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Tuckable Holsters by Falco

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Tuckable Holsters

Custom tuckable holsters are an excellent choice for deep concealed carry. This type of concealed carry holster got its name based on a device that lets you “tuck” a layer of garment into the holster, which makes concealing your handgun even easier than with standard CCW holsters.

Concealed carry tuckable holsters are almost exclusively attached from the inside of one’s pants. These holsters are often mounted to one’s dominant side (3 or 4 o’clock position) or they can be carried in the appendix region (1 o’clock belt position).

Tuckable concealed carry holsters are most frequently used in combination with smaller, more compact handguns such as the Taurus G2c, S&W M&P9 Shield, or small, snub nose J-frame revolvers. This doesn’t mean you can’t carry a bigger handgun such as the Glock 17 or 1911 in a custom leather tuckable holster, it just might not be as comfortable as if you carried the pistol in a strong-side holster. Custom tuckable holsters are an excellent choice for everyday concealed carry and self-defense.
Tuckable Holsters Tuckable Holsters Tuckable Holsters

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