Glock 17 (8.03" overall length)

  • Rear gun holster compartment, two magazine pouches and additional zippered pockets

  • Double Velcro closing for perfect stability

  • Quick zip opening

  • Size: 11 x 7 inches

  • Ambidextrous use, suitable for both handed shooters

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Being a woman, many holsters and packs just don't cut it for us. Either they are too big, not the right style or configuration for a woman's shape and comfort, or they're just downright bulky and BIG. It seems like so many designers think only in terms of male customers. Enter the Craft Holsters Fanny Pack.... After speaking with the gal in customer service and getting her honest and forthright opinion regarding three Craft Holsters fanny packs I was considering, I decided to go with her suggestion. She could not have been more RIGHT! Give that woman a raise, an all expense paid vacation, or something! Being in EMS, I needed something that could double as a concealed carry holster and hold a few small items like trauma shears, penlight etc, for when I enter a casualty or trauma scene. This fanny pack is perfect! and it actually is appropriate for a woman without being so huge and bulky. It does not appear to be a concealed carry holster, especially when I am wearing it with my EMS gear. And the quality is second to none. Call me ONE HAPPY FEMALE CUSTOMER! :) Reply
If you want to carry a full size 1911 (or other full size gun), this is the fanny pack you want. I already purchased a Blackhawk Fanny Pack holster (medium) which was big enough for a commander 1911 but not a full size. I took a chance on this fanny pack and I am so glad I did. Pros * First your full size 1911 very securely in a velcro holster. With the medium Blackhawk, I had to take the velcro holster out and it still only fit a command size 1911 (full size handle would always snag trying to get it out). * Taking your full size 1911 out of this fanny pack feels great!!! You will need to tweak the velcro holster. Wasn't hard. Took me two tries to get it exactly where I wanted it. * This looks smaller than the medium size Blackhawk Fanny Pack. * The larger front pock fits my iPhone 7 plus great. Blackhawk did that too. * There's room for a large 17 round 9mm magazine in the middle size front pocket. A 10 round magazine 9mm will barely fit in the smaller front pocket. * The belt is a 2 inch wide belt and not 1.5 inches like the blackhawk. * Because the belt is 2 inches, the weight of a heavy 1911 feels like nothing. The Blackhawk would feel like it dug in a little. I'm pretty trim (170lb 6 feet). Maybe this wouldn't bother a larger person but I can tell the difference. Cons * (Actually a pro for me) There are 5 zipper pulls that are metal. They jingle a bit and the top zipper pull can be tricky to get to quickly. The Blackhawk uses string zipper pulls. You can buy the Blackhawk style zipper pulls on amazon. "Paracord Planet Zipper Pulls Available in Various Color Combinations". This is actually a plus for me because I replaced only 4 of the 5 metal pull zippers. That way, when I want to get my gun out I just pull the string and I know I'll never pull the wrong one!!! This was a potential issue with the Blackhawk. * The belt doesn't have a lock like the Blackhawk. The lock makes it impossible for someone to take your gun belt off quickly. For some, this might be a pro since it can be annoying having to press two things to get the belt off. I'd prefer a lock but at least the buckle for me is in the front left which means an attacker would have to be visible to me when trying to get my belt off. Note that I checked out a ton of fanny packs. Read tons of reviews on amazon. I'm pretty picky once I know what I want. Reply
I am not a gun loving fella (fun loving great grandmother fits me). I have recently received my concealed weapons permit. I walk my hound in the state parks in my area and the fanny pack is perfect for my 9mm along with granny like things ie tissue, bottle water etc. The parks are not well used and recently have felt a little uneasy if I am alone. Thus the reason for the permit. I really like the fanny pack. It fits all of my need. I do need another holster for carrying in the car and pocket. Will try to pick one soon. Thanks for the fine product............. Reply
Joseph Mathis
The bah seems OK ... but the S&W 40 compact is too big if you put anything in the middle compartment. The outer little compartment is near useless except for library card. Need something larger. Reply
High quality, perfect fit for my Glock 17 - recommendation Reply
Fanny pack is perfect and well made with heavy duty nylon products. Great choice Reply
Stephan Marquez
Not exactly what I was hoping for. It will do though with a little practice. I have one now,that is 20 years old,smaller,cross draw type. Has a built in sleeve to accommodate the weapon,(in my case,a Colt,2 inch .38 detective special) two zippered compartments for extra ammo,and handcuffs,(as does the new one) I am a little disappointed with the way my weapon is secured in the new holster,just with Velcro. I will make it work. Reply

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